31 January 2009

Bag Karma: Part Two

Photo from google: Modalu 'heart'.

Is this lame creating a whole second chapter on my 'bag karma' do not stress I shall not be making this a regular feature. Its only I've recently come to realise the attraction and fuss often made over bags by other girls (and lets be frank: fellas too). Many girlie girl pals have happily discussed and debated the subject of bags with utter admiration, that (until) now I failed too really fully understand and acknowledge. Don't mistake me. Of course I found certain bags pretty, but I would not very often feel compelled to be greedy (harsh descriptive word!) and clear out an whole entire shop. This realisation is similar to discovery your sexuality for the first time: god I've got it bad for bags! Help me, please I beg of you my fellow fashion blogger's this is not healthy. As I cannot for the life of me take my mind of the 'b' word. Suddenly everywhere I turn my eyes set their (poorly) sight on BAGS! My heart has skipped a beat over the Modalu very suited, heart shaped bag complete with tassels in a fantastic tomato red, love! Oh did I mention its also complete with tassels, touch of hippy chic. It was love at first sight with this Modalu shoulder bag I tells you....

I bust out of work (early, whoop whoop) and was casually strolling with a pal I was pretending to listen to him explaining the ins and outs of skateboards and bass guitars (nope, he is not 17yrs old. Though often I ponder). As he goes into deep detail about wheels (oh joy) and ramps (I now know how their structured, which is thrilling) I try in vain to turn the conversation around. In one ear and out the other it goes. So whats a girl to do? I begin absorbing the window displays of many shops, in my head giving items marks out of 10 (anyone else do this?). Than I briefly catch a sentence my friend was spitting out, " Your so cool you don't even know it, you have bloody great taste in 'tunes' (music, sorry do not mean to be patronising) and you listen to everything I have to say, your girlie yet at the same time not (*thanks for the insult and complement?) oh hey can I borrow your Kings of Leon CD, mines fucked and scratched. I want the one with 'rodeo' cheers sweet heart", my vague lazy reply "erm...yeah, yeah 'course go for it!"Unknown to him I had just spotted the heart shaped, chain bag, my world had come to a halt a complete stand still, "Listen I've got to go love, and pop in here I might be a while so you best go. Unless you want to get in touch with your feminine side? I'll see you when I see you, bye"...Not impressed with my blatant cut off line, he obviously adapted to some 'selective hearing' . As he would not let me have my moment with this Modalu bag, "Want to go on the pier, its nice and sunny today"..."No. No I don't its too cold for the sea front and um...I've seem to of misplaced my gloves. I'll burn that CD for you, have a good weekend.And don't get too stoned. Bye now, see you!" Off I go...

Photo:Lanvin 'happy' bag.

Come on though, cruel to be kind right? No, ok, ok it was mean of me! However not one to do regret, I was ecstatic and extremely pleased with my decision to reject the bloody, freezing cold pier suggestion soon as I strolled down the bag section of some upper crust boutique. Greeted with frowns and being stalked by security a shop assistant walks over, "excuse me can I help you with anything?" Others words: 'you do not obtain a limitless platinum plastic. Get out'.
"I'm good thanks, just looking not buying" (well not yet anyway). The assistant hassles some other 'shifty' customer. While I continue my bag adventure, ooh so many bags, so many style, too many colours. Three hours later this bubblegum pink coloured bag seduces me, I feel compelled to pick up, touch, feel, open and explore: 'Wow small yet generous size inside, could cram the contents of my life in this easy'. Damn why? Why did I have to be in such a rush to purchase the bag on eBay!? Perhaps this is in a sale? Perhaps I could save up for it, and once again sacrifice food (and cds?)...I'll go and investigate the price tag situation, "Hey this bag, how much for it do you know at all?" ('Duh this is their job description, there for they do know these things). As predicted the shop assistant responds fast to my question, "£884 for that Lanvin partage bag"..."Right rain check for moi, thanks for your help. Such a shame its uplifting that darling of a bag isn't it?". Feeling like a plonker the assistant 'amy' looks straight at me appearing both amused and baffled by me, "Yes it is nick named or actually called 'happy'." Embarrasment, should I of know and been aware of this fact? Now I'm simply intimidated by a bloody bubblegum bag! "Right, oh is it? Guess that's due to the colour of it isn't it?" (*Note to self stop asking questions, your digging an even larger 'social awkwardness' hole here). Bemused she were, "Whatever I don't know I didn't design it." Time to leave with my head down and without the Lanvin 'happy' bag once again was this a case of bad karma (for rejecting and basically informing my friend to go off?) I'm sure Primark have a similar one or there is always eBay (again).

Do not adjust your screen: this photo is indeed side ways.

Yep kid you not...I actually done a complicated and detailed long old search on eBay. This time round I entered useless non-exact descriptive words such as: 'cheerful bags' 'happy bags' 'yummy bags' and by far the most mixed up bunch of nonsense descriptive 'search item by' word: 'circus dotty sort of small shoulder bag-thingy'. TA DAAA! Ebay only goes and conjures a 10 page result of superb, off the beat bags. I'm not complaining either! As this super, patch work style clasp shoulder bag (above) appeared on page 7, for me it beats the Lanvin partage one by far:I've decided to decline this find, I don't need it and it won't benefit me with my new found bag addiction. Its got to be a silly little phase surely I'll grow out of it... Reassurance needed, please that this is a phase!?

