18 June 2009

Beth vs Barton

Celebs often dabble with fashion design, its as if they just awake one morning after a night out on the tiles (or red carpet) and daydream about possible fashion domination, 'hmm yes fashion designer has a certain ring to it, very appealing. Heck why not? After all young girls do admire my style, so I'm half way there!' at least I assume this is the contents that run through their head.
Often many a celeb simply crash and burn when experimenting with fashion design, and often before they've even pulled out their pens and pencils. The fierce and frank fashion industry are ready and awaiting to chew them up and spit them out, after of course shredding their collection to bits.
To be honest I too am one of those frank people, can you blame me? When I've various fashion qualifications and experience yet I cannot churn out my own collection and have it stocked in Topshop within a week or two.

However I do accept some celebs have done good with fashion and there are some who are natural fashion designers (though I do suspect many simply attach their name to the products, created by a design team made up of naive interns!).
As with everything you get the good and the bad; Beth Dittos plus size collection for highstreet Evans is hideous and embarrassing...

photo: Beth Ditto Evans Collection

Unflattering smurf blue jumpsuit anyone? Beth Ditto needn't have any concern about the evident fact she lacks a single fashion design bone in her body, because what do you know clothes horse Kate Moss is her new best pal. Hooray for old Kate! Here to save Evans day, Oops error I mean Beth, Beth Ditto is saving Evans. Not Kate, sorry I got confused there for a minute.
I wanted desperately to adore Ditto's designs as I do her beats, but they are drab. Its very disappointing her collection doesn't reflect her own personal bold, raw style what so ever!
photo: Beth Ditto in all her vibrant glory

photo: Beth, Karl & Kate

photo: Mischa Bartons bag collection

Like I mentioned, there are the good ones example, Mischa Barton.
Her bag collection for ASOS consists of all the deign elements Beth's threads lack. Barton's collection reflect her own personal funky sixties style and personality. Alot of thought has been applied to Mischa's designs (she must have some sharp interns?) she clearly has an eye for detail and has (unlike Beth) had huge involvement and influence in the whole long design process. Where as Beth perhaps has allowed Kate (me, me, me) Moss too much control, the result it appears forced and awkward. Mischa's admission into the fashion industry is by far her own and genuine. How can you tell? The clues are within the very structure and seams of their pieces.
Mischa Barton's choice of colours, textures (note; the tassels) and patterns are clearly inspired by her beloved fashion icons, once again assuming her icons are from the swinging sixties? Judging by the animal print and psychedelic floating floral prints and dazzling folk like embellishment.
Lets, fellow, fierce, frank fashion folk give credit where credit is due. To Mischa Barton OK yes she was once in the OC and has done little since, except pour her energy into this impressive and surprising bag collection.

As for Beth Ditto there is always the second time around, and besides I'm confident your collection for Evans will shift many a shocking jumpsuit, because your rock chic style is admired by many a hardcore Gossip fan. Please Beth can your next design attempt for Evans empower curvy girls and project your unique individual style.
Instead of playing it safe?

Beth Ditto for Evans out next month


Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

wow...that fat lady got a style!

LoveMarksTheSpot said...

love it!! go beth Ditto!! she's such an inspiration!

and thanks for the kind words about Rossmore!!! yayy yayyy


Diary of a Young Designer said...

I agree with you, it annoys me pretty badly that just because you are a star you'll have a herd of designers ready to spit out a collection for you in a flash; while there are tons of really talented real designers out there that never get discovered.


prettyneons said...

I know exactly its wrong, I don't care if its Beth Ditto or any other celeb. It simply isn't justified is it?

Silje said...

Mischa looks great!=)

DaisyChain said...

Lol I love Beth Ditto but that jumpsuit...
well, your smurf blue description was stop on ;)

prettyneons said...

Ha ha I know! And I really wanted to like her designs but god their awful!
Soz Beth*

vorega badalamenti said...

lovin' beth ditoo

prettyneons said...

I love beth too, just not lov'in her collection!
prettyneons X