31 May 2009

Me&Yu All Over Again

Frustration! My computer is once again up the wall and driving me around the bloody bend. Is this due to the heat wave, England is currently experiencing? I'm convinced the tangled clutter of wires and cleaver silver bronze like chips( or one energetic hamster spinning around rapidly in a wheel) within this PC are melting (and the hamster is suffering from heat exhaustion too).I could be foolish and pay some computer wizard fifty quid simply to snoop through my computer, press some keys spit out impressive technology terms and reach a obvious conclusion, 'yeah mate your PC has crashed'. No you don't say, has it? Has it really burned out, I would have never of predicted that outcome!
The little bit of intelligence I have and my intuition informs to avoid rogue PC doctors, and just allow time for my computer to heal, mend and regain her (yes, yes my computer has an electronic gender) memory. I've stuck a rainbow plaster on her face (the screen) and for the mean time I'm using (if not abusing) this technology void to absorb some much needed sunshine.

Hence why I'm treating myself to another me&yu item or item's, (noooo must only pick up one cheap Tee).I'm such a me&yu whore, I'm forever stalking their webby, drooling over regular new pieces and eventually find myself browsing the bargains on their online store and being seduced by their hand printed ,colourful and very distinctive scribble illustration prints. I adore me&yu their Tee's you can easily live in, and treasure them for all eternity because so much work, love and time has been put into each one, making the printed Tee's feel quite special indeed. There for me&yu tee's, dresses, skirts etc are not destined to be discarded or transformed into an unforgiven pj bed time piece, as the novelty of their unique designs do not seem to wear off.
I promise I will calm down, attempt to go cold turkey and eventually put an end to forever banging on about me&yu on here.
Once I'm through with my me&yu list;damn how am I suppose to select only one of these?So far it is proving impossible, more challenging and moreish than eating just the one Oreo biscuit (how on earth does any one find the will to consume only one of those things!?).

27 May 2009

Rocking The Boat!

The Boat That Rocked, now I must be careful here as I'd hate to go and spoil the film for anyone who hasn't yet seen it. Basically based around a true story about a pirate radio station established back in the snazzy Sixties the location of pirate station being a boat (epic).
Since recently watching this funky flick with one fierce rock & roll sound track and an even more fierce collection of crazy costumes, playful clashing prints from flowers, birds and sequin dice. Neon tights, white platform wedge shoes and floppy frilly hats ( I was drooling just before I died of pure fashion pleasure).

I feel compelled to now dedicate my whole entire wardrobe to the very glorious Sixties; I've always had a hint of late Sixties slash Seventies hanging around in my wardrobe (or should that be floordrobe; as this is my preferred location for dumping my threads, on a frequent daily basis. I'm a messy sod, I know) from peacock print tights ( I remain obsessed and very much glued to mytights.com for the novelty has not yet faded off into oblivion) frilly white blouses and dizzy print skirts.

photo from: The Boat That Rocked

However this isn't fulfilling enough, I must now transform my dull mixed up wardrobe into a time travel machine, rewind first stop obviously visiting the swinging Sixties! Peace, love, fashion, music and drugs ( erm..skip the toxic substances my body can only just tolerate red bull I do not have an OD death wish).
Focus, focus Sixties glamour where the hell to begin? Big plastic shades to plonk on my head surely is a strong starting point, after much seeking ( I'm very picky and wanted those tv frame style shades, in pink) the tv shades mission is complete...

The Boat That Rocked poster ( dress, tights, shoes legs-want!)
Next bit of problem solving: finding a genuine vintage frock not to be mistaken with vintage style or vintage inspired, I'm talking hardcore vintage. The more bold the print the better, darn it my aim is to resemble a flower pot or even more impressive a rock & roll groupie perfectly capable of seducing any member of the stones. Luring them in with my long curled eye lashes...alright, enough already...return to finding vintage frock.
Elephant print mini dress (below) adorable, I have no concern or hang ups about my short legs being on display, as I'm officially living in the sixties and also living in my dream world. In such an ideal world I own long pins, so bring on the mini!

I normally find paisley print such a fashion turn off, as being so annoyingly short the print drowns me, eats me up even as often the style of garment is too long, and the sleeves far too long as well. But like I mentioned this is not reality, but rather my perfect dream world. There for I'm tall with long arms (to pull in them hot Sixties rock stars, cunning) and am able to pull off the old paisley. Though I have this theory a 'gal can never be too tall; introducing the wedges, heels and platform sandal shoes.
Bright, bright blue sandal wedges, I'm loving the cut out pattern and peep toe. Jeez these are the exact clone of the style sandal my mum as a teenager was rocking when watching the stones at hyde park London...to of been a teenage girl back in them days, sigh of envy.

Sixties style had its sophisticated moments too, not all floaty paisley and petals flying all over the place. Sophistication Sixties style requires one smart bow skirt, frilly embroidery floral, delicate Comptoir de cotonniecs white blouse, one fabulous Sacha rainbow patchwork leather tote and classic vintage navy court shoes

If you haven't yet seen The Boat That Rocked what on earth are you waiting for!? Go pop a flower in your hair, pig out on popcorn and absorb the fashion porn that is The Boat That Rocked. Seriously brilliant flick and its laugh out loud funny too!

