29 January 2012


Shoes,shoes,shoes I don't know about you?But shoes never fail to make me swoon,sigh and in general squeal silly with sheer excitement.Be it the humble heel,laid back loafers,boyish brogues they all make this girl giddy.Not that any shoe will do,oh no,no I'm not that easy.High expectations and all.Sniffing out the perfect shoe requires concentration,before you make the big step and commit yourself to THAT pair of shoes hold the immediate urge to impulse buy.There is more to consider than just first impressions.Shoe trends are the ficklest out of the fashion lot.Remember last spring/summer when every girl was trotting around in clumsy clogs?It was an Ugg boot repeat,which turned both ugly and quite the shoe epidemic.Fast forward 'tis 2012,clogs kicked off,the reasoning and hype long forgotten about as them once darling pair of shoes are now gathering dust somewhere in a dark neglected space of your wardrobe.Diddums.We've all been there,overwhelmed by in hindsight one pair of stupid studded hookeresque shoes (*insert your own footwear fuck up here*).I've learned via trial and error that to be truly shoe savvy is to snub shoe trends altogether play the ignorance game,just go with the footwear flow and prevent any embarrassing trip ups later on.
With that all cleared up your good to go and grab them brand new shoes.If it's a quick fashion fling your after then sure go score some shoes from Primark,cheap, cheerful,convenient and a no-brainer shoe solution.Yep your have to participate in a competitive round or two of shoe wars involving nudging of elbows and sly shoe shuffling tactics (concealing the last pair of patent peep-toe size 5's behind the arm of slipper boots and so on,yeah you know the one!)with fantastic results not always so guaranteed after just one test drive.When shoe karma snaps back in the form of a,umm snapped and shattered stiletto once so full of promise.I always opt for online shoe shopping,to omit the drama and daunting procedure of discovering that elusive size 5 has completely sold out.Now which pair of these lush shoes should I adopt..?

27 January 2012


How to spot when a girl has one serious bag addiction:when she snubs a night out in favour of snooping and sniffing out the loveliest and latest bags.Handbags,weekend shopper bags,clutch bags,chain bags,over the shoulder bags,satchel bags,mini box bags,granny bags.Casual bags,dressy bags,posh bags,bargain bags.A bag is a bag and if I consider it to offer bags of potential i.e zips,pockets,separate compartments and a nifty little two-way strap (oohh I do appreciate an adaptable bag design feature),then I'm sold.Does such easy persuasion and my blatant lack of willpower towards all things bagish mean I'm some sort of bag slag?
Because hands up,I've been involved in one- bag-stands.Guilty of being unfaithful to more than one bag,on more than one occasion.Several occasions if you must insist on knowing.The ugly truth is,my eyes wonder too much,soon as I believe I've discovered 'the one' thee soul mate of vintage satchel bags.After our first night out together lapping up the attention and style complements,the newness and novelty begins to wear off.Attraction gone,rejection quickly follows and I return to flirting with brand new bag purchases.Disgusting as this bad bag behavior is,I can't help it.Believe me I've attempted to kick this filthy habit,but this bitch of a bag addiction is spiralling way,way out of control.I've lost count of how many bags I own,I've no estimation to offer you.Does it prevent me from pursuing more of the bloody things.Nope.
The potential of becoming a bonkers bag lady,has always been right there.With early tell tale signs,evident from the tender age of five.I would piss all my pocket money away on accessories and handbag sets for all my Barbie dolls.Needless to say Barbie has much to answer for!Aww no,not really.Can't blame Barbie for being the bag slag adult I am today.I may never be able to pin point where my consumption for bags began?It might just remain one of those unsolved big bang mysteries?The only vague conclusion being bags are easy.One size only-every single style suits all solutions.

