16 March 2011

Treats That Tweet

As you may of noticed I'm partial for any garment or accessory which features bird prints whether it be an owl, blue bird or robin if it tweets I'm all over it like a rash.My wardrobe is dominated by cute ickle birdies could it be that the ditsy bird print is fast becoming the new floral?I'm not alone with my bird obsession, for bird watching(of the fashion kind) has shot up in popularity since THAT MiuMiu collection was splashed across all the glossy magazines.And it seems to be having a long lasting effect on the highstreet too-a fickle fashion phase it isn't.
Many fashion retails outlets are slowly morphing into nests,treasuring an array of owl inspired tweet treats from charm necklaces,chunky antique bird rings,pussy bow blouses,dresses,skirts and yes copy cat MiuMiu platfroms.The bird micro trend has no intentions of flying off any time soon, Hoorahh!Because I for one am still adding to my bird collection continuing with textile designer Kate Garey's adorable,kooky kawaii lovingly hand made bags and jewellery,from elegant swan necklaces,tropical parrot purses and blue bird bags...keep on tweeting!

images courtesy of Kate Garey

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daisychain said...

You know of my love for Kate Garey..off to stalk her website obsessivley.