28 April 2009

Got Money In My Pocket

So to my surprise I had some lose change hanging around at the bottom of my bag, only when I say change I mean change: just a few pennies. Or eight quid to be mathematically exact.
Hmm what to do with these dusty pennies, burning a hole ( well almost) in my pocket, the sensible half of moi advised me to use the discovered £8 wisely 'you know very well you need to purchase sewing machine bit's and bob's: and now your able to' where's the not so sensible and fashion hungry sinner within me, had a whole different idea on how to spend that small amount of change, 'To hell with what your sewing machine requires! Consider your own needs, you've been working flat out, have you not? Were you not desperate for a purse friendly frock...discounts are only a click away...go on browse, get lost in the sales'.
Aaaahh a conflict playing out in my confused and static like head!
The sinner did make perfect sense though, and God gave us the likes of supermarkets for a reason (noooo not food): when you need a super, dead cheap fashion fix.

How I was not expecting to find this delightful, Basso&Brooke-esque style lipstick print dress...right up my street and down the road. It was quite convenient and handy picking up this little supermarket retro gem of a frock, because I had £1 to spare from the £7 price tag, sweet. Literally sweet: I grabbed a packet of strawberry laces on my way out.
Now how on earth do you beat that? You can't!
This cries out for my black tights, leather jacket and me 'distressed' (or rather worn out) all star's, oh how I cannot contain the delight!

Much love to the supermarket's...XxX


Em x said...

I love that Asda lipstick dress, its so cute. It'll look fab with tights and jacket. x

Laroux said...

Fierce dress, can't believe it's from ASDA! Wish i had one near by


prettyneons said...

Hey just to let you know you can snap it up online hun, be quick there are only two left---GO! :)
pEaCE* xX

Ivania said...

omg!! what a great buy, i couldnt beat that

Dorian Vaine said...

The silhouette of that dress is nice, and the print is awsome


SOS! said...

ooh I like the lipstick dress..
xx-LJ from SOS!