images courtesy of Peacocks

No effort is required.Browsing bags is easypeasy slacker shopper stuff.Ideal for us shambolic shoppers prone to stress when faced with an array of all too familiar shopping obstacles involved with trying on clothes/shoes and so and so.Stuffy,sweaty,crusty curtain 'changing room' cubicles.Avoided.Dreaded walk of shame (...that ultimate cringe worthy moment when your forced to display your I'm-to-fat-for-that-frock onto the garment reject rail.Super model like shop assistant observing you up and down with the expression of disgust upon her smiley face).Avoided.It's a no brainer nor any wonder why I'm more partial to adopting bags compared to any other fashion item.I am particularly partial to patent quilted effect bags.And I'm such,such a sucker for stripes and bold floral blooms.Hence why then the Peacocks floral stripe bag has had a powerful Must.Buy impact on me.It's the hybrid of all hybrid bags.Could THIS be the one?The bag which finally alters my old bag slag days.No more cheating with chain wild animal print types.Maybe just maybe this bag will tame me?Keeping me forever content.Giving me the stength to fight all future bag temptations that may tease me?Pah!Yeah right.

26 January 2012


...Yep,that's me and I confess those carrier bags (see below) are the property of moi.It has been a tough week at work floating in a very uncertain limbo land,stomach in knots worried sick that each day shift may just well be the last time I clock in and out.As all progress on the rescue of Peacocks goes silent...no news is good news,now what idiot spun that line?I tell you who,somebody who wasn't on the verge of redundancy,and trying to dodge this on/off (um isn't the recession back on again here in the UK?)recession.Heck I don't want to even go there,were bemused enough by that tiresome topic,no?Actually I from this moment have banned the R word,lets save such drab discussions for those opinionated intellectual Question Time types-go knock yourselves out.
I want to discuss one thing and one thing only.Sales.Ahh blissful sweet sweet sales.How you make my heart skip a beat.I ended up having the day off as a colleague asked if I could swap shifts with her,and frankly who am I to decline?I kicked my day off by dusting off and updating the old CV,better to be prepared during these competitive career times(...everybody is super eager to snatch that same one bitch of a ladder)CV customised and sprinkled lightly with embellishment I shot some copies off to various job posts.'Cause if you think I'm going to be forced to claim jobseekers you can think again,twice in three years is plenty enough thanks.After three hours it becomes apparent fashion jobs are far and few between,'tis bleak.
I had two options remaining I could slob out in my sweats i.e sagging leggings,slouchy band tee and frayed boyfriend cardie and scoff saturated fat savoury snacks whilst staring at brain dead day time TV,occasionally flicking back and fourth to This Morning with Holly whatshername giggling at nothing much.Nah.
Or I could depart from my comfy sexless sweats,stay away from the snack tin and snap up THOSE sales.Consider it done.

Being the bonkers fashion deprived female I am,I dash *remember to BREATHE* in the direction of the nearest cash machine,convert to religion (any one shall do at this exact moment in time)say my prays out loud,'Please God let there be more than nill available,oh God let my wages be in that damn hole.PLEASE.'Kaaahhh-chiing,starving for those juicy sales I punch in my hush-hush digits and discover I have the ability to actually run (and my old P.E teacher said I'd never be the athletic sort.HA!In.Your.Face...alright it was way over ten years ago.So let it go)as in not dragging my feet and breaking into a mild sweat.Suddenly I recall the last sale anti-climax from weeks and weeks back: walked away empty handed.The only one investment being a cheese melt baguette from the bakers.Tragic as that last shopping experience was,I won't be defeated or allow messy untidy sale rails intimidate me.No not this time,I've had the breakfast of champions (coffee and chocolate.Obvs.)and I'm hitting those sales HARD.
Hundreds of sale rails invaded,I wear these purple/blue bruises(everyone is flexing their fresh pay day slip it would seem?)with tremendous pride.As this style scrimper
(£40.00 was all I had to work with) done good.Saving £40.00 on a (once very pricey) Dorohthy P's winter cape coat was definitely the highstreet highlight of all highstreet highlights.My purchases came all guilt free too,with the knowledge that my transactions have had a positive if tiny impact upon the cash strapped economy.It's Okay my'ickle poor fragile economy.Your welcome.Any time,any time.

