29 April 2009

California Waiting

photo from: Old Vogue magazine.

I don't know whether it's the wonderful weather or the back to back OC I've been watching (I know, I know the OC? 'Tis like vintage TV program now... when the OC first came out, I was a teenager back at college getting to grips with essays pattern cutting, and erm... dating ha!).
I can feel myself about to ramble *note to self must not ramble *.
Where was I? Oh yep, so glorious signs of summer and midnight binge outs on 'vintage' OC whilst consuming enormous bowls of fruit salad (I'm addicted to mango) has me dreaming about an exciting adventure. Road trip style, via route 66 blasting out some tunes (me thinks Phantom Planet 'California') and making a camp fire under the glittering stars.
All though this is all simply a fantasy and there for not reality: what do I pack into that red leather suitcase of mine, when roaming across America?

Kicking off the road trip, with this bold red blazer, from next £28

Plaid over sized tunic shouts out: 'I'm- a - going- road tripp'in! From urbanoutfitters, £45

Adding a mythical touch to the casual threads, unicorn crystal print vest top, from same as above, £38

Hey now, I can never have too many T-shirts besides I'm packing for at least two months! Mick tee, from urbanoutfitters.co.uk, £38.

I've opted for a mini skirt, with the hope of achieving some much needed colour to my very pale complexion (I'm always white as a ghost) leopard print mini from, same as above, £25

Trotting around the California desert, in these killer heels may provide difficulties, but to hell with practical... Somebody informed flesh tone shoes, lengthens those pins: Great, pass me two pairs, please! from urbanoutfitters, £50.

Best to pack some flat's huh? Just in case, not to mention perfecto for those beach partys, from same as above£65

I adore these shades so very much, it's unbelievable! from urbanoutfitters, £15

Last but not least I require a large bag, to keep safe the map, sun block and scrap book. Nautical heart bow bag from, moonsoon, £28 aahh it has miniature poms, poms- joy.

Oops I almost forgot to squeeze in my snazzy accessories, you know for all those beach party's of course! Necklace from, urbanoutfitters £16

Studded metal cuff from, same as above, £16

Right I'm good to go! I'll send you a postcard, from my imagination that is.


fashion minute said...

THAT RING. is. beautiful!


Those sand earthy heels...Fab! California dreamin' darling! XO*

DaisyChain said...

I want that red blazer. NOW.

prettyneons said...

Hey all,
So you are your all going to come along with me on my US OF A road trip?
I'm taking the necklace though HA HA :)

Eeli said...

2 months eh? Have a balst, make sure you remember to take that sunblock stick too! lol


knalleffekt said...

wow, die first picture ist amazing.

Jojo said...

I love the red blazer the white vest and the bright turquoise sandals. SEnd them my way please!!

Kandace said...

Hey if you're gonna be addicted to anything fruit salad is the way to go :) I love those nude colored heels. Super cute and a necessity. I always bring at least one pair of heels with me when I'm traveling.


casual cutie said...

i want that mini skirt...cute...give me one please...

Winnie said...

Oh I love those shoes!

Your road trip sounds AWESOME! haha.

Annie said...

I love that leopard mini!

Krystal said...

love that mick jagger tee x

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i LOVE everything, one of each for me please ;)


Mo said...

that miniskirt, ooh I love it! I'd love to join your road trip, pick me upo from Atlanta!

prettyneons said...

Hey mo I shall do ha ha :)
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons X

DaisyChain said...

where are youuuuuuuu? have you run away? escaped at last?

I've been taking your (my) bag everywhere, it gets so many compliments!