29 January 2009

Could This Be Bag Karma?

My first option (above).
All photos from ebay: My second option.
'Is this bad karma getting me back for yesterdays dig at the arrogant ill mannered woman. Then again she completely deserved it, so...' the first thought that rushed through my baffled mind as the bottom of my bag suddenly caved in. Out spilled the following contents: keys, purse, books, buttons (I collect them from various junk shops etc) bracelets, mp3,glasses,notebook's, pens,mobile(why I have a mobile is so very beyond me, as I never ever have credit. Ever) tissues (have come to accept colds are just a big chunk of my DNA, I hardly even complain about my sore eyes, blocked up nose and painful throat).
Anyways for some reason I felt highly embarrassed about the contents of my bag being on show and exposed, like its some kind of 'top secret' I mean there were no objects in my bag that are shameful, yet I could feel my face on fire and slowly turning bright red with humiliation.How very ridiculous of me right? However despite all my best efforts I could not for the life of me control the strong feeling of sheer embarrassment...

OK so getting more to the point I'm left in this dilemma, as believe it or not I'm not one for massive consumption (It would indeed be justified if you may be thinking this is a contradiction of me; As I write and lust over fashion/ style constantly to an unhealthy level). I now have to purchase a bag on such a tight budget as I only have... or rather had one loyal, durable heavy duty bag that took a good 'old battering.The studs were falling off and it was beginning to get frayed here and there, though to be honest I liked the distressed style it had morphed into over last year.
Obviously I now have no bag what so ever, and my new bag has got to function properly and match the quality of my old (RIP )bottomless studded bag. When I use the term 'function' I really mean: I NEED A BAG TO CRAM MY HECTIC, JUMBLED, LIFE INTO with out me having to squeeze all my belongings into the thing, with all my might and strength . When running around like a headless chicken I can't take such a gamble I 'gots'ta go, go, go and get out the door! This is an emergency I need to grab a bag, so in time of urgency I log into 'bling, bling on ebay' (this phrase is from a film isn't it? Oh I can't remember what film its from?Where was I...?) I speed type into the search bar 'very large bags' cut straight to the point...This never ending drop down list of stupid options appear in front of me time wasting 'selecting' required. Not. For god sakes I really cannot be asked to pursue this over detailed 'search' of choosing from an array of colours/patterns/textures/labels/new/old etc etc etc! I chose instead to ignore such shit and crack on with the bag task in hand. At this precise moment the bright red quilted, chain bag popped up. This will do, perfect I'm off to bid. Oh its 'buy now' even better, brilliant my mission completed, until...
The chunky, black studded bag took me by surprise. As it is near enough the spitting image I'd even go as far to say a 'clone' of my beloved ex- bag, *hoooooray!?

However my diet consists of crackers, grapes and cups of tea (minus the biscuits *sob) due to the lack of pennies rolling around in my lonely purse, there for I am unable to opt for this baby. Final conclusion: I'm purchasing the quilted red, shall fill you in on if whether or not I am easily able to cram my life inside this ebay bargain of a bag, £15. Yep 15 quid's this is with p&p thrown in too. If my math is correct than technically I have some lose change to buy some more crackers (like I haven't grown old of them yet!I have)...At this rate I'm soon going to resemble a bag of bones. Not attractive nor very sexy what so ever ( this being my personal self-reflective opinion). Cannot tolerate clothes looking all baggy and sloppy on myself as being ripped off in the height department,this very much results in I, appearing to look as if I'm drowning deep in layers of garments.
PS...Get yourselves over to ebay. This is a strict order from me to you.:As there really are some mighty fine and extremely impressive bags going for an insane 'buy it now' price my friends!

28 January 2009

Buried Treasure My Matey! !

Photos from:Mark Fast s/s' 09.
*My fashion inspiration (in the back of my head).

"Whoa hey do you mind, last time I checked I wasn't one of the walking dead. Did manners pass you by!?" my automatic response when I made a quick second stop snoop at a fashion retail outlet (my memory cannot recall which clothes shop I entered: so apologies for the lack of detail). I had my head and practically whole body in the depths of the heavy loaded and very much buckled rails (hell I relish a challenge) bursting with garment bits and bobs such as: skirts, dresses, jeans (skip) etc.
One minute I was calm having just consumed a coffee (slap my studded bracelet, covered wrist)
and happily browsing as I had forever to wait for (yep you guessed correctly) public transport. After all it was extremely frosty, wet and windy out there (still is) so why not seek shelter in nearby shop to avoid the harsh elements? Anyways next thing I know I turn around and this girl is literally stepping on my feet and poking a clothes hanger in my face, this annoyed me a lot, as she was more than aware of the fact she was attacking me and made zero attempt of stepping to one side and saying sorry... So in a rage I thought fuck it I'm sick and tired of social graces some people just don't deserve it and this arrogant woman was very much one of them people in question: Hence my sharp moody reply in regards to her unnecessary actions!