pics by prettyneons

25 January 2012


Yep I've swooned over the Zinser several times before,my style stalking kicked off two/three years ago and ever since you can always stumble upon Gillian Zinser somewhere on my blog.
Zinser style stalking is so contagious I even had to issue a girl crush warning posts and posts and POSTS back...travel back in time to 2010,when I was hooked on 90210.My obsession with the unrealistic yet sun drenched glossy teen drama didn't go unnoticed either.However being in my 20's and all,I had some explaining to do.I blamed the reason for my 90210 addiction on surfer tomboy chic Ivy.So this year I made a pledge,well,two pledges...
1.To ditch teen trash tv i.e 90210 as it will turn my brain in to mush.
2.Stop,stop,STOP wasting so much time declaring much style lurvin to the Zinser i.e Gillian Zinser posts banned.
Failed.Big time.As the temptation returned once more.I was bored and that's when a programme reminder for 90210 (hmm who set that one up?) flashed upon the screen.If only I could blame my little teenage sister-that I don't have.With one zap of the remote control,the Gillian gawking returned.My BIG staring problem,it would seem...

21 January 2012


As my last post was so very hefty,this afternoon I'm keeping things nice and light with a far more shallow style and easier to digest post.You know the average sort of fashion blog stuff?That includes a declaration of vain love for a complete strangers outfits combined with rather large portions of wardrobe envy
...Jameela Jamil never before have I felt so compelled to trespass all over someones wardrobe.This girls style is a hoot and refreshing too.Far from serious and contrived there's no hints of stylist influence slash strict do's-and-don'ts instructions and what is this?She ISN'T emancipated either.Hooraahs!Good on the girl too.Because,is it just me or is the whole protruding bones and that general emancipated 'trendy' *insert fucked up* fashion thingy old and VERY dull now?Like it has always been.I must say though JJ's gobsmacking gorgeous good looks are a bit ridiculous and irritating.*Stress* this is only when ones having an urghh-every-item-of-clothing-looks- plain- stupid-on-me day.Oh just in case you were in need of some style evidence...I've compiled a selection of images by roaming around various blogs,magazines etc and pinching their pictures.Sorry.And thank you.
...One more thing-I'm swaying towards a fringe right now.

images various sources.

19 January 2012


Gulp.My future isn't looking too pretty right now.This blog has always been about fashion/style and all the fun I'm having whilst attempting to carve out a career within the fast and obviously fickle fashion industry.However for today's post I'm making a rare exception,and getting all serious on you.So if things get too heavy by all means flick through some other light and fluffy fashion blog,I won't be offended.If I can't spill out my concerns for my (defunct?)fashion career here.Where can I let it all out?As prettyneons is all my own blog,I don't need no permission to go a head with my worries,and so I shall rant away.Whether you stick with me is entirely up to you my fashion followers?

