12 September 2010

Sunday Shame (on me)

...Shame, shame , shame on me indeed. What was I thinking? How did I turn into a magazine stalker ? Why did I do that for?
Why on earth did I just send an email/ shameless fashion fan letter to Mimi Spencer for?WHY?!
Heck I can't even place blame of being under the influence being t-total and all, perhaps it was the ginger beer or vanilla tea playing havoc with my common sense. I don't know, I just do not know? Maybe I'm no longer content with simply praising Mimi from behind the pages of You,and swooning over her savy fashion musings anymore.
For such a very long time I've contemplated with the silly idea of sending her an email, trying my very best to ignore Mimi's E-mail address printed at the end of the page.I pen drafts, just to talk myself out of it again and again and-again.
For years I've gone out of my way every Sunday to drag my feet down the road into town so I can buy the daily mail, same routine each and every Sunday afternoon.
Routine goes as follows: I bounce through the front door, slump down in the sofa rip open seal which contains the Sunday newspaper and shake out the fashion supplement. Scan through contents page,and skip straight to page 11 i.e Mimi Spencer's page.Picking out my favourite Mimi quotes and style observations, (I read these out loud. Don't ask me why,as I don't know either?It's simply one of those things, out of many random things I do. Like saying thank you to a cash machine-manners are always in Vogue)My fave Mimi quote this Sunday has got to be the opening introduction to designer Maria Grachvogel trousers

..."If you could boil your entire wardrobe down-like stock-into one key piece, you'd arrive eventually at a pair of excellent black trousers."

Lines like this (above) are all the reasons why I adore Mimi Spencer. Seriously can you imagine brewing the perfect fashion stock? Yum delicious. What would your stock consist of? Mine would be thick and opaque with forties vintage tea dresses, antique trinket jewellery with a pinch of kick back boyish grunge...and a hint of harem.
Yes harem.I finally lived on the edge, went for the kill, shut my eyes tight and jumped off the edge of my style comfort zone, the fall into harems was honestly quite a frightening one.These are the first pair of trousers I have ever owned ever, but whether I want to obtain more harem trousers or even harem-less trousers, hmmm I'm really not sure?I've discovered harems do succeed in providing the perfect lazy slouchy Sunday style (what with all their slouchyness and all),however I do enjoy the freedom and swaying of dresses, how versatile they can be,how many characters you can convey via one garment with just a quick switch of accessories.How fabulously fast and instant a dress is: no need to stress about selecting and pairing the correct style T-shirt, blouse,blazer,top or belt etc. You can grab a frock pull it over your bed head, and just frock-off out the front door literally ready in five.
Harems/trousers on the other hand require far more effort, more effort and energy I can be asked to dedicate on a lazy sunny (with a few grey rain clouds, hence the need for socks!) Sunday. Harems in my opinion are still very much to be debated.And so my trouser experiment continues, where this adventure will eventually lead me the fashion gods only know? Fingers crossed it shall not involve the role of denim,as I and denim go like fish and marmite. Umm nice.

P.S...Mimi do feel free to spam!


Keith said...

Hey there. Thanks for your comment on my last blog post. It was great hearing from you. I hope all is well with you. I'm looking for a new job, plus I'm thinking about going back to college. Take care. Have a wonderful week ahead!

prettyneons said...

aw best of luck hun, I'm sure things will all work out and make sense soon.