02 September 2010

TV on mute

I snatched some frock time today.I can't recall the last time I hunted out a banging bargain buy? To be honest I've bypassed many a clothes shop lately ever since army of kid's,teens and students ( man am I envious of their student discount card or what!Those were the golden days, 25% off here 30% of there, stuff that wardrobe to the point of explosion!Sigh)began summer break.Thankfully many are back in school chained to desk and being brain washed about further education being the only road to great success, err it's really not. Be bold go with your instinct and ditch teachers advice. But whatever you do my young teenage readers do not pay any attention to that further education University bollocks.
Should I start up an advice hot line?
Returning to the bargain buy's bit...
I began my journey sweating it out in a very over crowded Oxfam, indie kid's and flame haired Florence fans fighting over vintage lace dresses and beaded necklaces, urghh get me out of here already-I cannot move and never want to see lace EVER AGAIN.
Next stop Newlook: clog over kill,floral over kill and limp sagging harems hanging off the battered sale rail feeling all sorry for themselves.In fact the Mc Hammer pants are beginning to have an odd depressing effect on me too.Where's the exit door?
Third stop Primark, umm yeah less said the better.
I begin to lose all faith there's a pattern emerging here isn't there? One nightmare after another, I dislike most of the autumn/winter trends including all things sheepish. Probably because I live in the country and have already seen enough sheep to last me a life time. I don't know? All I know is I hate hate hate that stupid trend.
Fourth stop greasy spoon cafe, coffee and chips much needed right now.

Final stop home.Well that was the plan.Before I decided to drop into DP's.There is a God. I've been converted.
DP had the most healthy looking sale rail I've seen for week's all the others look ill, ill, tired, old and had it in comparison. But oh nooooo not DP's sale rail full of life and happy garments bursting off the rails filling my shallow soul with joy, sweet, sweet joy.I zoned out for two hours and even began humming JLS heart beat song without knowing it shameful,disgusting and **cringe** (...can I state I am not in anyway what- so -ever a fan of that repetitive factory tune crap),I quickly snapped out of whatever possessed me and rapidly closed my mouth before another JLS lyric escaped my mouth.
What didn't escape me was this little dress, ten quid price tag nice very pleasant surprise indeed when sales assistant informed me the original sale price had been reduced even further.I don't own any dress quite like this one, my reason for buying it is simple.I liked the TV static print I'm stepping back from bows,polka dots and ditsy florals.Plus TV static has always fascinated me..why do I sense I'm alone on this one?


Em x said...

Ohhh what a bargain. I hate going shopping when its the holidays, they squealing teenagers drive me mad. I can't remember being like that! x

prettyneons said...

hahaha I know right? I was not like that at all either, or if I was I don't remember.have a nice weekend hun :)

Laura Tenshi said...

This may sound weird to you but I like to watch static TV sometimes I button the TV and stop on a channel that has been removed and all I see is dots dots dots. For an odd reason, it makes me relaxed :)) I know about the education part, what a joke. I've studied for 15 years in a row and didn't get me anywhere. I am learning to depend on myself from now on, no more teachers, lessons and useless advices. I kind of hate a lot of trends this autumn too, but then again I've never followed trend so it doesn't bother me. Love the print of your dress

Filipa said...

I love how you already styled it with a necklace although it's only on a rack! :) Oh I actually can't stand Primark everytime I go there I just get a headache from being pushed around and people fighting over stuff. uhhH! Great post, btw, totally made me laugh :)

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Gosh I remember just staring at a tv in static mode cuz I found the sound so relaxing, lol. And yeah totally I'm tired of the lace and polka dot myself, it is literally everywhere!!


prettyneons said...

hi my girls glad I made you all laugh, seems I'm not the only one who really isn't feeling the a/w trends.
I'm not one for following trends in a strict manner but I can't believe there isn't one that's got me excited.

Rakhi Peethamber said...

Its very trendy to see and looking cute.
Vintage lace Dresses