25 May 2009

One Big Shock & My Wardrobe Playlist

Last week I wasn't feeling a 100% ( no, I don't have bird flu as suggested by comical pals) this week dosed up on a cocktail of not so marvelous nor effective med's washed down with glasses of water in the vain attempt to erase the revolting after taste from my poor tortured tongue (if my tongue and taste buds could divorce me, they would!). Due to my recent poor condition and general lack of energy (that no chocolate bar could alter), this little blog of mine been neglected, alas it's crying out for a much needed dose of fashion and an enormous injection of colour ,alright that may be a fib. Correction I'm crying out and longing for a much needed dose of all the above, whilst stranded in my pit, or indeed bed I was bought a fashion magazine; You know to flick away those minutes ( an average day drags on and on when your sick, stuck and set on 'pause').
photo: Vogue June issue.

Obviously as I was unable to fetch a magazine for myself, with the choice of publication not being mine I was handed over Vogue with the emphasis on H&M and her or his ( I've no clue of H&M's actual gender) brand new fashion side kick: Matthew Williamson. I won't begin to analyse or enter into the whole Matthew Williamson territory, after all the subject is too fashion familiar already been highlighted over and over again in Look/ Grazia/ Glamour/ Elle/ Mag slag/ Etc Etc...the latter are made up magazines and purely a figment of my imagination and strong sarcastic sense of humor.
Asides from the cardboard cut out zebra and tiger, nothing else in that Vogue 'Great summer Style' booklet filled me with much fashion delight. Wow can hardly contain my excitement, for what surprise does Vogue possibly have hidden up it's fashionable sleeve if its contents is anything like the summer booklet, not all that much I'm predicting?

Wrong. Seems Vogue has pulled up it's cashmere socks, or at least is beginning to make the effort with the dramatic, sparkling and stunning Show And Tell editorial photographed by Paolo Roversi. Sequins, glitter, gems, face paint and tassels it would be harsh of me to continue my hatred towards Vogue, a magazine I once adored and was fixated on. Before it morphed into a complete fashion bore some months ago, featuring the same models, same topics and the exact same editorials: which provides a rubbish spot the difference game. As there never was any difference or variation from the last issue of Vogue.

photos: Vogue June issue

Whilst away from prettyneons busy being ill, and re-discovering falling back in love with Vogue.
I've also been reading this marvelous book ( admittedly, it is now the tenth time I've fixated myself with the colourful chapters) explaining the relationship between music and fashion, a connection that is now all so blatant and obvious to us. However this theory was constructed some time ago, before the likes of psychedelic rock, punk and grunge and so on. In fact each chapter explains and predicts the future of music and fashion, concluding on how and why the two will 'use each other'. Amazing and yes I agree with you: I am on the little nerdy, dorky loser side.

The book makes perfect, perfect sense to me as my wardrobe is shaped by my music play list and my music play list shaped by fashion the two simply bleed into one another. I was bought up and fed on musical notes from the likes of Led Zep, the stones etc. Inspired and Attracted to threads which closely resemble those of rock & roll, psychedelic album covers/ art work/ posters and photographs.
This then would go some way to explain the index and contents of my eclectic, all over the place wardrobe, with such musical methods still applied. Example; my fantasy, electric wardrobe wish list as heavily influenced by empire of the sun ( a certain radio station keeps playing them to death, * sob their no longer my secret any more. Not that they really ever were in the first place, but hey). Out of curiosity, do any of you lot have a wardrobe playlist?

light show zig zag top from, modcloth
Henleys T-shirt
Motel fitted floral exposed zip skirt
C.neon from creaturesofcomfort

Miso lantern skirt from Republic

bright leopard print pouch bag from urbanoutfitters ( I'm one click away from snapping this up!).

neon leather lace up's from shopnastygal

beaded stripes bracelet from modcloth

17 May 2009

Screaming into a box

Confession. I've returned to my usual out of all control habit which is raiding many a charity shop, military style all in a state of pure utter excitement. Rapidly flicking through an array of pic & mix of patterned prints: polka dot, check, florals, triangles, rainbows, elephants ( itchy knitted elephant jumper, anybody?). Scrunching and analyzing fabulous and not so fab fabrics, beginning with tighter than tight Lycra, to tweed or not to tweed- tweed, shine on silks and sickly sweat it out silks ( the half polyester variety, vile. Nope and NO way am I putting my body through the hell that is polyester perspiring!).

Two hours in and with one loud empty, angry stomach ( I foolishly skipped and replaced a good breakfast for a poor cardboard flavored cereal bar: pointless and I won't be making such an error again) the most sensible thing to do was probably admit defeat, give up and head home.
Oh no the stubborn thrift half of me wouldn't allow this, 'continue rummaging, what are you a weakling? Happy to surrender to the depressing variety of clobber on those rattling rails. Look, look and look again.'
OK, OK I will, enough already firstly I must grab a snack...yum veggie wrap...alright back to Oxfam.

