16 September 2010

Dorothy has me dazed

If your anything like me, your understand the need to constantly stalk fashion, I'll admit right here right now, that admittedly I dedicate far too much time to stumbling around various virtual fashion hang outs,yeah you know the ones.Anyway one link leads to another and I end up at an enchanting little place called dazeddorothy.
Immediately I'm reminding myself to avoid any transactions (...roll on payday),and regret ever discovering this place. Why the regret? Well to resist Corinne Robinson's (shes the girl behind the leather and suede goodies) handmade accessories is not too unlike resisting a big box of chocolates, in fact I'd go as far to say that Corrines creations are way, way more tempting than any chocolate.This compliment is not at all over generous,tis fact.
Glasgow based textile designer Corrine Robinson specially created limited edition handbags,belts and purses are remarkable for two reasons one they are beautifully bespoke with vintage buttons, ribbons and other pretty delicate trimmings sourced from all corners of the world.And two her pieces look handmade rather than homemade: which is sometimes the risk in regards to bespoke textile accessories,with most resembling a product sewn and knitted by those cute Shreddies nanas.There is nothing at all nana like about dazeddorothy.

Each purse, handbag, belt and clutch have an beautiful dramatic edge to them, the vintage sourced buttons and beads provide a very special whimsical, kitsch, eclectic and sentimental touch combined with Corrines stunning and dazzling splash of embellishment injecting a dose of gorgeous glamour to each piece.Corrine even has the magic power of injecting new life into all your discarded handbags which you fell out of love with many moons ago, by deconstructing, decorating and delivering you a brand new bespoke handbag of your dreams.With dazeddorothys 'Revamp,Restyle' interactive design service, in which you can play fashion designer for the day. By selecting design details such as colour,materials, size etc.
...hmm now where did I put that bland Primark handbag?

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Prad Savania said...

Hello there! How’s it going?

Wow! Impressive BlogSpot and post indeed!

Love Heels?

I think you’ll really like my shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn too!

I am really hoping that I can get a step into the industry with my illustrations! Let me know what you think! Take care x


Cap'n NikNak said...

Omg those are such awesome designs :D Very creative! I love the feeling when you discover cool new things especially accessories :)

Keith said...

Wow. Those are all so amazing. Thanks for sharing that with us. Enjoy the weekend.

prettyneons said...

aww thanks girls and guys, glad you enjoyed :)