19 April 2009

Paint It Black

Firstly as you've probably already predicted by my post title: I'm getting my jig on to some very vintage Rolling Stones (I'm lucky as my Dad has a large collection of mighty impressive Stones tunes, originals too. He was, or still is a hardcore Rolling Stones fan).
I'm having a dizzy day creativity wise, as I'm really on a roll at the moment (touch wood it shall remain so) got not one but two sewing machines out and well, I'm getting my hands dirty whilst churning out various prints (OK so not exactly 'churning' for this would indicate printing is a breeze: and it bloody well isn't. Still I heart it, a lot!) hence I suppose why this post is short but sweet.
See, I'm a one man band, so at times one area of creativity requires more attention than the other, and to day all my energy is purely focused on my fashion and accessory designs: as after all I am a designer, if indeed a struggling one!

Anyway seeing as today my style is a combo of lazy Sunday forward slash, kick back Goth. I'm dedicating this quick post to classic black (one or two of these items I have) all from axparis.co.uk .

This knit dress I own: I like to team it with distressed tights and my trusty all stars or ankle boots either does it.


Em x said...

Painted Black is one of my favourite songs ever! Thank you for the link to the site i've fallen in love with 2 dresses on there!

Winnie said...

Oh Wow, that first black dress is stunning. Love it!

prettyneons said...

Hey Em so glad you liked the link LOL.
have a great monday

Jojo said...

Oh I love all of these. You do realise you are making my shopping ban even harder to live with then it already is!!

prettyneons said...

Oops sorry's jojo---hang in there;)
prettyneons X

DaisyChain said...

Epic taste m'dear.

Mo said...

love the studded piece

prettyneons said...

Hey mo, just to let you know I've not forgot about the tag!
I shall get on to it real sooney ;)
PeAce *
moi X

Laroux said...

I love the Stones, my dad car booted all his old original LPs a few years ago ... very upsetting.

YES to that knitted dress though


DaisyChain said...

You were in my dream last night

prettyneons said...

.... er freaky!!!
I had a dream about Brandon flowers from the killers last night so bizarre I'm blogging it LOL!
He asked me to fix and sew his blazer which had sequins falling off it---what the...?

Bella said...

Uhhh, I need all of this!
Is that so wrong?