18 April 2009

Too Stuck Up To Strut Select

If I mention Select, it conjures up many grotesque visuals for some very fashion conscious girls.
Images such 'chavs' 'sluts' 'tacky townies' or simply 'wrong', I wish I was only assuming such descriptive words for poor under stated Select, only 'tis fact. How do I know such knowledge? Easy I paid a visit to my local shopping town and approached various fashion addict girls to ask whether Select is a fashion go zone or whether they avoid it at all costs and if so what exactly were their reasons? I shall revisit this burning question shortly.

My town has many high flying and familiar retail signs paraded all organized in a nice tidy row, with Riverisland nextdoor to Topshop, Zara close to Next and so on. Opposite and slightly down the road of these popular fashion stores are the 'low life's' (as one fellow fashion fan informed me) of the fashion retail outlets, 'low life's' such as QS (quality seconds) TKmax, Baytrading and Select.
Yep all of the latter are bargain fashion shops cheap as chips frocks and plastic accessories, fill up your stylish bag with dozens of low priced items, fashion items of which have no famous faces flying their penny saving yet fashionable flag. Sadly this seems to be the key reason to as why fashion lovers reject Select (now apologies for sounding very 'my survey says...') eight out of ten girls said they prefer to receive their fashion fix at fashion giants such as Topshop, H&M and Newlook due to the garments being sported by numerous famous models, pop stars, presenters etc, etc splashed across their gigantic windows.
Tragic isn't it?

Obviously I'm not fashion naive I'm aware famous folk influence our wardrobe decisions( hence why fashion retail groups are eager to snap them up in the first place). What I failed to observe is to what extent, are we really that concerned and heavily influenced by a few recognized high profile people? Who of which probably only associate with said labels when required to plug, and soon after ditch and parade around in high end fashion items.
Apparently a huge percentage of girls would be willing and even 'desperate' to line up and 'camp outside' Peacocks or Select if either Kate, Lady Ga Ga, Alexa or one of the Olsen's ever appeared upon the shop windows display, 'Oh yeah, definitely I'd be there in a split second with my credit card at the ready, man I'd even sign up for a store card' excitingly revealed one girl.

So this may be very ambitious of me, however here is my attempt into convincing even converting some posh fashion consumers in to at least stepping through those 'vile' doors (I quote random girl standing in the line at H&M) over at Select.
You may be pleasantly surprised by one or two gem's (and if you've not the courage or are indeed just a bit too embarrassed to be seen dead entering Select just click and shop online).

Is it not time to bridge those obvious and blatant fashion gap's? There need not be shame in 'poor clothes' (once again I quote fashion snob).

All photos from:www.Selectfashion.co.uk


DaisyChain said...

I have not been in a select store for years. We had one in this town once, but it's long since gone. I rather like the shoes you posted. Oh yes.


prettyneons said...

Oh I know I heart them shoes myself, they feel so nice too LOL, yes I go around feeling shoes!
Normal? Yeah sure it is!
me Xx

Em x said...

I go in select every now and then because theres a one in the shopping centre near me. I can shop anywhere really, if people shop in Primark they can hardly be snobby about Select!

prettyneons said...

I know exactly, Em that's the part I don't get. Theres no shame in primark but it seems those I spoke to have a real issue with stores such as Select...Talking of Primark they've got some well nice shoes at the mo haven't they? :)
prettyneons X

disa said...

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