07 May 2009


I've had one of them days today, you know having a Sunday approach ( feeling way, way too lazy) towards anything and everything. Even the easiest of tasks such as popping over to the shops to pick up a pint of milk:I simply cannot be asked. For today it is proving too much effort, productive I've not been.
It really isn't ideal having a Sunday attitude when in fact today is- a- Thurs-day, hmm not good, not good at all.
Time is ticking and I've got nowhere really very fast today, I sat and looked at my broken sewing machine attempted to fix it, gave up. So I turned my attention towards my mood board, only to shuv it to one side...next. Oh I know begin editing through that pile of illustrations, that lay unfinished under my bed Mmm, I need to purchase some more pots of ink, I'll get on to that tomorrow.
Well what do you know, it's just turned pm time goes by rapid when your stuck in a rut listening to empire of the sun and lady hawke whilst downing cups of tea, complete with biscuits. Dreaming about having a pet lizard named fluffy, and 'dream threads' I'd be very content to just lay back in...if only I could get my head around spending big pennies on designer tags.
Here are my 'dream' 'doing nothing much' clothes lust list.
I'll opt to seek similar garments on my next trip to Brighton: where there are impressive thrift stores like no other place on earth, or at least in Sussex.

I want to kick back in these...

Tsumori Chisato, water colour shorts, I'm obsessed and fascinated by tie dye and often experiment with plain white shorts, but never have my DIY shorts had such stunning effects as these Tsumori ones! I'll give it a shot though.

This Steven Alan linen rope strap, dress is pure electric ( jeez I must find a new phase, I've been abusing that one since I was fifteen!) I'm a huge fan of Steven Alan's dresses, the colour way's are often what really capture my attention.
Sophmore from openingceremony sure know how to create designs for the inner fashion slob, this zipper vest top is ideal for slouching around in and doing what ever with minimum effort of course.

Predictable of me I know, another over sized T-shirt with a graphic art print. What can I say I enjoy parading around resembling a canvas... and this perks and mini T-shirt, definitely does the job!

I can't chill out without a hat, and this M&S tribal trilby is perfect.
rabbitontherun purple, crop tee,
...oh how I adore a crop top, as long as fabric scissors exist I will always be giving my tops the crop chop.

aah... now here is an item I can actually afford to lay back in ( hell I sure would fail in walking around in these) sky high peep toe's from primark, £18.60 *joy*.

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