16 June 2009

Mary Are You Mad?

Oops it would seem this little daily fashion blog of mine has morphed into an three days a week fashion blog (not so daily) apologies this is not moi intention what so ever. Nor is it my intention to constantly create and pen drab dull as dishwater posts.
Que my list of excuses now...Firstly I've been running around (not good: I run similar to that of a duck) chasing little fashion designers who I want to involve with the yummyculture project. Then there's the designers I'm just selfishly desperate to stick up on prettyneons and give a few shout outs. Secondly I've been tied down with designing and all that comes with it sketching, cutting, embellishing etc, as if this wasn't enough. I woke up last night with one impressive illustration art piece idea (if I do say so myself!) so I've began throwing that into my 'must complete' task list.
Phew, so yes please do not tell me off or lecture me on this three days a week posting pattern. Almost forgot to mention the annoying fact, that is my PC which yep continues to behave badly, having her rebellious moments!

photo: Mary Portas & her budding fashion gang
On another very unrelated note...
Is anyone else addicted to Mary Queen Of Charity Shops? Hell I sure am, I was excited when this program was simply one small premature fashion rumor. Joy, the rumour has materialized, and I'm bloody obsessed!
As you may already be aware I'm already a self confessed charity shopaholic (note to self; must reveal my recent charity shop chic finds). Mary Portas is indeed God in my thrifting eyes, why has this revolution taking so very long to kick off? Would Seem its took that nasty recession to convince individuals to explore their local charity shop, well charity shops should be for life and not only during this credit crunch. There is so much more to charity shops than mangled Barbie dolls with missing limbs and novelty ties and socks. Charity shops are a place not only for Pennie pinching grannies and broke, bake beans loving students but for fashion conscious guys and 'gals. No?

Well Mary Portas ( Mary Poppins Portas, the woman responsible for creating Harvey Nichols into the power house of today, adored by the rich and famous) is on one serious (some might say slightly mad and over ambitious) fashion mission. Transforming the junk jumble jungle which is charity shops, into an attractive much desirable fashion haven. Making charity shopping a pleasant odour and stress free experience, with no discarded and broken Barbie dolls in sight.
Genius Mary may be, but is she really capable of changing peoples mind sets by banishing all preconceptions those two little words 'charity shop' instantly conjure up.
Will hardcore fashion fans be converted and prepared to swap their Selfridges for Saving The Children? Embracing vintage quirky finds, minus of course any snazzy fashion labels. Well my friends this I cannot give you the answer to, I suggest you tune into Mary Queen Of Charity Shops (BBC 2 Tuesdays 9pm) to find out how Mary's charity fashion crusade pans out.

And no, I'm not about to pen any Tv reviews any time soon!HA!


ZombieLace said...

Sounds like an awesome show!! I'm sure they'll be coming out with a USA copy cat version any day now... at least I hope!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Sounds pretty awesome! And I agree with ZombieLace, I think they will come up with a US version too.


butterfly said...

Oh yeah...I've been watching that! It is pretty amazing and she has worked wonders for the shop. Sales are up in Save The Children charity shops nationwide. I know that the branch near me held a fundraising fashion show that some people on my course got involved in, styling, promotion etc. I have to admit I tend to avoid charity shops, even though I know you can find the occasional bargainous gem in there...definately getting me thinking otherwise...

prettyneons said...

It was the last episode last night *sob*

Pasty Muncher said...
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Bella said...

"Self confessed charity shopaholic"... I love it, and know exactly what you mean!
Can't wait to see those recent finds! xxx