07 March 2011

Summer Style

Every now and then you see a film, a film which inspires you long after you've hit eject on the DVD player. 500 Days of Summer is just one of those films.One of those incredible stylish films that triggers what I like to call the Notebook effect In which you sigh, swoon and feel compelled to character clone your existing wardrobe until it slowly morphs into that of Allies.Thus having quite a long lasting impact upon your wardrobe,inspiring and transforming your everyday style and perhaps just perhaps convert your once stubborn style beliefs. Post watching 500 Days of Summer it's safe to say eighty percent of the time my day-to-day style is now officially Summer Finn defunct,with many of my outfits mirroring Finns kooky 1960's pretty preppy style,partial to delicate chiffon cut out dresses,pussy bow blouses,bows and soft shades of pastel blue.The latter I would of never even considered nor allowed in my wardrobe before,being a die hard hater of both pastels and chiffon's. Fast forward to now, I'm more than partial towards all things pastelish and chiffonish in fact I gravitate towards the (once no-go cringe worthy)two.Converted.Via a film, who would have thought eh?Me with a chiffon crush?

images Bing

As you can see from above there's no question Summer Finn's wardrobe is mighty impressive, no?It makes Allies (The Note Book) floral frocks look shabby at best.However if I could pluck one item from Finns extensive clothes rail it would be THAT blue tea dress (below),super simplistic,effortlessly elegant and the best piece of blue cut-out chiffon I have ever seen.After many clicks and following tip offs from savvy movie enthusiasts (them people sure know their film credits and costume departments!)it lead me to fashion label SarahSeven which have an array of simple,ultra feminine dresses and plenty of delicious sweet pastel chiffoness which would definitely receive Summer Finns seal of approval!

images SarahSeven



Em x said...

So many pretty dresses, i would wear them all! x

daisychain said...

I clearly fail because I haven't seen this film, or The Notebook. Must fix that asap!

prettyneons said...

yes you must hun!;)