Photo: My second hand charity shop gem of a discovery (ignore the mess).

Still was this fate/ destiny calling me towards something else something better? Other than torn, damaged garments still way too over priced, considering the poor quality and shabby condition. Checking and re-checking my star engraved watch, counting each and every second which pass 'wheres the bus got to?', as the wind whips my hair around, well and truly hiding my face. I discovered I was awaiting at the wrong stop and there for had to walk further on down the breezy road, discarded litter racing pass my feet and blowing into me and other strangers battling the angry weather. I simply couldn't tolerate the cold any longer so once again sourced out shelter this time shelter being the confines of a charity clothes shop my mind churning out the following ponder, 'um might as well have a quick rummage around this place I've got some change in my purse after all? I always succeed in discovering an impressive belt or necklace. And the bus can just wait'. Hassle free fashion hunting, unlike earlier on...I walk straight into a big old box its contents packed with random wonder's (not all a delight!) when I spot this black lace spilling over the edge I'm pulling it out towards me, like some game of 'tug of war' only against my little hopeless self. Suddenly this scrunched up, un-ironed top appears before my very eyes only inside out. I sort out the lace bundle as best as I possibly could in such a hectic rush! Photo: 'Do you see that lace print *exciting*

Oh the joy! Instant and intense soul mate love, Mwwwa:Its only a jet black lace transfer print, sleeveless top with lashings of romantic black and dark grey lace detail trimming, complete with a tiny blue silk bow at the front and the odd pearl(fake) beads. Just the right amount too, £3. I couldn't take a photograph of this buried treasure quick enough!
Photo: Lace, lashings of lace and drops of 'pearls'!


27 January 2009

Pop By Peek A Boop!

Hello, Hello I'm back to the blogging folks big *hearty thank you's* for your wonderful comments some of which made me chuckle. I have to say its been difficult and a task and a half not writing/posting it felt like eternity, believe me. It has paid though now I'm back on track with my art and designing etc etc. Before you ask (which I'm positive you are?) I certainly did spend many a night struck by inspiration and ideas buzzing off bad, bad toxic (no not drugs, I'm practically t- total or 'straight edge' feel free to select your personal preferred term). Nasty awful chemical enhanced toxic fuel such as: Red bulls (round about five or so per hour) coffee (my loyal pal when in times of need) chocolate and well overly loud music (its fine the neighbors downstairs are away as for the ones above...They're in a band and there for strum their guitars 24-7 anyway's.The mop haired and skinny jean fellas 'ya gotta love them huh?)While scribbling and splashing paints around like its a 'Andy W factory style party' (it wasn't) I've stumbled upon some very interesting and exciting news indeed. Up and coming designer Emily Booth has got herself a weblog, yay and joy! 'Tis a visual delight in the form of re-invented knit and it sure makes me want to purchase some knitting needle's. Though whether I could ever possess the genius skills this designer obviously has is another issue altogether. If I attempted such a technique it would indeed resemble a Nana knitted scarf or a fine looking tea cosy hat!?Of which not such a visual delight: I'm sure you'd all so confidently agree?

All photos from: Emilyboopmyknitistheshit

Emily was featured here in my little prettyneons blog a few months back now, when I revealed some of her circus inspired pieces. Which went down a treat it seems with not just myself but others too...So many of you emailed me and were hungry for more information on Emily and her yarn-a-tastic designs, so I do hope you all enjoy my discovery: Best of all you can now forward any questions and comments directly to the 'Boop' herself, do pop by and have lots of fashion fun! No I'm not at all ashamed of this blatant plug,haha! Exposing unknown creative talent is exactly what I'm here for, after all that 'creative and arty world' is a tough one...So lets start a revolution (revolution? Jeez them new neighbors above with their sing- along- songs are having a profound effect on moi... I'll be sporting dip dye dresses and organizing random riots next!Jokes).

21 January 2009

Canvas Be Calling Me!

Art in the making by: Prettyneons.

I have some good or bad news all depends if you enjoy reading my little blog'sta or not really...I shall be leaving this second home of mine 'Prettyneons', only for three tiny days my fellow fashion and snazzy style blog buddies! Its just the canvas has-a-been calling me, and though I do constantly draw my days away on a daily basis. This piece in the making which I've been also very busy whizzy with is further demanding my attention (sometimes it goes like that) and as your probably well aware of by now. I take my drawing and splashing of paints also very seriously: put it this way its up there with my diary, drums and breathing in oxygen all important and vital priorities I'm sure you'd agree? I will be sharpening my various graded pencils, wearing my eraser out (yep I don't use photo shop, I'm an old fashion sort of 'creative'. Though my non use of graphics, I'm discovering makes me an art world misfit indeed!Hey ho never mind huh?).So as well as shifting my way through numerous pencils, I shall probably be selecting some tunes (background music always a powerful tool, I find) doing the odd bit of swearing and 'fury scribbling' when nothing is flowing and going the way it should and how I envisioned. Out comes my guitar when this sort of frustration occurs! I'm also predicting some long late nights ahead of me gripping the pencil in my hand when inspiration strikes me at midnight (why is that...ponder ponder?) pour out the coffee. But do not fear my extremely expressive fashion lovelies, I've left you in the company of some frigging mighty nice frock's (all of which I want to wear) just for the mean time...The sight of the gorgeous PPQ dress left me green with envy (oh the jokes just crack me up!?) as for the Supersocail navy, chiffon flutter number well this made my eye's sparkle and twitch...only slightly, and not at the same time.

