19 January 2012


Gulp.My future isn't looking too pretty right now.This blog has always been about fashion/style and all the fun I'm having whilst attempting to carve out a career within the fast and obviously fickle fashion industry.However for today's post I'm making a rare exception,and getting all serious on you.So if things get too heavy by all means flick through some other light and fluffy fashion blog,I won't be offended.If I can't spill out my concerns for my (defunct?)fashion career here.Where can I let it all out?As prettyneons is all my own blog,I don't need no permission to go a head with my worries,and so I shall rant away.Whether you stick with me is entirely up to you my fashion followers?

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So in case you don't already know I'm part of the Peacocks team.Holding.Breath.I continue to be part of Peacocks.However the future is as unstable as a broken stiletto heel,I'm feeling wobbly.Never have been too brilliant on heels.I,like so many/too many others are very very worried for our future.I had ambitious plans to take 2012 by storm,I began at the bottom of Peacocks getting to grips with the ins and outs of fashion retail,as a shop girl which is enjoyable,challenging and all the bits inbetween.My long term goal?To get a step on that elusive career ladder(you know the one you hear so much about whilst in higher education?Juggling numerous tight dead lines with waitress shifts etc's),and maybe hopefully achieve a creative role within Peacocks head office.Until I woke up in a messy complicated nightmare (you've seen,heard,read the news so I'll spare you the dull details)which has turned my world up side down and inside out.Completely.Peacocks hasn't yet gone to pot,and hopefully the powers that be(the banks,obvs?)will for once except social responsibility and not just concentrate on being financially responsible when it suits them...yada yada yada.
Umm obviously I have to prepare myself for the worst of outcomes,though there's a part of me that is determined to remain slightly deluded,with my head staying put firmly in the sand.Preparing myself for the worst involves another premature reunion with Jobseekers Plus,as I've nobody to keep me and I don't wish to be kept either.I'm all to familiar with jobseekers.Since gaining a first in fashion and graduating three years back this will be my fourth time I've been made redundant.You've no idea how much I hope I never have to scribble in to that little green jobseeking booklet.NO IDEA.Oddly I feel luckier than most,who graduated around about the same time as me,and have failed to find any sort of job at all triggering a tragic array of knock on effects.From eating disorders desperate for some kind of control to depression,anxiety and a general over whelming feeling of being a total loser slash failure.In short.Unemployment simply sucks.Big time sucks...

However bleak my future seems,I've got to remain focused on my fashion ambitions and not become a cop-out 'victim' of higher education combined with this on/off on again bitch of a recession.Right this minute I've no back up plan,because I ran out of them things many moons ago.I lack the clarity at this moment in time to consider other career options,assuming there are any of those?Fashion is literally all I know.
My only other interests being art,film,music,subculture and err coffee.I could easily cut it at some coffee shop whilst I ponder my next move.Going straight back to THAT drawing board pestering any fashion'insiders'who may be in the know,more than I am.I fear internship'in is inevitable and the most likely entrance in to the fashion vortex.*Huff*
Paid internships are very few and even further between,I'd need a bland day job to save up for any possible internship role,and from past experience I'm aware it may lead to nothing.If a job were to open up it is most likely to be given to the girl with famous/rich generics.Three months down the line wasted running around like a headless chicken clutching everybodys cappauccino i.e another DWP(Devil Wears Prada)repeat-minus the Hollywood happy ending.Am I sounding jaded?Because that's exactly what I am.
Cross out* and correct*
...what I'm slowly becoming with the whole fashion thanng.Is it too late in life to consider joining the circus or something?I excel at balancing on a tight rope!
Insert crazy laugh here.
By-the-by if your still with me and reading this rant of mine?Good on you!I've decided your awesome.A nice little light weight fashion feature for you tomorrow.

P.S...I/we at Peacocks are still in need of THAT fashion favour.Pronto!MWWWA's x

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