board by prettyneons images courtesy of Peacocks

So in case you don't already know I'm part of the Peacocks team.Holding.Breath.I continue to be part of Peacocks.However the future is as unstable as a broken stiletto heel,I'm feeling wobbly.Never have been too brilliant on heels.I,like so many/too many others are very very worried for our future.I had ambitious plans to take 2012 by storm,I began at the bottom of Peacocks getting to grips with the ins and outs of fashion retail,as a shop girl which is enjoyable,challenging and all the bits inbetween.My long term goal?To get a step on that elusive career ladder(you know the one you hear so much about whilst in higher education?Juggling numerous tight dead lines with waitress shifts etc's),and maybe hopefully achieve a creative role within Peacocks head office.Until I woke up in a messy complicated nightmare (you've seen,heard,read the news so I'll spare you the dull details)which has turned my world up side down and inside out.Completely.Peacocks hasn't yet gone to pot,and hopefully the powers that be(the banks,obvs?)will for once except social responsibility and not just concentrate on being financially responsible when it suits them...yada yada yada.
Umm obviously I have to prepare myself for the worst of outcomes,though there's a part of me that is determined to remain slightly deluded,with my head staying put firmly in the sand.Preparing myself for the worst involves another premature reunion with Jobseekers Plus,as I've nobody to keep me and I don't wish to be kept either.I'm all to familiar with jobseekers.Since gaining a first in fashion and graduating three years back this will be my fourth time I've been made redundant.You've no idea how much I hope I never have to scribble in to that little green jobseeking booklet.NO IDEA.Oddly I feel luckier than most,who graduated around about the same time as me,and have failed to find any sort of job at all triggering a tragic array of knock on effects.From eating disorders desperate for some kind of control to depression,anxiety and a general over whelming feeling of being a total loser slash failure.In short.Unemployment simply sucks.Big time sucks...

However bleak my future seems,I've got to remain focused on my fashion ambitions and not become a cop-out 'victim' of higher education combined with this on/off on again bitch of a recession.Right this minute I've no back up plan,because I ran out of them things many moons ago.I lack the clarity at this moment in time to consider other career options,assuming there are any of those?Fashion is literally all I know.
My only other interests being art,film,music,subculture and err coffee.I could easily cut it at some coffee shop whilst I ponder my next move.Going straight back to THAT drawing board pestering any fashion'insiders'who may be in the know,more than I am.I fear internship'in is inevitable and the most likely entrance in to the fashion vortex.*Huff*
Paid internships are very few and even further between,I'd need a bland day job to save up for any possible internship role,and from past experience I'm aware it may lead to nothing.If a job were to open up it is most likely to be given to the girl with famous/rich generics.Three months down the line wasted running around like a headless chicken clutching everybodys cappauccino i.e another DWP(Devil Wears Prada)repeat-minus the Hollywood happy ending.Am I sounding jaded?Because that's exactly what I am.
Cross out* and correct*
...what I'm slowly becoming with the whole fashion thanng.Is it too late in life to consider joining the circus or something?I excel at balancing on a tight rope!
Insert crazy laugh here.
By-the-by if your still with me and reading this rant of mine?Good on you!I've decided your awesome.A nice little light weight fashion feature for you tomorrow.

P.S...I/we at Peacocks are still in need of THAT fashion favour.Pronto!MWWWA's x

18 January 2012


All my style savvy readers I need to ask you a huge massive favour,I know plenty of prettyneon readers are potty for Peacocks as evident in the past when my inbox has exploded with Pearl Lowe/Peacocks luvin,so please if you wish to see any more Peacocks and Pearl Lowe previews be a STYLE SAVER and sway the powers that be to pull Peacocks out from an early grave.Come on now girls (...and boys?)I don't ask for much,help save thousands from a dismal day out to jobseekers centre.Plus do you want to see more Pearl Lowe collections or not,huh?The fashion highlight of the year only second to London fashion week,a yearly fixture on many of your calenders,hell it's pretty much become an event!So let such Peacocks fashion moments continue to flourish...

images courtesy of Peacocks

17 January 2012


images courtesy of Mandy Coon

Ah Zooey and how you never fail to impress with your quirky random style choices (illustrated above)hence why I choose to style stalk you,eh the minimum of twice a week.Perhaps more sometimes.On some occasions.Does that sound creepy?Whatever.Anyway whoa take a looksee at what I discovered whilst doing my daily Deschanel style stalking rounds today...she's only rocking the Mandy Coon's (both adorable yet slightly sinister) bunny bag.Jealous?Much.Wait up-'tis Zooey Deschanel,THERE IS NO WAY to avoid such jealousy that's why the girl is a girl crush...*crushing*

