31 May 2009

Me&Yu All Over Again

Frustration! My computer is once again up the wall and driving me around the bloody bend. Is this due to the heat wave, England is currently experiencing? I'm convinced the tangled clutter of wires and cleaver silver bronze like chips( or one energetic hamster spinning around rapidly in a wheel) within this PC are melting (and the hamster is suffering from heat exhaustion too).I could be foolish and pay some computer wizard fifty quid simply to snoop through my computer, press some keys spit out impressive technology terms and reach a obvious conclusion, 'yeah mate your PC has crashed'. No you don't say, has it? Has it really burned out, I would have never of predicted that outcome!
The little bit of intelligence I have and my intuition informs to avoid rogue PC doctors, and just allow time for my computer to heal, mend and regain her (yes, yes my computer has an electronic gender) memory. I've stuck a rainbow plaster on her face (the screen) and for the mean time I'm using (if not abusing) this technology void to absorb some much needed sunshine.

Hence why I'm treating myself to another me&yu item or item's, (noooo must only pick up one cheap Tee).I'm such a me&yu whore, I'm forever stalking their webby, drooling over regular new pieces and eventually find myself browsing the bargains on their online store and being seduced by their hand printed ,colourful and very distinctive scribble illustration prints. I adore me&yu their Tee's you can easily live in, and treasure them for all eternity because so much work, love and time has been put into each one, making the printed Tee's feel quite special indeed. There for me&yu tee's, dresses, skirts etc are not destined to be discarded or transformed into an unforgiven pj bed time piece, as the novelty of their unique designs do not seem to wear off.
I promise I will calm down, attempt to go cold turkey and eventually put an end to forever banging on about me&yu on here.
Once I'm through with my me&yu list;damn how am I suppose to select only one of these?So far it is proving impossible, more challenging and moreish than eating just the one Oreo biscuit (how on earth does any one find the will to consume only one of those things!?).


Em x said...

Wow thats a fab site, hope your pc feels better soon x

M. and O. said...


News on Daily-Women, you known the new blog of two French fashionistas, Olivia & Mariam? ;) Come on. xx

Jojo said...

Got to be the top pic...the top is amazing.xx


Irene said...

I love the jacket with the tiger! How cute ^^

SOS! said...

my computer is acting mental too now. I love uncle Karl tee!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Kat said...

the karl lagerfeld shirt is sooo cool!

Cassiopeia said...

love those :-D xxxc