19 January 2009

Stop Being So Dramatic

Yawn, now and then fashion can become tired, old (dare I say it?) plain jane and a little mundane not to mention predictable: Anyone else noticed the return of old neutrals tweaked in with some of those familiar fluorescents, once again just as last year and the year before that...predictable.
Here is a lets say 'experiment' dig out a dusty fashion magazine from June 2006 and pull a page out from another fashion magazine(from last year will do)also with a date close to around June and play a game of spot the difference. The only detail that differs ever so slightly are the descriptive words, oh and trend titles from 'all around the world' changed to 'worldly wonders' pleassse. I know I know fashion and style rotates round and round the globe spread across the continent by fashionable folk ,one almighty and trendy step at a time. I can't help it if sometimes I begin to feel tedious about certain trends I wonder is it all just an intelligent 'trend trick'?

Lets move on swiftly shall we? Away from my obscene and daft theory's and on to some Nikoline Liv Andersen thrilling and very much avant garde fashion treats. If your prone to be over dramatic like I can be (not all the time, mind!) and you adore reading history, but also relish dressing up and invading the wardrobe on occasional days. You may well feel the gravitational pull towards Nikoline Liv Andersens dramatic creations.

Some how these extremely conceptual and theatrical garments are both dramatic and doll like, delicate yet bold the cut and lines are so very carefully composed a similar approach that perhaps an architect would demonstrate. The inspiration behind these pieces would make any historian pleased, with obvious references to the late 15th century early 16th century and what a wonderful and exciting period indeed! This collection reflects and combines all the exciting elements of them by gone fashion period and cuts out all the boring bits, leaving our attention drawn towards the gigantic pleated collars, flirty frills, layers of lovely lace, voluminous shoulders and ruffles (oh the instant joy a ruffle brings ). You have to admire designer Nikoline Liv Andersen simply for her imagination, and the fact she clearly enjoys a history text book as well as pattern cutting!
Photos From: Nikoline Liv Andersen


Kat said...

das letzte foto ist sooo dekadent, pelz mit schachbrettmuster.... ;)

Andrea said...

Ah, I want that second dress! Those puffed sleeves are too delicious. If I were brave I'd wear that ruff, though I'd get some pretty strange looks here in Alaska. Not much high fashion here, just a lot of no-nonsense winter boots and PolarFleece.

ryder said...

i cant really say that i want either one of this outfits. but hey thats why there is taste, and no one can talk about taste. its unique. as this outfits. but i think its like abstract art. sometimes u dont feel it, sometimes u think: lack of creativity, and sometimes: its just not for you.

Athena. said...

Ahh these are amazing :D
They made me smile :P