26 August 2010

The Lostgirl

Ever since I was pre-teen or treen if you like.I've been more than partial to vampire/ fantasy novels Buffy the vampire slayer dominated my life for two years (thankfully I was over the Buffy phase by the end of year seven, it's Trueblood that I now can't get enough of).I received my first ever A* in year seven for writing my own vampire story/essay, I also received frowns and "sit down emo" verbal abuse from the cool crowd when I had to read it out loud in front of my class.Digging vampire books wasn't considered 'normal' or 'cool' back then.The book that kicked my love for fantasy vampire stories was The Lostboys, my much older sister slid it under my door with post-it note instructions that simply read:You must read this, with your imagination I'm sure your enjoy it...will let you watch the film when your thirteen xx
I wished my life away from that point, counting down the days,hours,months and years to my big 1-3 birthday

Now 24 I still really enjoy watching Lostboys, my favourite part is the funfair scene with the vampire gang strolling around in all their swagger looking super cool in their layers of leather,band tags,pins,zips,studs,slashed tee's, washed out denim waistcoats, high heavy duty lace leather boots, fishnet fingerless gloves, strands of beads,necklaces and blacked out raybans.The characters rebellious style is immediately attention grabbing,and still even now when I watch this film I want to be in their gang and pinch the bad boy's wardrobe.
And today after watching The Lostboys late last night (due to the heavy rain beating down my window disturbing my transition to slumber land), I'm rolling with the black and red Lostboys theme. Vamped up with leather stud wrist bands,necklaces,and the all important vamp must haves leather and zips. Oh not forgetting a smudge of moody thick jet black eyeliner. I decided to ditch the plastic fangs which I got for last Hallows eve...I'm going for vamp not complete utter freak.

shirt thrift
necklaces thrift
leatherzip skirt ?

25 August 2010

I Khaki

Time to face facts...autumn is arriving she's not one for turning up fashionably late rather the reverse, autumn is outside our front door right now (or where I live anyway's England duh) it's pissing down out there, and on the way to work (which is what I should be doing now)I counted seven yellow crisp leaves scattered on the ground.I fiercely stepped on them in a bitter where-the-heck-has-summer-gone? rage.
I can no longer deny it's that time once again. Time to begin upgrading the wardrobe for wet windy and sometimes warm sunny autumn.
Autumn is the most tricky season to adapt to style wise. Because autumn has a split personality, one day it could be dribbling with rain drops, the next minute sunrays make a sudden appearance beating down on the wet ground.How is one suppose to keep up?It can all become a little exhausting and tedious, constantly peeling off layers just to put them back on again one by one then on again then off, um yeah so you get the idea already.

Back to the autumn wardrobe conundrum,I cannot commit myself to purchasing yet another distressed biker jacket.Year in year out this has always been my first autumn item of choice.I'm not Marlon Brando.If I even see another leather jacket within my personal space I may scream and construct an leather jacket bonfire one of which would make Guy Fawkes blush.I'm running out of the confides of my comfy fashion zone. Fuck yeah I'm feeling daring!
I've purchased a khaki trench coat.Okays so that might not be your version of daring, but for me it's as brave (if not braver) than free falling only the khaki is the dominant force as opposed to gravity. I'm a khaki trench coat virgin. I always consider the khaki trench coat combo as too conservative, too nineties brit pop, too Oasis brothers and too anything but me.However I need to give the leather jacket a deserved break.The thought of having any utilitarian fabric near my skin makes my skin, well it makes it crawl, I shudder with the thought of zipping up any sort of active wear, parka or trench coat.However while grabbing one very over priced sandwich at M&S
this trench coat caught my eye and those Chloe runway images of Freja Beha and Katie Fogarty ( aka the two most drop dead gorgeous gals) effortlessly working khaki popped up in my minds eye. I ditched the sandwich, dug my double digit size out and now have Khaki trench for erm lunch.And to my surprise I'm not finding Khaki too hard to digest.Though I don't look quite as cool in Khaki as those Chloe girls.
Nevertheless while I'm feeling all adventurous I've decided to continue with the Khaki theme and am now deciding whether to go for the khaki kill, and buy these £25.00 lace up's from Peacocks? No don't worry I'm not about to champion Peacocks again, and break yet another fashion pledge off my FPL (fashion pledge list).So honestly what do you think?Khaki trench the new biker jacket?Yes,no perhaps? Opinions below please...