Dress from:PPQ.

Navy Chiffon Dress:Supersocail.

Last but not least this Bellasauvage sexy hot printed leather dress (yep that's right leather: now wheres my motorbike?)... Fierce Leather Frock:Bellasauvage

So here we must part for a little while time flys pass fast, and I will be back with random sketches of stylish guys and girls complete with my daft short musings of the day's journeys and over heard conversations, I'm sure. Of course I'll have plenty of fashion designer gushing's and admiring to type. sparks and flames flying out of my over abused and battered keyboard. Bye Bye for now....Peace & Bows Prettyneons x MwWwWwWA!
*PS I will genuinley miss and indeed feel the void of reading all your brilliant blog's these coming days :(

20 January 2009

Time For Tee

Cute Cat Tee From: Motelrocks.com

The tee or t-shirt never lets a girl down, always there for you hanging around in your wardrobe I have to say a lazy tee is one of my most beloved fashion items. Their just so ideal for days when your rushed off your feet and time is refusing to be your friend, what do you do? Grab a versatile tee, of course...
From top to bottom, Tattooers tee: Sass&Bide. Star tee: Select.
I don't know about you but the one key thing I seek when it comes to choosing a tee is a good strong and striking print, and whoa are there some striking tee's just about popping up every where. From pricey Sassandbide to purse friendly Select (hey don't mock it. Their design team are churning out some top design pieces). No matter what price tag your tee has make sure it rocks!
Horse Tee from: asos.com
So many tee's such little time I've had a quick snoop around here and there and narrowed down my top tee's, being the 'tee total' obsessed 'gal I am, I have to say this was both challenging and one hell of an enjoyable tee task. This magical and fantasy style horse tee from asos, instantly caught my eye. Oh how it shouts out 'wear me to the V festival' and I will don't you worry!
Lanvin tee from: brownsfashion.com

Lanvin lovely Lanvin your tee's always fill me with such joy. Look at you in all your hand painted, satin and embellished glory. The naive paint strokes of pink, greens, red and yellow bringing a much needed dose of summer into our chilly, harsh winter days. Come on Lanvin let me introduce to my close friend the wardrobe.

Circus tee from:Topshopboutique

Now this tee discovery really surprised me as its from a high street outlet I'm not too keen on (as you may well already know) Topshop could it be your yet to convert me? Surely not? I must say I do adore this muted down, circus illustrated print. Another plus is this Topper's tee is super over sized and has ultra long length, wear it as a dress and pile on those chunky accessories and your good to go ...Though you may want to opt for some extra thick ribbed tights it is a bit freezing coldy out there!

19 January 2009

Stop Being So Dramatic

Yawn, now and then fashion can become tired, old (dare I say it?) plain jane and a little mundane not to mention predictable: Anyone else noticed the return of old neutrals tweaked in with some of those familiar fluorescents, once again just as last year and the year before that...predictable.
Here is a lets say 'experiment' dig out a dusty fashion magazine from June 2006 and pull a page out from another fashion magazine(from last year will do)also with a date close to around June and play a game of spot the difference. The only detail that differs ever so slightly are the descriptive words, oh and trend titles from 'all around the world' changed to 'worldly wonders' pleassse. I know I know fashion and style rotates round and round the globe spread across the continent by fashionable folk ,one almighty and trendy step at a time. I can't help it if sometimes I begin to feel tedious about certain trends I wonder is it all just an intelligent 'trend trick'?

Lets move on swiftly shall we? Away from my obscene and daft theory's and on to some Nikoline Liv Andersen thrilling and very much avant garde fashion treats. If your prone to be over dramatic like I can be (not all the time, mind!) and you adore reading history, but also relish dressing up and invading the wardrobe on occasional days. You may well feel the gravitational pull towards Nikoline Liv Andersens dramatic creations.

Some how these extremely conceptual and theatrical garments are both dramatic and doll like, delicate yet bold the cut and lines are so very carefully composed a similar approach that perhaps an architect would demonstrate. The inspiration behind these pieces would make any historian pleased, with obvious references to the late 15th century early 16th century and what a wonderful and exciting period indeed! This collection reflects and combines all the exciting elements of them by gone fashion period and cuts out all the boring bits, leaving our attention drawn towards the gigantic pleated collars, flirty frills, layers of lovely lace, voluminous shoulders and ruffles (oh the instant joy a ruffle brings ). You have to admire designer Nikoline Liv Andersen simply for her imagination, and the fact she clearly enjoys a history text book as well as pattern cutting!
Photos From: Nikoline Liv Andersen