Speed straight pass those bloody disappointing rails, for I've no love for you anymore (or at least today) I poke my head around the corner of the enormous sorting room, where the lovely Oxfam elves ( I've nicknamed my Oxfam pal's 'elves' as they often remind me of Santas little helpers. They do such a brilliant job and vital job too) have the mighty task of editing through the sea of black bin bags. Shifting through stacks of boxes, and there lay the thrift treasure, 'come on through my love, take a glance, your welcome to' Oh good god, I've been invited to step over the thrift line, 'Can I? Thanks! I'll just take these two for now, Oops am I being too greedy?'
'No you'd be doing us a favor weekends are busy we need an extra pair of hands, and you seem to know your fashion stuff! Judging by your recent picks.' Mmm...shes seems to have a bit too much faith in my very much to be questioned magpie methods: did she not witness me grabbing the hardcore 80's beach ball print dress two weeks ago?
Whatever, time to crack on and battle those intimidating box's, why did I opt to pinch two of these gigantic box's? One would have seen me through Xmas! I must admit my eyes spotted some shockers from the first box load ( far worse then that knitted elephant jumper, and trust me, that was hideously awful if not slightly disturbing?).

photos thrift treasure: two waist coats, total-£6

Hours later the moon is now beginning to appear ( almost, the sun had began to set) my arms ached, thanks to the hundred tons of dreadful denim one had to constantly lift, reject and destroy ( I've come to realise from this painful experience denim does indeed, have a 'to use by' expiry date). Towards the end of box two I couldn't help but feel the charity shop had it in for me: what with the non existent results, from flicking through the rails of clothes. Just as the assistant stood by the door giving me a look of 'why, did I ever allow that pain in the ass into the sorting room?'
Sequins shined light seductively via the large fragile hole on the side of the box, I lacking elegance and there for grace, pulled and pulled aggressively at this piece of stunning fabric...Who-a, and cue scream (with my head stuck in the box) a late seventies vintage waist coat, followed by another waist coat caught up in the others delicate embroidery.
Charity shop, let's not bicker again eh!?

15 May 2009

Pens Pencils Paint Play

Who can resist playing around with paint, glorious thick, bright paint? I sure am completely incapable of turning a blind eye to a) paint splats b) penciled illustration c) garments with all the above applied to them.
I've this far fetched theory that may go some way to explain my fashion behavior and appreciation towards paint stroke fashion surface designs. As a kid I remember having one of those doodle bears made out of denim, complete with a packet of fabric pen's and paints which you'd use to decorate and scribble swirls and such on to the unsuspecting blue bear.
To this present day I continue to abuse and am very much hooked on fabric pens, only my creativity has some what developed and my design ideas too have (well I like to believe) progressed since those naive day's of doodle bear.
Naive and playful lines however remains a large role amongst my design process, as sometimes simplicity is extremely effective. Fabric pens are indeed my pistol's, get- set ready go- attack the naked and plain surface of a T-shirt etc.

Paint effects and illustration should never, ever fade out in my books. The reason being it's free form is refreshing from those restricted,restrained, repeat patterns that dominates: how I wish it would only stay within the interior world of wallpapers and rug's.
Perhaps I've complex issues when it concerns repeat patterns? Why?
When undergoing my fashion textile degree I never did conform to repeat screen printing, for it was the norm and I opt for the unexplored with my tutor passionately screaming 'what do you think your doing!? No, no, no you must always prepare your screen and use it for all designs, as this is the preferred method put into practice by many a designer.'
Such a over the top reaction, after all all I did was smear pigment across my fabric using my fingers: hand printing four year old style. Textiles anarchy ahoy!

Creative freedom wasn't much encouraged nor appreciated at my art school, frowns filled the room when I presented my final collection closely followed with a big fat referral of an 'F'. 'Why did you feel the need to do this? Being daring won't get you very far, not very far at all in fact, best stick with the screen printing next time around OK?'
My wise print technician and much respected 'guru' had an all together different word of advice for me to absorb, 'what you did was wonderful and it took some guts, ignore the others. Fashion should be a bold experiment, there is plenty of room for new ideas and little room for all the rest. You never know it might just catch on in the future and become more familiar.'
On that note may the fashion 'textile anarchy' of paint strokes, splats and pen illustration chaos continue...

13 May 2009

Trip, Spin, Clash!

Surface to air T-shirt
Hansel from basel socks
Perks and Mini
Bernhard Willhelm zebra print dress

Navaho tee
Lipsy abstract frock
Peter Jensen s/s '09
Nathan Jenden
modcloth space dress

Take a head trip, spin around and get dizzy on a haze of bright acid like and brilliantly bright, blinding colour's and OTT surface patterns from zebra, moons to Picasso style prints.
Try not to make sense of this psychedelic fashion vortex instead be daring and jump right in,splash and clash around.
Follow not fashion but rather the fierce fast flow of swirls, spin of circles and ride the raving rainbow of mayhem!
*Caution you may experience a severe headache*