23 August 2010

Romance is born...again

So I don't know whether you remember when I sat and wrote a long list of fashion pledges, ten fashion pledges to be exact.Admittedly I knew from the get go that I would probably end up breaking five of those ten after five minutes.And I did.
Number seven off my FPL (fashion pledge list)being never to mention Romancewasborn after penning four posts on Luke Sales and Anna Plunketts kooky creations ...did I just use the term kooky? How sloppy of me.For that is such an insult towards Luke and Anna's creativity and talent.Romancewasborn is far more than kooky, kooky is that tweed wearing,lilac haired chain smocking, mumbling insane fifty something woman waiting for the 3A down my local bus stop who hisses like a cat at passers by.
And to my knowledge there is nothing lilac or cat like about romancewasborn. Though one thing the crazy bus stop catwoman and romancewasborn do have in common. That is both are insane,just in different measures (thankfully)lilac looneytunes is insane as in mental health insane and romancewasborn is insane as in oh-my-good-god-genius insane.TAKE DEEP BREATH...Renaissance dinosaurs the fitting forename for Rwb's ss10 collection come on is this not reason enough to fall head over hills in love with Romancewasborn? Assuming you haven't already swooned over past collections.
First thoughts of mine after seeing Rwb's summer collection was how more ready-to-wearable their latest ready to wear ss10 collection was/is.With familiar mass appealing elements such as fringing,dip dye, metallic pleats,exaggerated shoulders,exposed zips,leathers,high waisted denim and dramatic silhouettes it was obvious that this collection was going to kidnap the hearts of not just I and Romancewasborn silent army of fans but also a much bigger crowd,the global mainstream fashion audience.After many a post gushing over Romancewasborn, and writing love letters to Luke and Anna (I'm guessing they must have sent my electronic love letters straight to spam world)I'm ecstatic that these pieces will be available in department stores and that at looooong last the secret is out.
P.S...Romancewasborn I love you.


19 August 2010

Hi from hiatus girl

My blog has been blank for how many weeks?Ekk boy do I feel like a complete slacker, truth be told I lost all creativity in all areas:photography,drawing,writing the lot. And it was very unsettling, strange and very unlike my normal self who can't go five minutes without contributing to my scrap book.All the above was the effect of losing my beloved and only nan and biggest inspiration, however my creative soul has returned as it occurred to me how nan (bless her socks)would encourage me to keep my chin up, stay creative and continue to dress up...this often made her smile followed by a poke at my outfit and these little words,"look at her,very pretty girl- don't get a tattoo."
Not that she had anything to worry about.As much as I like the idea of having a tattoo it seems like such an impossible commitment.My favourite colour changes on a constant and daily basis,how on earth am I expected to dedicate myself to getting inked?

Anywho's now I've escaped the clutches of epic creative block I have posts coming out of my ears!Catching up on comments I noticed a list of questions from various readers (probably ex-readers this blog has been neglected for so long), if you are still reading here's the belated Q&A...

You've began outfit posts will this be a regular feature?
Yep there will be the odd outfit pic, but I don't want to document it day-in-day-out
*yawn* no one wants to read/see me in/wearing clothes everyday,besides I'm camera shy and awkward.

I was shocked to read you've never watched Gossip Girl, do you have any TV addictions?
Heck yes I sure do! True Blood,Being Human (I've dedicated whole Sunday's to BH boxsets),Mary Queen Of Shops and The IT Crowd other then that I opt for books most of the time.

What are you listening to right now?

What is your fave highstreet fashion shop?
Umm it varies and depends, this month I may be crushing on Zara next month I may snub Zara and convert to Peacocks.

Where do most of your wardrobe items come from?
Over half is vintage/thrift and dug out from charity shops and I combine these with bits and pieces from the highstreet.

You clearly adore fashion but if you could have a shot at any other career what would it be?
Well I caught the drama acting bug back at uni as most my mates were in the performing arts (my fellow fashion peers were highly strung and highly deluded...not everyone can become editor of Vogue-hence why I avoided them).I use to hang out at the drama block stealing my friends scripts: it was the only time I ever escaped my crippling shyness when I invaded the stage trying to act. Ah yes I missed many a fashion project deadline thanks to the D-bock.Despite one drama tutor almost convincing me to give acting a shot,change degree and go to auditions I always came crawling back to fashion and all it's elusive elements.Acting is tough my friend always use to be given the same sort of roles which I imagine must become old and frustrating.

Have you ever met any prettyneon readers before?
Yes and it freaked me out (no offence) I was at Brighton train station inserting coins into a vending machine having forgot all about posting an outfit post weeks before.When this stranger just begins chatting away to me being English and polite I didn't want to be rude and walk away.For ten minutes I was baffled, when suddenly the stylish stranger said,"I follow your blog"
...Oh that would explain things then.Surreal I just never expected that to ever happen you forget how small the world is don't you?

Flats or heels?
Flats are safe but heels are fierce.

Pet hate?
I'll tell you what gets on my last nerve a size 14 being classed as plus size, I saw this in Topshop,a shop full of young fashion hungry teenagers it's dangerous.Come on now.And we all wonder why so many very young girls and boys are sticking their fingers down their throats?Urgh don't even get me started, things could get ugly!

Three things you couldn't cope without.
Comedy,books and chewy Vimto bonbons

Your a big bookworm so what book are you loving at the moment?
Cryers Hill...must be made into a film!!!The book cover inspired today's outfit too!

You have a thing for granny bags but what is your most beloved vintage bag?
I am indeed partial to old and odd granny weaved basket/tapestry bags, but if I had to pick just the one it would be the red leather shoulder bag I picked up at The British Heart Foundation for £5 (as seen in photo above). It was made in England, that's reason enough to adore it: how often do you see bags and other accessories made in England now. Hardly ever- if ever at all?

What is your biggest fashion weakness?
Tights.Opaque,transparent,patterned,coloured,fishnets,lace it doesn't matter I'll take them all...and yes I do put them in the freezer to stop laddering.