14 September 2010

Wardrobe Lust & Lemsips

Whoop, whoop first flu of the September season.Nice.Bring on the swollen eyes, sore throat, sneezing, soup and feeling very sorry for ones self.Each person has their different methods make and mend themselves better,probably the most common method of them all to simply rest, relax, kick back drink ridiculous amounts of tea and dunk even more ridiculous amounts of chocolate biscuits...one, two, three shit where did all the other biscuits go?!
Wish I could say the above was how I recovered from common cold or flu.
I don't do rest,or sitting in bed it drives me insane I begin to panic freak out and develop this annoying little twitch when I miss out on my daily and constant fashion fix.I'm aware this sounds terribly LOOK AT ME I'M A GOD DAMN FASHION VICTIM.
It's tragic how much my life revolves around fashion, I literally cannot go one minute without my thoughts and ponders doing a sharp U-turn returning to fashion.Even my choice of TV consists of Ugly Betty and ANTM.How cringe worthy?How awful, how lame?
Flu or no flu, my mindset doesn't alter. Despite my eyes stinging like a bitch, head banging and generally falling apart, I'm determined to dig out all my fashionzines (magslag me? No Never!) log on to the computer and take a looksee at all things fashion. Heaven forbid I should miss out on any fashion gems.And I may of just stumbled upon the best and most effective cure for pesky common cold yet...Fearn Cottons pieces for VERY.
As far as celeb fashion collections go, I write them off as bollocks. Why?
Because I interned at a design studio where one celeb would drop by once in a blue Moon via LA, take a glance at our design developments, and slap their forename to the products, i.e the 'celeb' do sweet fa.Hence why many a celeb fashion collection doesn't really reflect their personal style.They are absent altogether from the design process.Unless clutching a paper cup of posh coffee counts as design contribution?Go figure. Behind the famous name handbags, or frocks lay ripped off design graduates,sewing away in a small dark basement studio.

So imagine how utterly shocked and pleasantly surprised I was when I click on Fearn Cottons collection, to find myself actually liking (if not lusting over) pretty much her whole entire range, tops, dresses, skirts,shoes the lot tick, tick, tick-tick.
The collection is genuine, original with a consistent vintage I'm-with-the-band sixties vibe flowing through each and every single design detail.It's evident that a lot more than drinking posh coffee went on behind the scenes of this stunning fashion collection. I'm converted and convinced that a dose of Cotton's collection for VERY, will banish my nasty cold...lemsips aahhh please, just give me a spoonful of them shoes (above).


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

hey ma lassie... sorry to hear you are not well, BUT least you get to write Blogs ;)

I have to say the very range always looks nice but I have never actually bought anything!!?! hmmm.

peace n love xx

prettyneons said...

Aw thanks hun, yea got nasty chest infection now still never mind.
I've bought one or two pieces from very both from Fearns collection it's really good quality and great sevice too.