02 January 2009

Sunglasses Sadness And Supermarket Surprises

Illustration by; Prettyneons.
Photo From; ELLE magazine (Jan '09 issue).

Gosh two weeks later and I can see out of my eyes again *joy.Baffled? Sorry let me please explain the absence, now I have a wide selection of depressing (its ok no ones died no no nothing that drastic...) answers and honest explanations. Let me use one descriptive word too conclude the reason behind my brief blog post departure; Virus. Such an elegant and delightful surprise for the immune system (as always). Now the details aren't pretty neither inviting so again I will keep the info short all I am going to reveal is the fact my eyeball (yes it was just the one.Well to begin with) actually remained permanently shut and lodged tight its still extremely painful and red. I'm predicting half of these symptoms may have been self inflicted (combinations of virus and eye strain) particularly the eye strain part. See while I had only one eye operating I continued to read books, fashion blogs and magazines, despite doctors advice...( 'you don't fool me doctor with all your pretend knowledge admit it you don't really have high intelligence in regards to the human body do you? Bet you aren't even aware of the operation board game rules?! You fraud you cheat!). Funny enough sort of turns out that in fact those doctors do know what their chatting about Oops, whats this my other eyeball is swelling and also locked shut erm...? 'Doctor Doctor exactly how am I suppose to admire the decorated Christmas tree? Fuck that, more importantly how about reading,writing and DRAWING how am I going to achieve these tasks?' screeched creative distress. 'Well here's a prescription this should be of some aid and rest plenty of rest. No reading.And no screens what so ever for a little while and it will mend itself shortly'. Mend? Excuse me I've got a few books to read, illustrations to complete,a whole lot of writing to scribble down and bloody newly purchased comedy DVDs to watch!! Get out! ( note; in reality I didn't physically spit out the last sentence. I feel it would be immature and unreasonable to place 'virus/ eye infection strain blame' on the doctor).

Oh the doctor virus drama. Still its all in the past and I see the light at the end of the tunnel oh wait its just day light... hey wait my eye! my eye! Its just ejected a lot of green wet fluid and eyelids are now re-opening. YAAAAY! I can see again! Mind you my bizarre illness did contribute towards a interesting and pointless style experiment. Its amazing what certain items/ accessories evoke. Whilst walking and bumping into lamp posts and Christmas trees wearing very enormous sunglasses to of course disguise unattractive eyes. People and strangers assumed I must have a alter ego..."why is that girl parading around this supermarket wearing shades? The youth is daft these days." Believe me this sentence was actually announced by a complete stranger awaiting in a long long line behind me while paying for some bread and fruit... I never even said or acted in a unacceptable social manner; God I just wanted a loaf of bread and some apples! Fashion communication error. Ironically an illustration I began weeks back features some sun shades, a unforeseen omen? That incident in the super market was very amusing however if reading about it happened to bore you I suppose you may of had to be there to witness the humorous side. Its inspired me though to continue my little style experiment until the novelty wears off. I've got to be getting on now with highly important duties. Such as; watching a whole load of comedy stand up DVDs oh and reading some now dated fashion magazines which includes ELLE with that Courtney feature oh how I long for her book STILL. Thanks 'Santa' for nothing... Oh the jokes.
PS, Style experiments shall be concluded and noted right here ( I know you must be feeling very excited. Not.Hehe!).


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prettyneons said...

Hi well thank you, I've been on that website before its brilliant!

DaisyChain said...

Hurrah an update =) Glad you are on the mend.
Fantastic illustration m'dear!