15 May 2009

Pens Pencils Paint Play

Who can resist playing around with paint, glorious thick, bright paint? I sure am completely incapable of turning a blind eye to a) paint splats b) penciled illustration c) garments with all the above applied to them.
I've this far fetched theory that may go some way to explain my fashion behavior and appreciation towards paint stroke fashion surface designs. As a kid I remember having one of those doodle bears made out of denim, complete with a packet of fabric pen's and paints which you'd use to decorate and scribble swirls and such on to the unsuspecting blue bear.
To this present day I continue to abuse and am very much hooked on fabric pens, only my creativity has some what developed and my design ideas too have (well I like to believe) progressed since those naive day's of doodle bear.
Naive and playful lines however remains a large role amongst my design process, as sometimes simplicity is extremely effective. Fabric pens are indeed my pistol's, get- set ready go- attack the naked and plain surface of a T-shirt etc.

Paint effects and illustration should never, ever fade out in my books. The reason being it's free form is refreshing from those restricted,restrained, repeat patterns that dominates: how I wish it would only stay within the interior world of wallpapers and rug's.
Perhaps I've complex issues when it concerns repeat patterns? Why?
When undergoing my fashion textile degree I never did conform to repeat screen printing, for it was the norm and I opt for the unexplored with my tutor passionately screaming 'what do you think your doing!? No, no, no you must always prepare your screen and use it for all designs, as this is the preferred method put into practice by many a designer.'
Such a over the top reaction, after all all I did was smear pigment across my fabric using my fingers: hand printing four year old style. Textiles anarchy ahoy!

Creative freedom wasn't much encouraged nor appreciated at my art school, frowns filled the room when I presented my final collection closely followed with a big fat referral of an 'F'. 'Why did you feel the need to do this? Being daring won't get you very far, not very far at all in fact, best stick with the screen printing next time around OK?'
My wise print technician and much respected 'guru' had an all together different word of advice for me to absorb, 'what you did was wonderful and it took some guts, ignore the others. Fashion should be a bold experiment, there is plenty of room for new ideas and little room for all the rest. You never know it might just catch on in the future and become more familiar.'
On that note may the fashion 'textile anarchy' of paint strokes, splats and pen illustration chaos continue...


W29 Showroom said...

you have an awesome taste in terms of clothes (:

prettyneons said...

Oh wow thank you very much indeed ;)

Jesus said...

I remember doodle bear! But I didn't appreciate the concept as a kid-- I was upset every time it got washed and my art was erased! Oh well, a lesson in impermanence. And I totally dig your paint splattered taste, that first skirt is awesome.

prettyneons said...

doodle bear was beyond brilliance that and the fashion wheel

Annie said...

That dress under the locals only t-shirt! And the shoes-especially the shoes!
I do remember doodle-bear :)

Joshy said...

omg...i love that first skirt and the dresses and like everything! lol hot stuff!

eye-balling style! said...

Love the concept for your blog :)

prettyneons said...

wow I never knew doodle bear was so popular, does anyone know whether it's still going?
LOL, I want to revisit them days!

DaisyChain said...

You are awesome.
You should design tees like the bag you made me,
I'd buy one.
DO IT ok?
thanks =)

Kandace said...

O wow that really sucks. People should never be punished for being creative. I mean, isn't doing whats new really what fashion is all about? Anyway I'm really sorry that happened. On another note, I love the examples you showed.

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

Wow..i really love colourfull outfit, and uh,,i'm in love with that skirt, and your other pict too..

Wanna swap link? :)
Check out mine

Natalie said...

love that first skirt, great blog!


Julia said...

I love the first skirt, it's so awesome! maybe I should try to do this myself with a white skirt.. A little splattering can't be too hard!

kirstyb said...

That first skirt is amazing Love the blog xxx

La Fée said...

love the first skirt!!!

saray said...

the skirt on the top is just stuning..
great post

prettyneons said...

Thank you's my loves :)
hope your having a nice weekend?
moi Xx

Bella said...

Ooooh, I love all these pieces. Floral frocks, painted skirts, makeup not war! I love it! xxx

prettyneons said...

Ha ha makeup not war, I'm feeling it!

Sassy said...

Gosh, I thought art schools were supposed to support creativity, sorry to hear that they didn't encourage you!

prettyneons said...

Nope no encouragement what-so-ever...I'm over it now, I've had little rant
Thank god I graduated last year.
moi x

Chels said...

hey, thanks for the comment and the link! the paintsplattering could go two ways: the chessy fake carbon-copy forever21 way, or the tasteful fashionable way shown by you! great blog;)
chels x

Andrea said...

I liked your idea about decorating the bag. I'd be too afraid to mess it up, though. = ( I haven't enough faith in my artistic abilities to wear them.

a decadent thing said...

i want messy hair like hers. haha

Ash said...

Gotta love Nasty Gal Vintage!! she has such an awesome website...! Love your blog too, especially the header... loves it!

Ash (alligatorsapple)

Eri said...

Great post, the fisrt dress is great, i ould have one, it just screams fun!
See you soon.