21 March 2011

Why do I keep counting?

Before I begin, excuse me if I've been a little quiet the reason why none of you have heard a peep from me on the old blogs is because for some unknown reason blospot was being an epic failure of a bitch i.e my links wouldn't function AND if that wasn't frustrating enough already, none of my comments would publish *huffs*.
Lucky enough for me I have a nerdy side which I abused to crack this techno issue,and yay there is a happy ending...my links and comment thang is now back to working, so expect me to bother you sometime sooney.Oohh lucky you!
Aahh now all that boring stuff has been cleared up,lets crack on shall we?

images courtesy of Peacocks

'Tis nearly time,the next oh so stylish instalment of Pearl Lowe for Peacocks collection is almost due,you know the one?The collection that never fails to disappoint nor cause chaos,the collection that sells out quicker than you can shout, "Peacock!" and in general create a fashion frenzy. There's a good reason for all this insane hype that surrounds Pearl Lowe's range for Peacocks-the pieces are beautiful,authentic and versatile which is enough to get me swooning, and joining all the others amongst the whirlwind mayhem which whips up weeks before the new collection is revealed.The Pearl Lowe launch always dominates my diary, I cross out squares, wish my life away and keep on counting the days, hours, seconds, nano seconds until I can get my next vintage-esque dose of Pearl Lowe. And there isn't many calender squares or days to go now.31 MARCH all shall be revealed, girls shall be camping outside Peacocks cards and cash at the ready...keep on counting, only 10 days to go!Yikes, super excited to the point where insomnia shall probably soon begin to kick in. As I remain wide wake speculating in my head how the next collection might look,and remembering all the past Pearl Lowe pieces I've obtained over the years and become very emotionally attached to-see above.


17 March 2011


Confession time folks,from time to time I'm guilty of tuning into some American teen trash TV, and yup your correct I indeed left my teen years quite a while ago (I'm 24yrs old-you do the math)seems though I failed to leave those teen TV habits behind.
Because I'm guilty of catching up on some sun drenched, super (Stilton) cheesy Californian cool 90210.There I said it.I embrace American glossy high school dramas, you know the really complex teen drama and dilemmas such as love triangles,riding a wave on the surf board, topping up the old tan,throwing mansion sized house parties and chilling out via posh coffee bars.All very serious heavy story lines I'm sure you'd agree?
I can hear you all thinking, 'whoa that's tragic.Really?She really tunes into that 90210 shit...why?'

images courtesy of gillian-zinser.net

board by prettyneons

Why,because of Gillian Zinser aka tomboyish,shy awkward surfer beach hippy chic Ivy Sullivan.Huge, huge, huge girl crush of mine and yup I'm partial to some Zinser serious style stalking. And why not? Heck have you seen her style. Wardrobe envy kicks in big time.The Zin'sta sure knows how to rock boohoo grunge, she even transforms maxi dresses from a dull drag of a dress to extra eff'in cool.Mixing the maxi with faded leathers,washed out denims,tough biker boots and a heavy dose of 'I really don't give a hoot about fashion' attitude.Gillian is one of them rare Gwen Stefani types, us the (gals)want to be her (well I sure do anyways!)and the guys want to be with her (sooo I'm guessing).Like the other G(wen.S) Gillian Zinser combines laid back, tomboyish dressed down style with contrasting details, not one to be afraid of combining slouchy vintage band T-shirts with delicate chiffon paisley maxi skirts,feather gilets,leather wrist bands,pretty pedant necklaces and lashings of suede tassels. Whatever you do don't dismiss Zinser's effortless style and categorize it under A.Chung, Zinser is the polar opposite. You won't see her jumping on every little micro trend that crops up:Gillian Zinser's take on style a hundred percent original it aint.Genuine and authentic it is, thus she's going to remain on my style- stalking- one- to- watch radar for quite sometime yet.If you too fancy ripping off a piece of Gillians style make your one stop shop Peacocks their range of T-shirts,skirts and denim has Zinser stamped all over it!
P.S..Now can you appreciate why I need my weekly fix of 90210?

