17 September 2010

Jump into the boxing ring

Yes jump into the boxing ring but for Christsakes mind those kitten tails!
Has the girl lost the plot? What is she talking about? Boxing rings, kitten tails. No I'm not mixing my drinks (for the night is still so young), I'm referring to Brooklyn based self taught fashion designer Maya Lake aka Boxingkitten playful African inspired pieces.I was having a micro (err very micro like five minutes blitz) spring clean of my desk, when this old orange post-it note fell into my lamp. Now if it had been any other colour post-it note I would have ignored it.But in my ever so slightly OCD manner,I prioritize blog features/ideas importance etc by colour coding each one,numbering them and err dating each one too.Don't laugh.I clearly need head help.
So my post-it note colour code system goes as follows...
pink:I spy a future trend occurring.Importance- average.
Yellow:possible feature idea in progress.Importance- so, so.
Green:I need to chase this person/designer/artist and beg for interview.Importance- high.
Orange:So exciting I've just experienced a bladder problem, must, must, must publish feature soon as.Importance-very important.
And so on.
So just how exactly this little orange post-it note from '09 ever escaped me and failed to feature on my blog, I'm baffled.
None of that matters now, I shall continue.Where was I before I began rambling and boring you all to tears about my post-it note system? Aw yes Boxingkitten.com

.... Designer Maya Lake (she's come along way since I accidentally tripped upon her early collection, with high profile 'celeb' customers such as Alicia 'Newyork!' Keys, Beyonce and her little sister so Google informs me anyways.Still impressive stuff huh?For a self taught designer and all),garments first caught my attention after noticing the array of more traditional textile techniques and methods (I'm a self confessed textile nerd: it's my first love and what I have a B.A in...for all it's worth?) which she applies to each piece, a combination of African wax block printing and batiking (swoon, also my beloved textile technique too)explaining why and how Maya's surface designs are so rich in vibrant, bold colour. The electric, busy yet elegant prints literally jump off the garment and into your lamp (much like that post-it note of mine!), the influences behind Boxingkitten collections are just as colourful.With inspirations often being both vintage and politics effortlessly constructed together in a mass appealing way.Each piece has a sentimental value paying homage to both a bygone fashion style,and dying design techniques, whilst hungry for the now and styling out the future for fashion.Maya Lakes designs definitely cannot be put into no box.

P.S...Girls/guys fellow fashion bloggers I'm having techno issues.I've been reading blogs (obviously) however I'm having trouble leaving comments.This pesky Error service message crops up. Can anyone help me out?Thank you's!x

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