29 January 2012


Shoes,shoes,shoes I don't know about you?But shoes never fail to make me swoon,sigh and in general squeal silly with sheer excitement.Be it the humble heel,laid back loafers,boyish brogues they all make this girl giddy.Not that any shoe will do,oh no,no I'm not that easy.High expectations and all.Sniffing out the perfect shoe requires concentration,before you make the big step and commit yourself to THAT pair of shoes hold the immediate urge to impulse buy.There is more to consider than just first impressions.Shoe trends are the ficklest out of the fashion lot.Remember last spring/summer when every girl was trotting around in clumsy clogs?It was an Ugg boot repeat,which turned both ugly and quite the shoe epidemic.Fast forward 'tis 2012,clogs kicked off,the reasoning and hype long forgotten about as them once darling pair of shoes are now gathering dust somewhere in a dark neglected space of your wardrobe.Diddums.We've all been there,overwhelmed by in hindsight one pair of stupid studded hookeresque shoes (*insert your own footwear fuck up here*).I've learned via trial and error that to be truly shoe savvy is to snub shoe trends altogether play the ignorance game,just go with the footwear flow and prevent any embarrassing trip ups later on.
With that all cleared up your good to go and grab them brand new shoes.If it's a quick fashion fling your after then sure go score some shoes from Primark,cheap, cheerful,convenient and a no-brainer shoe solution.Yep your have to participate in a competitive round or two of shoe wars involving nudging of elbows and sly shoe shuffling tactics (concealing the last pair of patent peep-toe size 5's behind the arm of slipper boots and so on,yeah you know the one!)with fantastic results not always so guaranteed after just one test drive.When shoe karma snaps back in the form of a,umm snapped and shattered stiletto once so full of promise.I always opt for online shoe shopping,to omit the drama and daunting procedure of discovering that elusive size 5 has completely sold out.Now which pair of these lush shoes should I adopt..?

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