28 January 2009

Buried Treasure My Matey! !

Photos from:Mark Fast s/s' 09.
*My fashion inspiration (in the back of my head).

"Whoa hey do you mind, last time I checked I wasn't one of the walking dead. Did manners pass you by!?" my automatic response when I made a quick second stop snoop at a fashion retail outlet (my memory cannot recall which clothes shop I entered: so apologies for the lack of detail). I had my head and practically whole body in the depths of the heavy loaded and very much buckled rails (hell I relish a challenge) bursting with garment bits and bobs such as: skirts, dresses, jeans (skip) etc.
One minute I was calm having just consumed a coffee (slap my studded bracelet, covered wrist)
and happily browsing as I had forever to wait for (yep you guessed correctly) public transport. After all it was extremely frosty, wet and windy out there (still is) so why not seek shelter in nearby shop to avoid the harsh elements? Anyways next thing I know I turn around and this girl is literally stepping on my feet and poking a clothes hanger in my face, this annoyed me a lot, as she was more than aware of the fact she was attacking me and made zero attempt of stepping to one side and saying sorry... So in a rage I thought fuck it I'm sick and tired of social graces some people just don't deserve it and this arrogant woman was very much one of them people in question: Hence my sharp moody reply in regards to her unnecessary actions!

Photo: My second hand charity shop gem of a discovery (ignore the mess).

Still was this fate/ destiny calling me towards something else something better? Other than torn, damaged garments still way too over priced, considering the poor quality and shabby condition. Checking and re-checking my star engraved watch, counting each and every second which pass 'wheres the bus got to?', as the wind whips my hair around, well and truly hiding my face. I discovered I was awaiting at the wrong stop and there for had to walk further on down the breezy road, discarded litter racing pass my feet and blowing into me and other strangers battling the angry weather. I simply couldn't tolerate the cold any longer so once again sourced out shelter this time shelter being the confines of a charity clothes shop my mind churning out the following ponder, 'um might as well have a quick rummage around this place I've got some change in my purse after all? I always succeed in discovering an impressive belt or necklace. And the bus can just wait'. Hassle free fashion hunting, unlike earlier on...I walk straight into a big old box its contents packed with random wonder's (not all a delight!) when I spot this black lace spilling over the edge I'm pulling it out towards me, like some game of 'tug of war' only against my little hopeless self. Suddenly this scrunched up, un-ironed top appears before my very eyes only inside out. I sort out the lace bundle as best as I possibly could in such a hectic rush! Photo: 'Do you see that lace print *exciting*

Oh the joy! Instant and intense soul mate love, Mwwwa:Its only a jet black lace transfer print, sleeveless top with lashings of romantic black and dark grey lace detail trimming, complete with a tiny blue silk bow at the front and the odd pearl(fake) beads. Just the right amount too, £3. I couldn't take a photograph of this buried treasure quick enough!
Photo: Lace, lashings of lace and drops of 'pearls'!



The Stiletto Effect said...

I love the black dress in the image

Andrea said...

That's quite a find you made! And that blue dress is KILLING me. I want it!

Doll legs said...

OMG that dresses are beautiful!!and thats a nice piece, lucky girl;)

Sweet Clothing said...

Beautiful post. So well done, so many women with their own style.