16 January 2009

My New Blue Friday Frock

Photo From: Oobyryn

This is a short selfish and pointless, pure indulgent kind of post, there is absolute no real purpose behind this topic. I simply have to express how very very badly I've longed and lusted after this fabulous blue frock, its simplistic taste (for me anyways). This tone of blue is nothing but divine and oozes uber confidence, and the ruffle adds this sexy twist...If only I could slip myself into this number I feel it may totally transform my life in one second, this is perhaps too dramatic. Its just a dress for heaven sakes isn't it? Correction: Its my blue super power frock which needs me as much as I need it, you understand?There for would it be justified if I were to say, purchase her (I'm completely positive all us 'gals, attach a gender onto their beloved fashion fancy. Do we not?). Yep me too, I agree with your collective feedback that reveals a fat, shiny YES! Here it goes... one click away...damn I done it, my idea to own this Oobyryn has finally materialised after such a long period of simply admiring it from a far. Its mine all mine HAHA, oh the power of online shopping! Um could some kind and generous soul lend me some money for food? As I'm sure enough with out for the next month and possibly the following late March/ early April too...Oops Oobyryn please do not let me down, not now we've come this far.
PS The food issue (or lack of) is fine I resolved the problem, and discovered some whole grain garlic crackers 'tis all good.


15 January 2009

Red Eyes And Pencils...

Illustration by: Prettyneons.

Lunch time and I could of sworn the sunshine was going to make a strong appearance way up there in the sky, I clearly wasn't the only individual wishing for a change in the heavy, dark grey sky, "Oh it would be nice to see the sun, if only for a little while. Looks as if that might well happen, look!" optimistically announced this business type in front of me on public (delayed) transport. Before I could finish my weather wish and before the laptop clutching woman could complete her outburst, you guessed the sun deceived us both and returned back behind this massive rain cloud. Oh well.

Constantly through out this week and today I've been jotting down notes of all sorts. Why I don't simply save a reminder in my mobile I don't know? I always forget my mobile has such useful features built into it! I'd no doubt help give the rain forest half a chance of survival as I'd no longer shift my way through four to seven sketch and note books per average week. I don't know if this is just me?When on a packed out train I duck so rapidly when I notice a tall person with their (sometimes) bulky and clumsy lap top. As for some unknown reason certain techno gadget guys seem to think its acceptable to attack and nudge you in the side with their laptops in the attempt to alight off the train before you:Hello it is not an Olympic event and you will not receive a gold medal and standing ovation. For stepping on the platform before any body else gets the chance too. Well now I've cleared that little irritating issue up, I've been admiring the mundane once again and as always to help pass the time (is it my train stop yet? Are we nearly there yet I'm thirsty and have some harsh hunger pains in my tummy). The train arrived some place on the outskirts of London so it could divide this is often time consuming within itself, yet alone when there's an electrical fault...Out comes the mp3 player select: the rolling stones, 15 minutes pass by at a snail pace and the platform no longer visible to the human eye. Its busy full of people waiting to board the dead, broken down train...Mp3 decides to cut off at the beginning of a classic stones tune my mobile is ringing and vibrating the table, rolling my eyes with boredom I reach out for the mobile answer the call, "Hi is this...." signal cuts out, I'm glad. I'm feeling way too hungry to hold a conversation no matter who and what the subject may be. I slum my head against the window and slouch back into my chewing gum embellished seat, I'm focusing all my attention on this cafe. Which has a unmissable chalk sketched board displaying an attractive snack option (that I cannot obtain or indulge in stuck on this lack of an oxygen train) 'American style bagel and a free medium size cup of coffee'...Wow such a nice food novelty, I want. Suddenly this couple storm out of the cafe,unable to hear their conversation I begin to lip read (its been 20minutes now this train isn't departing anytime soon and I'm very restless) the girl is seriously fucked off! Did she just encounter her boyfriend cheat on her with a waitress, we may never know? He looks high as a kite and she begins to hold back tears only her eyes are starting to look a little sore, oohs deary me there goes her first tear dripping off her cheek. The boyfriend leans in towards her his mop of hair touches her shoulder and well shes having none of it, and aggressively pushes him away...(shit did they just catch me out observing them? ). He makes the foolish decision to go back for more abuse (*idiot) and she shouts with all her lung power, the train doors open perfect timing too..."So how did you expect me to take this news then? How could you go and be so cold? You got a spare key? Now just piss off and get your stuff out of my flat and don't forget your cat too!" Ouch, the man is distraught more so than this girl, who by the way has the best quiff ever and these defining eyebrows. I had to sketch her with this unaffected (while at the same time obviously torn and hurt) brave impression on her face, with this slight glint of regret in her eyes. She bins her half eaten loaded sandwich, it misses the bin and falls on the platform: Yes I do (disturbing as it is) find myself drooling over this now sloppy half loaded sandwich.

