27 May 2009

Rocking The Boat!

The Boat That Rocked, now I must be careful here as I'd hate to go and spoil the film for anyone who hasn't yet seen it. Basically based around a true story about a pirate radio station established back in the snazzy Sixties the location of pirate station being a boat (epic).
Since recently watching this funky flick with one fierce rock & roll sound track and an even more fierce collection of crazy costumes, playful clashing prints from flowers, birds and sequin dice. Neon tights, white platform wedge shoes and floppy frilly hats ( I was drooling just before I died of pure fashion pleasure).

I feel compelled to now dedicate my whole entire wardrobe to the very glorious Sixties; I've always had a hint of late Sixties slash Seventies hanging around in my wardrobe (or should that be floordrobe; as this is my preferred location for dumping my threads, on a frequent daily basis. I'm a messy sod, I know) from peacock print tights ( I remain obsessed and very much glued to mytights.com for the novelty has not yet faded off into oblivion) frilly white blouses and dizzy print skirts.

photo from: The Boat That Rocked

However this isn't fulfilling enough, I must now transform my dull mixed up wardrobe into a time travel machine, rewind first stop obviously visiting the swinging Sixties! Peace, love, fashion, music and drugs ( erm..skip the toxic substances my body can only just tolerate red bull I do not have an OD death wish).
Focus, focus Sixties glamour where the hell to begin? Big plastic shades to plonk on my head surely is a strong starting point, after much seeking ( I'm very picky and wanted those tv frame style shades, in pink) the tv shades mission is complete...

The Boat That Rocked poster ( dress, tights, shoes legs-want!)
Next bit of problem solving: finding a genuine vintage frock not to be mistaken with vintage style or vintage inspired, I'm talking hardcore vintage. The more bold the print the better, darn it my aim is to resemble a flower pot or even more impressive a rock & roll groupie perfectly capable of seducing any member of the stones. Luring them in with my long curled eye lashes...alright, enough already...return to finding vintage frock.
Elephant print mini dress (below) adorable, I have no concern or hang ups about my short legs being on display, as I'm officially living in the sixties and also living in my dream world. In such an ideal world I own long pins, so bring on the mini!

I normally find paisley print such a fashion turn off, as being so annoyingly short the print drowns me, eats me up even as often the style of garment is too long, and the sleeves far too long as well. But like I mentioned this is not reality, but rather my perfect dream world. There for I'm tall with long arms (to pull in them hot Sixties rock stars, cunning) and am able to pull off the old paisley. Though I have this theory a 'gal can never be too tall; introducing the wedges, heels and platform sandal shoes.
Bright, bright blue sandal wedges, I'm loving the cut out pattern and peep toe. Jeez these are the exact clone of the style sandal my mum as a teenager was rocking when watching the stones at hyde park London...to of been a teenage girl back in them days, sigh of envy.

Sixties style had its sophisticated moments too, not all floaty paisley and petals flying all over the place. Sophistication Sixties style requires one smart bow skirt, frilly embroidery floral, delicate Comptoir de cotonniecs white blouse, one fabulous Sacha rainbow patchwork leather tote and classic vintage navy court shoes

If you haven't yet seen The Boat That Rocked what on earth are you waiting for!? Go pop a flower in your hair, pig out on popcorn and absorb the fashion porn that is The Boat That Rocked. Seriously brilliant flick and its laugh out loud funny too!


The Stiletto Effect said...

I'm gonna see it for sure!

Kandace said...

I love that red skirt with the bows. As for hanging out while I'm in England, I would love to. Sounds like a tons of fun. And we have to take blog pictures :)

Sophie said...

I'm in love with that first red mini dress you posted! Simply adorable!!


prettyneons said...

Cheers girls, If I could afford two of the items I'd buy: the red bow skirt and elephant mini dress for sure.

You all must go and see the boat that rocked, best flick I've seen in a long , long time

prettyneons x

DaisyChain said...

I need to see this...I dooooooo.
I wish I could afford the cinema.

Em x said...

I love it all, i really love te elephant dress and red skirt x

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous selections! I need those houndstooth pumps and the striped pants in the first pic!


Anna S. said...

Some bitchin shades indeed! Could do with a pair myself.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I've heard of it and was thinking it was something i should go and see - and now i totally am going to!!

Denise said...

i love the poster!
so 70's
and all the items you featured were all cute too. have a great day! so nice to find a blog like yours!


cherie said...

wonderful choices! i especially love the shades :D

vorega badalamenti said...

i have to see it.. =)

$ouLphate said...

the shades are really cool hahah love the pink! and that skirt is gorgeous as well ^^

Laroux said...

Loving the pink shades, very exciting


Eri said...

I loved the first 2 dresses and the pink shades.
Nice post.
See you soon.

Silje said...

WOW!=D The light blue tights, I so need them!=D

Mo said...

I love the colors of the Sixties! long legs and miniskirts rejoice!

Winnie said...

I loved this when I saw it a while ago! My friend was funny too, she kept laughing really loudly and slapping her thigh...which made people turn round and stare. HAHA

Lokita said...

Gorgeous choices! i love every tems you choose..