16 January 2012


Okay so some bored science boffins with nothing better to do?Reckon today the 16 Jan is the most depressing day of the year for most of us.Jeez,you know I'm baffled how did they reach such conclusion?Ah yes that's right it's still another two weeks until pay day swings round,and comfort eating isn't even an option as all the nice Christmas chocs have been consumed left only with rock hard toffees and orange creams-revolting.Adding to that misery,Ri have new arrivals
Yes as in brand-spanking-new and all so special shoes and bags...the pain,oh the pain and the agonising wait.Just developed a twitch.How many hours are there to go until pay day again?Come on answer that doom impending smug 'scientists'.Pah!All I know is the wait involves several egg timers and tears as my size shall soon become out of stock...why did I torture myself for?When all I had to do was avoid the favourites* upon my screen.I should of slam shut my laptop and walked away happily oblivious.Now I'm not so oblivious,I've entered dangerous territory-I'm in the know.Knowledge is a powerful thing and destructive for a girl with such little willpower,reckless with money and seduced way too easily by hand bags.Remember this is why all your friends have saved up for a flat and you remain at home,sitting on the sofa tolerating tv shows such as Four In a Bed.Meh,then again when I get bored with whatever's on the box,I can always go sit inside my wardrobe adoring my stash of bags.Justified.Alright so it really isn't,but have you seen Ri's new arrivals.Have ya,have ya?Laser cut out clutch.Gasp...Lust.At.First.Sight(see said lust below),the heart dress of which I do completely heart.Like I've never hearted before,and THOSE geo print jeans which are an investment,why?Because they double up as a colouring book,thus encouraging the inner artist to express herself,thus Okay so thus nothing.I simply like the damn jeans...

images courtesy of Riverisland

...and I have such a huge,massive,craving for THOSE geo print jeans,RIGHT NOW!Firstly I must evaluate my money situation and find a sensible solution.
Assessing situation-skint.
Solution-there isn't one
think,think,think they say you we only know how to use thirty percent of our brain.I could be the one to stun scientists,whilst I problem solve how to get my paws on THEM JEANS. without receiving hate mail from my bank and without breaking the law.
*Light bulb moment.
Could apply for a store card,buy the jeans and pay it off later.Hmm,store cards are sly and I've witnessed how they've destroyed my friend;two years later she still continues to pay off for a maxi dress,now one very,very expensive maxi dress.Store cards?Shudder.I could get in touch with the powers that be at Riverisland and convince them to post me a pair.Is that bonkers?Do you know what I don't care how crazy ambitious that idea sounds.I will beg,I will grovel,I will blag my way to them geo print jeans.
Update to follow,err assuming Riverisland don't spam my request that is?