14 January 2009

Skip The Same Old , Same Old Style

Its taking some time to adjust to these glasses I tell you! The view through these specs aren't half as strong and 'HD' (I could of sworn my tv swapped itself with a HD set ... It never of course) as yesterday, bloody hell it was similar to some kind of psychedelic wizard of oz trip. What ever that is which I've just conjured up? I sometimes wish I would just give contact's the green light, I simply cannot bring myself to touch the creepy things yet alone insert one in my eye ball. It all steams from (I'm about to stray off here, I can sense it. Do stay with me I will make my way back around to the original point). One day two summers ago my friend was driving her 'punked up' mini (cute dinky car. Don't let this fool you, it has a Sid Sex Pistols attitude and yep it's forename was indeed 'Sid'). Driving along this middle of nowhere country dirt track road, with the Led Zep tunes up (while accidentally trespassing via a private lane) a very attractive (which he sure was. Think leonardo diCaprio combined with some stubble and small side burns:got it!) man began shooting his fake pistol up in the air. My pal slams her foot down, loses grip of her flip flop sandals and also loses slight control of 'Sid' we hit a big old country track bump (tree roots to be exact) and next thing I knew her eye was in my lap, well not eyeball but her contact's! Put off for life. Oh yes the farmer we both fancied came to our rescue and served us some potato salad and a very disgusting tasting beer.

Hey! I'm back with you on the original topic...There is a plus to these brand spanking new specs of mine it gives this wonderful illusion of the popular highstreet fashion items appearing far more interesting and more appealing then usual. (suppose it comes back down to the HD affect these glasses seem to some how posses?). Don't get me wrong I always use high street fashion outlets and often than not I am almost functioned to run straight home with my new 'average' purchase and whip out the sewing machine, buttons, bows and other bits and bobs and begin customizing. The reason being is because many a h&m, topshop, primark, perkins and new look (other mundane high street shops are available) seriously lack in the 'unique and individual' department. The results if you live in a small town like mine, you may just resemble a fashion magazine card board cut out, its a challenge being expressive when your limited to top shop...I really cannot see the appeal in top shop? Very rarely topper's may shock and take me by surprise with an garment in a daring colour way or style. Nine out of ten times though its dull and puts me on this downer with all its lazy, 'indie vintage':skip on by.

Photos From: Katie Crush.

Am I really the only one who is in the same 'I'll skip top shop' boat? When I'm designing, illustrating etc etc 24/7, I don't always feel like customizing a tee. It would be a welcomed novelty if I could effortlessly pick up a item and immediately show it off, without having to re-design, deconstruct and customize. To me and my sewing machines delight this may be the case no more, Katie Crush has arrived and saved our day (and precious time) Katie is cleaver and obviously noticed the lack of genius that sits on the high street stores display. So shes gone out of her way and created these exciting pieces, that include dresses, tee's and accessories with out a hint of high street! I adore how Katie uses her sewing machine as a form of drawing the stitch can be easily mistaken as print ,you have to look twice as it sure misleads the eye (with or without these glasses of mine). Katie is inventing both the term 'hand crafted' and 'Embroidery' one stitch at a time (couldn't resist that pun!)...I for one cannot wait to snap up a Katie Crush dress and pair it with some ultra girly and delicate accessories, for that added and unexpected twist!

Visit: www.myspace.com/killmywardrobe

13 January 2009

Lick It Just For Fun

Whoa electric...are the two very descriptive words that shot to my head soon as I saw this striking and fierce catsuit, though also Juliette And The Licks also appeared somewhere under my descriptive (and often jumbled) word bank. Today I was having a conversation on this little (or not so small) blog'sta universe, when the subject of 'fashion/ style' icon/ idol was unexpectedly bought up (I'm abusing the lazy forward slashes today. Do excuse me I've got new glasses and lens: Its taking some time adapting to them, there for this post shall be lacking in sentences and paragraphs today!).

My response to this popular topic was something along the following lines of, "Well I don't really seem to have a style icon or idol at least not one I'm consciously aware of?'. This non confident answer of mine wasn't thrown out there to sound as if I'm some how unaffected by anyone else' s fashion tastes, because I'm way too above anyone and everyone with a slight 'celebrity' status and ultimately playing the 'cool as can be' card... No no. I've never really gave it much thought until earlier when I switched off the PC and continued with my illustrations, and its then when I was deep in creative thought that I reached a theory. The same as any creative creature you do source and take continue inspiration 'mental notes' now this obviously can be absolutely anything from a cake to a chimney pot. There for the same must be applied to ones personal style surely so?
So I went to the efforts of digging out all my various scrap books, diary's and theme boards as well as taking a note and thinking hard about what used to be upon my bedroom wall as a teenager and also what is proudly displayed here and there on just one of my walls today. I too simply felt compelled to narrow down and investigate my unsuspected wardrobe in the attempt of reaching some style/ fashion icon conclusion. Dose not matter too much if my research is not mathematically and a 100% style scientifically correct: Why even go to such extreme lengths? Its always grated on me a little the whole style icon/idol as I often wanted to join in on such debate and topical thread's conversation. Only I felt I was almost paralyzed unable to speak up because I'm baffled by my own expressive style, who the hell, what the hell, where the hell did I conjure up this day to day dress up and play costume like style from? Where? My older sisters? A favorite film? Where? "Sorry guys can we change the subject and swiftly move on, thanks."

