26 August 2010

The Lostgirl

Ever since I was pre-teen or treen if you like.I've been more than partial to vampire/ fantasy novels Buffy the vampire slayer dominated my life for two years (thankfully I was over the Buffy phase by the end of year seven, it's Trueblood that I now can't get enough of).I received my first ever A* in year seven for writing my own vampire story/essay, I also received frowns and "sit down emo" verbal abuse from the cool crowd when I had to read it out loud in front of my class.Digging vampire books wasn't considered 'normal' or 'cool' back then.The book that kicked my love for fantasy vampire stories was The Lostboys, my much older sister slid it under my door with post-it note instructions that simply read:You must read this, with your imagination I'm sure your enjoy it...will let you watch the film when your thirteen xx
I wished my life away from that point, counting down the days,hours,months and years to my big 1-3 birthday

Now 24 I still really enjoy watching Lostboys, my favourite part is the funfair scene with the vampire gang strolling around in all their swagger looking super cool in their layers of leather,band tags,pins,zips,studs,slashed tee's, washed out denim waistcoats, high heavy duty lace leather boots, fishnet fingerless gloves, strands of beads,necklaces and blacked out raybans.The characters rebellious style is immediately attention grabbing,and still even now when I watch this film I want to be in their gang and pinch the bad boy's wardrobe.
And today after watching The Lostboys late last night (due to the heavy rain beating down my window disturbing my transition to slumber land), I'm rolling with the black and red Lostboys theme. Vamped up with leather stud wrist bands,necklaces,and the all important vamp must haves leather and zips. Oh not forgetting a smudge of moody thick jet black eyeliner. I decided to ditch the plastic fangs which I got for last Hallows eve...I'm going for vamp not complete utter freak.

shirt thrift
necklaces thrift
leatherzip skirt ?


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Drooooling over the plaid shirt!!! Too too cool and I still listen to the backstreet boys sometimes and I'm still the mock of my friends for doing so, lol. =D

Hope all's well dear!

Filipa said...

Plaids are the best! I'm not sure I dig vampires and their fashion sense, but I do yours! :)

prettyneons said...

hahaha yeah soph I've found myself singing out loud to Backstreetboys before once when it got played on radio1. I was on the bus and just singing along. But I was never a fan of them, nope I was digging Five instead *cringe*

prettyneons said...

aww and thanks Filipa, but dude come on Vamps have serious style haha!:P

Keith said...

I always loved Lost Boys. It came out when I was around 17. I've watched it so many times. I love the music in the movie.

Keith said...

I hope this finds you doing well. I've had a rough week. I got laid off on Tuesday. Now I have to find a new job in such a bad economy. Wish me luck. Thanks. Take care. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

prettyneons said...

Ouch, aw soz to hear that Keith I know it's rubbish times right now, hang in there. It's tricky I know all about it trust me! Hope things improve sooney for you