27 April 2009

Treasure Chest At It's Best

A bit of twinkle and sparkle goes a long way, and if I were a rich girl (la-la-la I'm listening to the song rich girl... Bet your delighted you can't hear me sing along aren't you? Trust me if not, you should be!) If I were a loaded very, very wealthy girl with many paper notes to my selfish disposal I'd firstly smell it (not odd at all) in the vain attempt to capture and freeze the special moment, in my mind for all eternity. Once I've sucked up and inhaled the odour of cash, I'd immediately stock up and pig out big time on fancy jewels...jewels that are so delicious you could eat them ( possibly a little hazardous and foolish. Not to mention it would play havoc with the digestive system)
These following pieces of marvelous and unique 'grown up' jewel's I would stuff in to my pretend treasure chest: as all have great imagination, craft and soul poured in to them... and if I'm ever going to own a treasure chest, it must have soul! Why? Well a necklace could be created out of pearl's, diamonds and pure gold, but as far as I'm concerned, if that necklace is lacking soul and most importantly an artistic touch: it won't shine all that bright. Despite all those diamonds it may possess.

Goti Silver feather bracelet.

Haberdash house circus animal's

My little drama silver pierrot

zoe and morgan elephant silver necklace

miss bibi chair

contrary necklace

ericaweiner necklace...stunning and my favourite.

... best get digging: I've a lot of treasure to hide!


Em x said...

Fabulous. I love the circus animals x

DaisyChain said...

ugh, all so amazing!
I've made some rings today! when they've set I'll send you some pics, you get first dibs
(and them for free if you want them!)

prettyneons said...

Hey girly's,
Hmmm Em I may have to fight you for the circus necklace he he :)

...and daisychain...of course I'll accept some free 'bling'!!
X moi

Annie said...

Oh that feather bracelet and the chair necklace!