02 March 2011

I love loulou

Urrgh I give up there you go I've been defeated happy now?After an hour of combing, brushing,drying,first tied up in a bun, followed by a not-so-slick ponytail, what other options do I have left for my rebellious hair? Ooh light bulb moment! I'll go for an effortless low-slung plait, hair drama over and problem solved. Erm wait no it actually isn't.Sighs*
This is the tedious issue that crops up when growing ones hair out, it's impossible to tame there are little options left to pick, and only so many hair styles to experiment with when your on your hundredth hairdo already. Feeling tempted to dash into my local salon and scream,'hack it all off, do an Edward Scissor hands already!'I mean would this really be so insane?It's only hair, I'm not one to be too precious about my locks; hair grows back no biggie.I'm so over having my hair either up or down, consuming all of my time and making me late for work every morning as I try in vain to make my hair look just Okay.I need a transformation a quick instant fix...one word loulou.
LoulouLovesYou make an array of gorgeous accessories, including hair accessories such as gigantic silk bows and statement flower power hairbands, the bigger the bow or flower the better it may just divert peoples attention away from my birds nest hair, ah yes cunning-the perfect distraction.I love you loulou and so does my hair!

images loulou loves you



Em x said...

Ohhh these are fab xx

daisychain said...

the bows, I NEED the bows!

prettyneons said...

they're cool huh i don't yet know which design to get?any ideas...flowers or bows gals?;)

Loulou said...

aw cute! I hadn't seen this post..
<3 Loulou xx

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