05 January 2009

Quick Pass Me The Pastels!

All Photos From; Beckerman s/s '09

Well isn't it lovely to see those premature indications of summer slowly appearing (though spring is still some distance away. Those bleak dark nights are drawing to an end;its becoming lighter earlier. It really is damn it, no this isn't wishful thinking.). My summer shall be painted in pretty pastels and retro musical Grease-esque style frocks (slurping thick strawberry milkshake) this upbeat late 50's attitude of mine is inspired by Beckerman s/s '09 collection. In which elements of the 50's is obviously evident and I for one am adoring this style period, its difficult not to! Plus its a refreshing change from '08's Gothic madness R.I.P (did it have something to do with that batman film or what?) There are only so many Gothic garments a wardrobe can tolerate. Elegant goth, Romantic goth, Punk goth; goth, goth, goth. Enough already! I'm guilty of collecting Gothic shades and it is now time to banish those jet blacks and emerald blues, greens its all becoming too depressing...A girl can only rock Gothic for so long before others assume your secretly mourning (no I'm not mourning. With the minor exception of dismantling and rejecting the Xmas decorations, *sob).

Beckerman light weight knits and soft ice cream shades of pastel and playful musical notes, have me thinking about various vital summer specifics. Outdoor dining (oh how I enjoy a picnic) sunblock maybe just maybe I will have to protect my skin from strong sun rays (come on England let there be a 'freak' heat wave by early june? Pleassse?). Sun block isn't the only issue occupying my mind. I'm envisioning a possible music festival how I invite taller than me beings to stamp and destroy my delicate toes. In not so secure and safe environment that is a mosh pit, it surely has to be half expected? (To be honest I'm still a music festival virgin. Have you seen the price tags on those precious tickets? WhoaA! Not for the poor).Lack of pennies can erupt reality and problem solving issues prop up from time to time in which you have to carefully select one or the other, this can be a fulling challenge (sometimes).I'd be very content if I could get my paws on that Beckerman multi coloured musical note waist coat;Reality is a bitch of a burden when faced up against 'shallow' fashion desire's...however I have a fail proof? Plan.I shall be sourcing a Beckerman item such as an accessory from the season before (it has to be somewhere, on fashionspace or ebay right?). A past Beckerman item will be perfect for this not too concerned fashion frenzied freak girl (for the time being...Soon as I obtain my long long desired fashion career. I will more likely feel inclined to be more of an perfectionist. In which case only the most recent exclusive and new Beckerman gems will do). What an effective visual delight the waist coat teamed with that yellow, lilac, pink and orange stripy musical note skirt would be? A musical note extravaganza! Imagine the setting in the form of a summer music festival (of course) warm sunshine (lets not be delusional and fool ourselves in to believing 'Mr Sunshine will be blazing down; Luke warm is far more the case in question) the odour of hot dogs fill the air (as a vegetarian hot dogs don't tend to make me feel hungry, but hey its a festival! Contradiction yes). Me amongst other crowd goers punching my fists up into the air, jumping up and down excitably dressed head to toe in Beckerman while rock & roll beats bounce off my ears. Actually no wait hold up...As then again I would find my self in a rage if a fellow festival fan spilt their drink on my Beckerman ensemble...Second thoughts. To hell with practical, I'm opting to live life on the edge! All dressed up in 'Beck-ical' notes (see what I done there? Took the first few letters from Beckerman and replaced the last letters using the remaining four letters from musical; *Note I'm so uncool its almost on the verge of tragic). Bring it on summer my Beckerman wardrobe is ready and waiting to kick off those out door festivals and picnics when you are!

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STARdust and Sequins said...

thank you :-)


Bella said...

Always inspirational.. the piano keys are sublime!

DaisyChain said...

I feel quite summery now, I can't wait for spring to arrive.

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

WOw thank you for inspiring us with this post!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRLY!!! I hope you had a great holiday!!!

Fashion MInute said...

great post!