13 January 2012


Is there really such thing?I really get a sick kick out of working out whether it be cycling,dancing,skipping the yin an Yang's of yoga or the gym.I love it.All of it.Well there is one exception to exercising I really,really dislike...no not squats or the sting of sit-ups but how style somehow ends up abandoned at the gym entrance,along with make-up rituals (kiss goodbye to that lipstick),accessories (bad accidents occur when you mix necklaces and rowing machines together)and any sort of height extending footwear.Hey flats!Thanks for reminding me and all these other sweaty strangers how much of a short arse I actually am.Yes,yes I'm nothing other than a four foot something fake.Now if you don't mind I'm going to cruel inside my gym locker,away from the shame of being such a shortie.Urgh.The expense of a gym membership,and what does it get me huh?Elastic embarrassment in the form of Lycra,revealing a multitude of hang ups and sins which I strive daily to conceal.By choosing garments and shapes that magically make such dodgy lumps and bumpy body parts dissolve.Erm kinda.But this isn't no ordinary environment is it?This is the gym we are talking about,where anything goes.Like trainers,jersey joggers and drab grey tee's.Shudder*.To roll with the rest who are here happily body pumping their mince pies away,whilst sporting trackie bottoms and stretch vest tops?Hmm I don't know,if I'm down with that?The situation in this mirror covered hall,is,well it's damn awkward.In a first date sort of awkwardness...keeping things casual yet looking killer too,without appearing too eager.Wanting to stand out yet blend in at the same time.Have I achieved this or am I tipping the style scales in my band tee (MGMT) and silver leggings,and pink silk head scarf?There's a fellow fat fighter working out
opposite me,trying to contain her amusement with my gym get-up.She's one of them hardcore Nike whores both in and out of the gym...if you know what I mean?Perhaps I'm jealous?Why can't I rock a pair of Nikes and starchy trackie bottoms in such a shameless manner.Oh yeah that's right.Because I'm not insane!The gym is never going to be a place where style and sweat meet and come together in harmony.The fitness world needs a fashion icon...Tamaya?Could she become the style inspiration that the all so stern and serious gym fashionphobic people need?The motivation to ditch those dull as dishwater workout rags straight from the Nike'ie nineties and instead replace the Lycra for lipstick and lashings of false eye lashes.Don't compromise your style for a couple of star jumps right?.And bring on the Tamaya style revolution like right NOW no?

image:Tamaya.Courtesy of channel 4

10 January 2012


When attending January sales,a girl starts off with such bright optimism,encouraged by sale articles and magazines 'fab frocks for £5.00' dreams and other seducing promotions are fed to us via fabulous high quality fashion magazine pages.Each page so glossy and full of big promises the subliminal messages rapidly race to our brain cells which light up instantly in magpie reaction to all the pretty and sparkling fashion goodies.Before you can say Selfridges,the media brain washing has kicked into full effect...ready-get-set.Go!Dizzy with excitement,and delusions of grandeur thanks to magazines 'best buys' features.Not that your aware of the up and coming disappointment as of yet.For now all you have is plenty of ideas,high expectations and great beliefs from all your highstreet faves.

Aww's the sweet naivety you share with hundreds of other eager shoppers.But who could blame you?New year sale events hold such high hopes,hopes and dreams which you've built up for weeks.After navigating around the sale rails for five minutes,the harsh reality begins to sink in as you fail to see your size anywhere.Not hiding at the back of sales arms,not tucked and tangled up with any T-shirts and the floor, though littered with clothes shows no promise either.Not yet deflated by your first sale stop you remain determined,just a rocky start right?No bigg'ie,dust yourself off and try again.Two hours and twenty minutes in and maybe just possibly third time lucky this is it,this is your moment of retail glory.Your gonna bag that bargain,Biiiitccch!Revising/editing hit list items inside your head,and feeling a little less optimistic yet still sort of deluded enough to march straight over to the jeans sale...

Jeans Riverisland

Rummaging,and riffling through flares,bootcuts,skinnys and coloured jeans.Your arms ache you've just discovered upper arm muscles you were oblivious to before this desperate bid for those olive green polka-dot jeans in size 14.Elusive size 14,you consider an uncomfortable compromise though a necessary one.Opt for a size 12 in the polka-dots,suck your stomach in,and do not consume wheat based products for a while.Now all you need to do is hold your breath whilst the polka-dot jean hunt is back on again.Stress levels are rising,along with paranoia as you catch glimpse of a girl clutching hold of THOSE jeans,the jeans which should be yours.Gawking over at her tall slender size 10 frame she's giving you the evils and looking down at you in disgust as your pushing your way through the size 12-14 sale rail.Of course she isn't giving you the evils nor judging, you've just developed a mild case of envy.Does she have to look so smug with herself?Forcing your attention else where,as smug girl strolls into the changing room waving around the polka-dot jeans in not only olive green but hot pink.Your.On.The.Edge.Admitting defeat on this occasion,you try your luck with the bags.Horaahs you've stumbled upon a beaut of a bag,a mini satchel leather box bag in orange and grey to be specific,swoon.What!?Eekk there's a 70% off sticker slapped and plastered all over it.HA.Take that.You've beaten smug girl,as yes shopping the sales has just become an Olympic style competition.So,so close to the finishing line and completely drained,your plastic is at the ready,finally ready to purchase your bargain vintage look-a-likie bag.The total flashes up in front of your eyes,and in one bleep of the assistants scanner your dreams have been once more shattered.There is no 70% off.They lied to you.The bag in question is indeed full price.You've come so far,and beaten so many demons exiting this shop empty handed is not an option.Plus smug girl has just finished paying for her polka-dot jeans x 2...aahhh you shall not be defeated and leave this place a loser,and as painful as the experience is you decide to buy the full price bag.Receipt reads the savings you've made today...none,zero,nowt,nothing,no savings at all.Shoddy sales!