16 March 2011

Treats That Tweet

As you may of noticed I'm partial for any garment or accessory which features bird prints whether it be an owl, blue bird or robin if it tweets I'm all over it like a rash.My wardrobe is dominated by cute ickle birdies could it be that the ditsy bird print is fast becoming the new floral?I'm not alone with my bird obsession, for bird watching(of the fashion kind) has shot up in popularity since THAT MiuMiu collection was splashed across all the glossy magazines.And it seems to be having a long lasting effect on the highstreet too-a fickle fashion phase it isn't.
Many fashion retails outlets are slowly morphing into nests,treasuring an array of owl inspired tweet treats from charm necklaces,chunky antique bird rings,pussy bow blouses,dresses,skirts and yes copy cat MiuMiu platfroms.The bird micro trend has no intentions of flying off any time soon, Hoorahh!Because I for one am still adding to my bird collection continuing with textile designer Kate Garey's adorable,kooky kawaii lovingly hand made bags and jewellery,from elegant swan necklaces,tropical parrot purses and blue bird bags...keep on tweeting!

images courtesy of Kate Garey

14 March 2011

Get a room

I know this is usually a fashion based blog so forgive todays Llewelyn Bowen themed post,nope I'm not converting to the dark side which is interiors (though admittedly I do get a kick out of looking through wallpapers, linens and lampshades...so who knows one day an Interior design inspired side blog maybe on the horizon?)today's fashion feature has been replaced with erm wallpaper and bedrooms as I'm in the process of re-designing/ decorating my room.Which is proving way too difficult than I had first imagined. Do I want a 'statment' wall?Do I want to paint?Should I opt for wallpaper? What influences should I draw inspiration from?Jeez I don't know how Bowen does it!?Or do I go for the easy option of- leaving these walls crisp white and a little bit bland?Nope I've had enough of these minimal walls.This room of mine feels so clinical I almost expect my dentist to appear, urrgh. Frightening thought.
After much pondering over what to do with this room of mine, I still remain clueless all I know is that I don't want some B&Q/Homebase generic style bedroom.Light bulb moment!My wardrobe shall be my source of inspiration, ah yes I can stick clothes upon these four walls.No? Hopefully these glorious bedrooms (below)will spark a genuine light bulb interior design idea, I do have an inner Bowen within me!


11 March 2011

Hazey Daze

Today's weather is so depressingly grey,dull and dreary well do not fear it isn't all doom and gloom in an vain attempt to inject some much needed sunshine goodness and turn that frown upside down take a glance at this dreamy collection of photography/editorials and escape into the daze...think warm spring sunbeams,daisies and fresh green rolling fields.Relax,chill out and keep things super simple adopt a no fuss style attitude opt for delicate bright white lace/cutout work dresses, crisp chiffon blouses,soft muted floral's,tiny 'ickle ditsy bird prints,cream ruffles and candy pinks...just take caution to avoid getting any pesky grass stains on your pretty little ditsy print number.

10 March 2011

Frocks that rock

DearSarah Brannon I- love -you!Your frocks consist of all my favourite style ingredients...whimsical,romantic,fierce,feminine, strong, dark,luxurious and oh so lovely.Your dresses shouldn't be mistaken for being too sickly sweet,they've a rebellious f-you loud attitude even them bows sure pack a mighty fine punch (kaaapowz!).Just please don't force me to pick a favourite, as I could literally be here all today trying to narrow down,the stand out pieces from Chelsea Rebelle past and present collections. Oh gawwwd collections,collections where to begin?Would it be too much of a cop out to claim the latest s/s11 offerings 'DevilTown'as my most to die for Chelsea Rebelle collection.Okays I'll dig a little deeper into my fashion mental notes rewind...its spring/summer 10 and were now 'Pretty Things' dancing in the sun dressed all in bows.Or going back even further to autumn/winter '08 where I've just stumbled upon Chelsea Rebelle, and immediately crave gingham and cute capes. Fast forward to now 2011, and my love for Chelsea Rebelle has gone up a few notches.A label lust it is not.Heck no, Chelsea Rebelle is now my fatal fashion attraction!

images Chelsea Rebelle