01 March 2011

Kat Von D Style Steal!

The other day something weired went on in cyberspace and inside my inbox, Kat Von D's camp/ people (could of it really been Von herself?I will never know, if you do read my 'ickle fashion rambling blog Kat then hello!Confession time, hands up I'm partial to style stalking you every once in a while but in a non creepy way may I just stress Okay I'll shut up now),shot me an email apparently they read one of my features from many posts ago (the post where I go into detail as to why Kat Von D must, must launch a fashion collection one day, the same post where I'm like blatantly gushing over her threads.How I'd ink myself up to my eyeballs despite being scared of all things sharp and needleish if it resulted in me gaining all access areas to Kat Von D's wardrobe inc her platform shoe collection.The same post where I thought, 'sod it' I'm going to create a moodboard of Kat's fierce style and insert text which read - style crush. Not at all creepy, or odd huh?No, no perfectly normal behavior.*Cringe what possessed me to do that? Bloody hell embarrassing isn't the word!).When I first began reading the email my first reaction was to throw it into the junk box 'this has got to be some sick prank, nobody reads this blog thing of mine'.How I'm glad I decided to continue reading the email as it lead me towards some intriguing attachment...only images of Kat Von D's frigging first ever fashion collection 2011.

images bing, and ink magazine

Breath, slow breathing I need to calm my ecstatic self down.Eekk I've been awaiting this moment for so long, the moment where I could at long last obtain a small piece of Kat's wardrobe.Kat Von D has been one of my style icons for years, I only stumbled upon her by pure accident when my friend who ran a tattoo shop flicked through my scrap book he said,"you could be doing this working as a tattoo artist- do it be the next Kat Von D!" Baffled my reaction was,"the next what who?"
I followed instructions set out for me by my artist friend to turn the box on, watch more TV and tune into a show called Miami Ink...instructions followed and cue my girl style crush.A style crush which some magazine types found comical at many intern interviews with my inspiration/icon mood board snubbed.Anywho's Kats debut fashion range is not one to be snubbed nor dismissed as just another celeb trying to be a fashion designer.Kat's debut collection is everything you'd expect and more from the gal who bought us High Voltage.The designs are brave, fierce with clean sharp structures which have an distinctive Kat Von D edge to them, the range also consists of stand out statement pieces which feature subtle and sophisticated mature rock & roll twists that prevents it from becoming too Avril Lavigne.You don't have to be a fan or give a hoot about Kat Von D to appreciate and heart this fine collection of designs. The only let down to this collection being it doesn't include a selection of shoes *sob, an idea for next time perhaps Kat?

images courtesy of Kat Von D


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