08 January 2012


Oohh the suspense of the much anticipated January sales,the excitement begins to kick in 'round about October,others are counting the days down to Xmas,whilst most us girls are only concerned with ticking off the festive period altogether and targeting those sale rails to snag us something a little special at a bank account happy price.Yep the new year sales are Disneyland for grown up girls,the adrenalin is that of a hundred cans of red bull,and of course red bull also being the fuel of choice pre-sales shopping.Browsing the sales requires much more than a sharp eye for style,a girl needs tactics,stamina and a sharpened stiletto heel (for self defense,more on that later),got that?Your good to go,err almost...

There's several different types of sale shopper,some are savvy others are seriously
unorganised and scatty,wondering around in a daze struggling to navigate through the sale fog-don't allow those sale banners intimidate you!Also do try and resist the temptation to impulse buy and make hasty decision's.Bright coloured skinny jeans,yes a bargain at ten quid,however have skinny jeans ever been apart of your staple style diet?If no,why adopt such a tricky trend now.Sales are a golden opportunity to bulk up on your bff fashion items.Sales however really aren't a great time to begin experimenting with the normally unforbidden,trespassing on unfamiliar territory.Stay within the restrictions of your style comfort zone.Or else your be flooded with regret once you return home and empty out the contents of your shopping bag as it suddenly dawns on you what an utter mistake you've made,with nothing but long lists of reciepts to constantly remind you of your failings,all of which added up rapidly and has left you with a starved,hollow purse.*Stings like a bitch.
Make the January sales your best friend not a messy,complicated situation one which echo's a cheap one night stand.Do.Not.Set yourself a time scale,your setting yourself up for a disaster otherwise.Bunk off wherever your suppose to be,aim to reach the shop doors before sunrise and go it alone.Yes alone,as in not with a friend,because your stress levels will at some point hit steam-coming-out-of-ears peek and nobody wishes to witness that,oh and you'll probably reveal your greedy (Topshop shoes make a girl do funny things) ugly side too that even your closest pal would be oblivious to.For sale shopping a girl has to fly solo,and if any of your girlfriends are offended assure them you still love them and it doesn't spell out the end to any other future shopping/coffee dates.They'll understand your on a one woman mission and if not pick them up a little something from their fave shop to win back their affection.Friends sorted.

Next up self-defense.Believe it or not there are bigger fashion bitches than you,so be warned and be prepared.'Tis time to toughen up,looking the part helps scare off any stiff competition.Ditch any delicate florals or pretty,pretty ditsy details.Pull yourself together,look sharp and repeat to yourself,'any gold dust fashion finds shall be mine'put on your best kick arse footwear and pull on some leather for good measure khol those eyes too!Ready?
Wait,wait,wait... keep a spare pair of shoes in your bag,make them a stiletto and if anyone dare snatch that leather satchel bag out the palm of your hand a pronto poke should do the trick.Ah I wouldn't call it aggression.Violence sounds so thugish.Hmmm...precaution,should you have to use it.Now shoulders back,because you attend to do some damage at that sale.