13 April 2009

Pretty Dark Side

Skulls, I happen to really find them attractive. A bit odd ball of me? Perhaps. There will always be a place in my heart for skulls and other witchcraft wonders, in fact I've lost all count of how many skulls I've managed to consume since I was about fifteen years old. Can I please stress I'm not talking about real, hollow skulls! I'm describing the Gothic accessory variety, of which many of my friends abandoned once they ditched the whole rock & roll forward slash 'emo' phase.
I however never once intended to ever reject my rock roots, so to speak. Alas skulls and dice etc shall remain a permanent fixture in my mashed up psychedelic, feminine, grunge, punk rock cocktail of an wardrobe. After all skulls are a rather traditional symbol related to the 'dark side': rock music...Well that is until Claire O decided to mix things up!

Never has the frightening and creepy skull been so, well girly and altogether elegant since self taught jewellery designer Claire O combined Peruvian skull beads with shades of coral pink desirable and simply shinny swarovski crystals. Claire's gems are inspired by both surrealism and structure. Other influences such as tribalism and Punk are obvious and evident in the form of skull charm bracelets, brooches and necklaces, many decorated with sterling silver fairytale like feathers and butterfly wings, freshwater pearl clusters and crystal hearts.

Claire O's dark jewel embellished and colourful skulls are appealing not only for fierce rock chic's who's haunt and hang out is the blacked out mosh pit, but also all those ultra girly girls with bright pink flowers in their hair who prefer parading around in frilly frocks on the sunny sea side.
Yep skulls are finally coming out to play!
All photos from: ClaireO

visit: www.claireo.co.uk


DaisyChain said...

I have an odd obsession with skulls too, your not alone
*has had an idea*


Irene said...

I like skulls too. I LOVED them for some years ago. I had t-shirts, sweaters, a skirt, accessories etc. haha ^^

Rianna Bethany said...

wow these items of jewellery are absolutely gorgeous. I want them all!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Eeli said...

Oooh lol I really like what Claires done to transform the gruesome skull into something far less intimidating. A play on the senses! Love it!

And how could anyone be sick of chocolate lol. I gasped at the screen! GAH you can't say that! Even I don't and I can only eat dark choco haha

Anyhoo have a pretty pretty tue doll

Eeli xx

coco said...

These are great. I like skulls.

Winnie said...

The peruvian skull beads are actually pretty cool!

prettyneons said...

Hello all, =)
Hope your having a fab tuesday
So glad I'm not the only 'gal with a strange and spooky fake skull obsession LOL!
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons X ;)

Jojo said...

Hi...I had a great Easter thanks..been stuffing my face with chocs and I hope you have too...

I'm never really that into skulls but these pieces are soooo pretty...if that's the right word..



casual cutie said...

that skull look preety cool. wow...basically i didn't like it because it scarry me, but see your posting pic, that skull look preety. i never see like that in my country. it looks preety cute...

prettyneons said...

Oh hello's,
seems I have two girly's now converted to pretty skulls LOL!
May we all be pirates 'me hearty...and adore the skull gems...
----hmm I have clearly had too much coffee this morning
PeAce & SkUllS...?
mE x

Andrea said...

This reminds of the Dia de los Muertos iconography in Mexico. You can find that sort of stuff all over Mexico city, including miniature skeleton dioramas. Pretty dang awesome.

prettyneons said...

Andrea oh my god we must go to Mexico!!!
Sounds so awesome! Wowwwzzy!=)
Moi X