09 April 2009

Over The Rainbow

Inspiration: Silk jumpsuit Marios Schwab
photo: fashion muse the lava lamp.

Now this post is with out a doubt inspired by my lava lamp. Yep my larva lamp, see I collect and am obsessed with lamps, light fittings, fairy lights basically any object which requires a bulb.
I do prefer the odd shaped, neon rainbow, alien variety. Lamps which are capable of creating multi coloured patterns and ghostly odd shadows drifting across my bedroom wall.

Fascinating stuff lamps, especially those neon green and orange jelly rocket lava lamps. Never did or could I of ever predicted the lava lamp being a source of style inspiration.
Its amazing the out fit ideas a night owl girl can think of when sleep deprived and just starring at a combination of various sparkly lights (not just for Xmas) whilst browsing around her fave online fashion webby freepeople.com (never too exhausted to plug and give shout outs, simply because I want to and I adore their stuff! If anyone from freepeople happen to stumble upon this post, please do feel free to chuck me some free stuff. Thanks! Oh I'm a size 12 / 14).

all photos: freepeople

That's all for now----night----- x


DaisyChain said...

I miss my lava lamp. I had an accident with mine when drunk. Not so pretty splattered accross a wall.

Eeli said...

lol lava lammmmps!!!!

I miss mine too! It had lavender liquid and yellow wax and it was beeee-a-utiful. Beckett was so scared of it haha.

Plugging = successfull :D I really like that necklace! Its so wonderfully eclectic and the draping on it is gorgeous!

Eeli xx

prettyneons said...

Oh wow Eeli your's sounds amazing--- yellow & lavender wow, they can be scary things the strange shadows they create and all LOL!

Glad you like the plug too ha ha, just thought I'd throw it in there you know!?
peace and bows...
Me X

prettyneons said...

Daisychain oh no what on earth happened for it to splat, that's one really awful lamp collision LOL!=)
PeAce *

Kandace said...

2 things I learned from this post. A) I need to revive the lava lamp B) Free People is awesome. I think I'm gonna have to check them out now. O and no problem about the award you totally deserve it. Your blog is very unique :)


Emz said...

Those are milder versions of rainbow spread that I like =) hehe. I wish I had a lava lamp!

Cassiopeia said...

adore that jumpsuit :-D my lava lamp broke... it was very upsetting :-S



casual cutie said...

wow...rainbow...i love that jumpsuit..

prettyneons said...

hi emz, oh you really should get yourself a cool funky lamp their brilliant! Happy easter x x
PeAce *
moi =)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

the necklace is so cool! i miss my lava lamp too, not sure where it is now...

Kat said...

i really like the shoes on the 6th pic!