10 January 2012


When attending January sales,a girl starts off with such bright optimism,encouraged by sale articles and magazines 'fab frocks for £5.00' dreams and other seducing promotions are fed to us via fabulous high quality fashion magazine pages.Each page so glossy and full of big promises the subliminal messages rapidly race to our brain cells which light up instantly in magpie reaction to all the pretty and sparkling fashion goodies.Before you can say Selfridges,the media brain washing has kicked into full effect...ready-get-set.Go!Dizzy with excitement,and delusions of grandeur thanks to magazines 'best buys' features.Not that your aware of the up and coming disappointment as of yet.For now all you have is plenty of ideas,high expectations and great beliefs from all your highstreet faves.

Aww's the sweet naivety you share with hundreds of other eager shoppers.But who could blame you?New year sale events hold such high hopes,hopes and dreams which you've built up for weeks.After navigating around the sale rails for five minutes,the harsh reality begins to sink in as you fail to see your size anywhere.Not hiding at the back of sales arms,not tucked and tangled up with any T-shirts and the floor, though littered with clothes shows no promise either.Not yet deflated by your first sale stop you remain determined,just a rocky start right?No bigg'ie,dust yourself off and try again.Two hours and twenty minutes in and maybe just possibly third time lucky this is it,this is your moment of retail glory.Your gonna bag that bargain,Biiiitccch!Revising/editing hit list items inside your head,and feeling a little less optimistic yet still sort of deluded enough to march straight over to the jeans sale...

Jeans Riverisland

Rummaging,and riffling through flares,bootcuts,skinnys and coloured jeans.Your arms ache you've just discovered upper arm muscles you were oblivious to before this desperate bid for those olive green polka-dot jeans in size 14.Elusive size 14,you consider an uncomfortable compromise though a necessary one.Opt for a size 12 in the polka-dots,suck your stomach in,and do not consume wheat based products for a while.Now all you need to do is hold your breath whilst the polka-dot jean hunt is back on again.Stress levels are rising,along with paranoia as you catch glimpse of a girl clutching hold of THOSE jeans,the jeans which should be yours.Gawking over at her tall slender size 10 frame she's giving you the evils and looking down at you in disgust as your pushing your way through the size 12-14 sale rail.Of course she isn't giving you the evils nor judging, you've just developed a mild case of envy.Does she have to look so smug with herself?Forcing your attention else where,as smug girl strolls into the changing room waving around the polka-dot jeans in not only olive green but hot pink.Your.On.The.Edge.Admitting defeat on this occasion,you try your luck with the bags.Horaahs you've stumbled upon a beaut of a bag,a mini satchel leather box bag in orange and grey to be specific,swoon.What!?Eekk there's a 70% off sticker slapped and plastered all over it.HA.Take that.You've beaten smug girl,as yes shopping the sales has just become an Olympic style competition.So,so close to the finishing line and completely drained,your plastic is at the ready,finally ready to purchase your bargain vintage look-a-likie bag.The total flashes up in front of your eyes,and in one bleep of the assistants scanner your dreams have been once more shattered.There is no 70% off.They lied to you.The bag in question is indeed full price.You've come so far,and beaten so many demons exiting this shop empty handed is not an option.Plus smug girl has just finished paying for her polka-dot jeans x 2...aahhh you shall not be defeated and leave this place a loser,and as painful as the experience is you decide to buy the full price bag.Receipt reads the savings you've made today...none,zero,nowt,nothing,no savings at all.Shoddy sales!

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