06 March 2011

My Derhy Dream

...it is what it is, deluded.Nothing accept a frequent (and vivid) day dream that my mind enters and explores during times when boredom becomes too much to digest,those mundane moments such as standing around waiting in line at the post office (possibly the worst sort of line to be apart of,one word- long),with nothing except stamps,and shelves of A4 note pads to stare at is it any wonder in these situations my Derhy day dream kicks off in such detail...

I've never been one of those sort which flick through magazines and think,'man I really want to become a model' it never has appealed to me,until my date at the dentist late last year.When by accident whilst browsing the pages of some glossy magazine (distracting my mind from the dreaded dentist chair)when Derhy gently drifted and fell onto my lap, an unlikely place for such a fabulous fashion introduction, I know.Before this incident, hands up somehow I'd remained completely ob-liv-ious to the French fashion brand.Savvy fashion bloggers made me blush with embarrassment after I confessed to my Derhy ignorance months back. One blogger summed it up my ignorance quite nicely,"Dery where have you been?!Most my wardrobe is Derhy, at least you've found them now."

Yes I have indeed found Dery. now right now after getting my paws on the new Derhy S/S 11 catalogue,drooling over the fashion and styling (...the marriage and harmony between navy blue/red stripes blooming flower prints and risky colour combo purple and orange:restricted only to Quality Street sweet tins?Well not anymore!)I want to be one of those natural, gorgeous and god damn lucky Derhy model girls who have the privilege of being dressed up head to toe in in the stuff!I can only ever dream of obtaining my own special piece of Derhy can't I?
Well, well I may of been rather cheeky.And in a desperate measure to own a Derhy dress sent a email begging for a Derhy product for *cough* an up and coming fashion feature in which I require a Derhy item to *cough* illustrate the text.Shamelessly abusing my little corner on blogspot to bag me a free piece of french fashion.What?!Jeez I can't afford that many euros, and plan b to get booked up by a model agency
and pose for Derhy... aahh too much of a far shot for someone who is still waiting to reach 5ft.Besides she does it so much better...

images Derhy


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Allison said...

I love Derhy too!! I've been buying at least 2 or 3 items by season and mixing them with zara clothes or with jeans: it looks gorgeous!! so feminine and really attractive whereas a 100% zara look is so boring and common!! Keep up the good work Derhy