No longer does this topic fill me with fear and make me feel all awkward as the answer was in front of me all this time, Juliette and old school No Doubt Gwen shaped and influenced my mix up of threads and quirky, colourful fashion palette. A palette that now also consists of Just4fun

an design label with a love for small production and attention to detail abstract, wild and disco dancing prints. Which is just fine by me. All of just4fun catsuits, leggings, tights, dresses and bandannas are of limited edition, which I'm afraid means you have to make your purchase decision very rapidly and besides JATL front woman may also want the same ensemble as you!

All Photos From; Just4fun


12 January 2009

Fashion Shuv It...

May I just prepare you this isn't a positive, glossy or indeed cheerful post ( please feel free to skip on by and chose another blog post if you do feel like a dose of 'fashion gloss'). See I feel compelled to vent some of my personal fashion issues it can be correctly suggested I have this turbulent love/ hate even contradictory relationship with fashion... Now I may ruck some fashion feathers, however this isn't my intention. Neither is it my hidden motive to stir up a frenzied fashion debate or provoke some ongoing 'controversial' fashion comment carnage (though I'd really love to read about your similar and uncanny experiences). Its my passion to write and I only ever write in all sincere honesty (after all I'm a terrible liar) about experiences and so to speak the view from where I'm currently stood (just for the record: I'm not striving for any violins here either).

Fashion I Think I Heart You?
I like many of you have such compassion and am often left in awe when in the company of fashion I first developed such butterfly feelings towards fashion as a child when surprised with a fashion wheel (as some of you may already be aware of, when I introduced myself last year). From that moment fashion was well and truly apart of me and my only ambition from the age of 5 yrs old was to one day in the future be apart of it. Obviously as I completed high school at 15yrs old I went through the whole college interview stage and after many I began my four years at fashion design college my pattern cutting journey began via a complex fashion design diploma course. Where despite all its bumpy ups and downs (such as learning how to operate a industrial sewing machine and completing a flawless collection in just under one month. Oh how I longed for the simplistic fashion wheel at times) it was worth all the effort. See I had to obtain the diploma if I wanted the fashion university opportunity (only available to those who achieved their 'golden ticket' diplomas) which oh my good god I was so extremely desperate for! I knew zero else about anything (well besides history and English the only other two subjects I excelled in and embraced).

The Distance Of My Fashion Road Trip.
So I completed my diploma course to my sheer delight I attended over eight different fashion university interviews up and down across England, while many of my very close friends made the decision to reject and discontinue their fashion ambition. I remember so vividly one of my friends ranting, "Come on be realistic every girl wants to be a part of the fashion scene just like every boy aspires to be in a rock & roll band...Its a dead end your better off working in fashion retail with a good steady wage and no massive university debt to pay off for the rest of your life." Despite this opinion ringing full blast in the back of my mind through out all my various university interviews I had faith in fashion and besides there is still so so much to learn, you can never truly know all the ins and outs of fickle fashion. The following September similar to thousand of people my age I moved to a new area alone (my other pals had the privilege of a gap year) and began a very different three year fashion degree course. Which came to an end around last summer and up until now I far from regretted staying on my long fashion ride and not at all delusional of the fact I still had some distance to go.

All Photos From: Kay Desmond.

Fashion Friends And Fashion Fall Outs.
I prepared myself for a high volume of mail and phone calls that result in fashion graduate rejection, not because I'm incapable of looking on the bright side and being optimistic: Rather because like that memory imprinted in the back of my head reminded me. Yes there are an awful lot (probably somewhere close to the billion mark) fashion graduates in the exact same boat as me. I could almost here the sound of rapid key board typing the noise created by various fashion grad's desperate to churn out their CV's and impress fashion 'insiders' with their proactive skills. As you've already guessed many of my fellow fashion graduate friends (many graduated a year or two before me. My friends are often older than myself) have too ,opted to abandon their chances of an fashion career. Most are genuinely nothing but distraught and it would be out of order and unfair to suggest they should of stuck it out a bit longer. Besides they would if they want it so very badly ...The truth is there are only so many unpaid long period internships a post graduate (from both a middle class backgrounds and working class backgrounds) can continue with. Especially when your up to your eyes in debt and are desperate to have some financial independence like so many of your non -post grad friends have access of.

Kicking Down That Fashion Door.
"Thank you for your interest in our fashion publication I'm afraid to inform your application to be short listed for our internship hasn't developed further as you have lack of fashion industry experience. Best wishes for the future, kind regards..."
Um... ok let me think this over... am I not trying to gain a internship in the pursuit of ticking off the 'fashion industry' experience box...Oh yes that's right, and exactly correct, I am. So you don't have to strain your eyes I shall edit the next fashion forward (or backwards) steps of moi. A couple of internships later I can no longer afford to work for free in the efforts to convince every one how very serious I am with my fashion ambition. After all travel expenses and bills cannot pay off them selves and no longer do I wish to consume a diet of cheap fruit and energy drinks as I have no pennies for a whole hearty food shop. I'm stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea feeling beyond baffled: by the blatant exploiting attitude of some fashion publications/ Pr's and labels. Who feel its acceptable to treat thousands and millions of graduates with years of hard work, grafting fashion qualifications under our stylish second hand sale belts.

