08 March 2011


Aahh finally the Sunshine's in this corner of the earth, at first when I pulled up the blind I was slightly alarmed,'yikes what is that bright yellow ball up there!?' why of course its the return of that bright warm orangeyellowish goodness that elusive(it so is elusive if you live here in England)star-i.e the sun.Well done, *clap clap* you sure took your time didn't you eh? The unexpected (almost premature) arrival of Mr sunshine has caught me off guards, like completely screwed off guard.With a panicked rummage and flick through the old clothes rails in an attempt to dig out a light weight,non chunky knit top. To my discovery my wardrobe is lacking inbetweener clothes, happy medium items tops etc that are versatile pieces: not quite spring and not yet quite summer, hmm its a tricky little style dilemma.Today's glorious weather has sure prompt me to organise my clobber, no longer can I ignore the a/w rut my rails have developed into over the last few chilly months.
So all original plans for this Tuesday (holed up in my art den completing my canvas) have been altered leaving a slot of time to buy some much needed happy medium clothes: clothes which aren't going to fail me during these bipolar collision of changing,clashing seasons.Due to being consumed (in a good way) by my art/ design work there was no time to catch the bus and hit the city, so a dash to my local charity shops shall do, first up here's me slouching it out in stripes and paisley (nails splashed with BarryM nail polish. Addicted...)

top,peacocks,paisley scarf thrift

two hours later (oohh time time travel peeps!)...
after much thrift bashing, and mucking doing my best Jessie J 'pricccce tag' impression and getting my Ugly Betty on (all that sun went straight-to-my-head) in the crusty smelling changing rooms (hygiene isn't the biggest priority for charity shops huh?)I exit my local thrift shops content...not with the mouldy odors,but with my bags busting full of beautiful spring time vintage treats all under £10.Hoorah!The two mile trek into town, staggering up big arse hills was well worth all that leg ache.The finds which I heart the most out of this second hand stash (below) and can foresee me crushing on, wearing out at any outfit opportunity is definitely the tan leather shoulder bag complete with plaited shoulder straps,cream embellished cotton tee (I'm confident it will look a lot nicer once those crinkles have -a -been -all- ironed out!) and the two Indian sparkling bracelets...yep because I really so desperately needed yet more sparkling bracelets, admittedly the latter was just one of those, 'just because' purchases, though these sort are the worst and do the most damage to a gals piggy bank (my piggy is now on detox),anywho's I'm all thrifted out for the next two months my local charity shops will probably be pleased to see the back of me...when I enter them places I'm like a tornado whizzing around whipping up all the garments and causing general havoc.Am I bad?!

all above items thrift


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daisychain said...

Love stripes and paisley on their own...together...DOUBLE LOVE x