Fashion Do Feel Free To Exploit: Do Make Us Your Fashion Victims.
Its not that were unwilling to work hard because we have come to the flase conclusion that our degree is enough to become a fashion editor or director of a fashion label, this is untrue. Though at the same time we ask for some basic respect (throwing your coffee orders at us may be a test. However we do want to learn a half useful skill, something other than how to avoid the cues in starbucks) and not to be discriminated against because our parents aren't a) a famous rock star with all those 'handy' contacts. Who's concerned if the qualification- less teenager in question, is unable to name one single fashion designer? Or for that matter know how to use a false dot and paragraph correctly: Quick hand her over her very own 'special' column, hell why not give her an second editor position! b) handing us over a credit and limitless platinum card. So we can afford to continue the path of 'internship' for at least another decade: Thank goodness for fashion blog huh? At least I can attempt to high light some unforeseen fashion talent with the hopes that someone may be willing to risk contributing a wage in returns for a internship. Fashion I'm still striving towards my goal and don't think you've seen the end of me You Wont Defeat Me and leave me at the way side of a catwalk...Though I must now begin to pay off university debts (made worse by your 'internships' that will 'enhance our CV'), rent and all those boring bills await me: I shall save up so I can begin another internship and organize coffee runs and pencil sharpening, oh not forgetting licking envelopes until I can no longer feel my sore blistered and paper cut tongue...May our love/ hate relationship continue to relish.
PS, I'm penning this after having to attend an interview for a double glazing window appointment maker (minimum wage pack, whoop whoop!) I'll inform you if I get the 'make do' vacancy.

11 January 2009

Wearing A Patch Work Egg Chair?

All Photos From: Squintlimited.

Um I know I'm shaking things up here for this isn't a garment or fashion accessory what is this mad girl doing? Please don't be alarmed or concerned I haven't been purchasing furniture to wear along the street (though wow what a true style statement that would be, huh?) I shall not be attempting to wear an egg chair as a dress. I do adore the old egg style chair its so full of character and so very iconic isn't it? However designer Lisa Whatmough may just possibly have me trying to pull off a chandelier as a skirt soon: If not an egg chair as a dress.

Surely I cannot be the only girl who wouldn't at least try to wear this elegant and vibrant chandelier as a hair piece or slightly chunky statement necklace? Yes it would feel extremely heavy swinging around your neck, comfortable no... and the odd poking of the neck would indeed be an issue ( I'd sure try my very hardest to ignore such a irritating fact. After all my tolerance level is set on high, tights for example: Ouch, hurting they're all twisted and often itchy. But I still adore them and wear various coloured, patterned ones on a daily basis with every outfit ).

Second thoughts (always such a big distraction them damn second thoughts) I'm confident I could combine an Lisa Whatmough patch work cushion into my outfit (now here comes the cunning part)...as a hat! Yep just attach a piece of ribbon and tie around your chin to keep 'cush-hat-ion' in place and stop it falling off your head. Why do I sense I may not be convincing both myself and you? I like to consider myself a bit of an 'eco warrior' I design sustainable garments and accessories and am very content to dig deep down in second hand charity boutiques...and well all these fabulous period furniture and antique chaise longues, egg chairs, mirrors and lighting's before your eyes, are unbelievably re-used vintage and retro fabrics.
Re- worked to bring an up beat, groovy vibe to any ones home sweet home (groovy? I watched Austin powers last night). Lisa Whatmough a former sculpture and painter has replaced the paint pallet with pretty patch works, creating a personal touch and one off pieces. Almost guaranteed to make your more mainstream IKEA furniture obsessed friends 'patch work green' with envy...And silly me, I just realised rather than wearing any of the above I could simply opt for the pain and style hassle free option of hanging this delightful circus inspired mirror up on my wall. Why on earth didn't I think of this earlier? Its not exactly rocket science,it is a Sunday I guess!

08 January 2009

Bernhard Jump In My Dressing Up Box!

Royal academy of Antwerp student Bernhard Willhelm its obvious your a multi talented creative creature, what with your CV including such internship placements with the big guns such as McQueen and oh that other influential fashion designer...Vivienne Westwood. But I feel (this may sound a little harsh) that you've become this right show off, flaunting all your fantastic off the wall and highly original spring summer '09 collection. You genius you!

Demonstrating a strong eye for detail (hence I guess the design assistant invitation from fashion 'royalty' Vivienne Westwood). Bernhard effortlessly combines childish and explosive street style fun bold prints with beautiful sharp, sleek and over sized slouchy sport-esque garments; This guy sure knows how to experiment with exaggerated volumes and complex cuts.

There's such a wide range of contrasting and very intriguing textures that you feel compelled to feel, touch and generally explore (especially that foil like multi -toned green skirt... Ooh how I long to grasp and scrunch up in the palm of these itchy hands of mine).

There are some pieces from Bernhard's collection that I'd happily lets say try to 'borrow' and add to my over spilling dressing up box....The glorious and super adventures fun-tastic swirly whirly, scriggle black and white print dress.Complete with an bright orange surreal sized and very domineering bow is destined to be homed in my obscure, outrageous and out of this world costume box! All Photos from; Bernhard Willhelm s/s'09.