27 January 2012


How to spot when a girl has one serious bag addiction:when she snubs a night out in favour of snooping and sniffing out the loveliest and latest bags.Handbags,weekend shopper bags,clutch bags,chain bags,over the shoulder bags,satchel bags,mini box bags,granny bags.Casual bags,dressy bags,posh bags,bargain bags.A bag is a bag and if I consider it to offer bags of potential i.e zips,pockets,separate compartments and a nifty little two-way strap (oohh I do appreciate an adaptable bag design feature),then I'm sold.Does such easy persuasion and my blatant lack of willpower towards all things bagish mean I'm some sort of bag slag?
Because hands up,I've been involved in one- bag-stands.Guilty of being unfaithful to more than one bag,on more than one occasion.Several occasions if you must insist on knowing.The ugly truth is,my eyes wonder too much,soon as I believe I've discovered 'the one' thee soul mate of vintage satchel bags.After our first night out together lapping up the attention and style complements,the newness and novelty begins to wear off.Attraction gone,rejection quickly follows and I return to flirting with brand new bag purchases.Disgusting as this bad bag behavior is,I can't help it.Believe me I've attempted to kick this filthy habit,but this bitch of a bag addiction is spiralling way,way out of control.I've lost count of how many bags I own,I've no estimation to offer you.Does it prevent me from pursuing more of the bloody things.Nope.
The potential of becoming a bonkers bag lady,has always been right there.With early tell tale signs,evident from the tender age of five.I would piss all my pocket money away on accessories and handbag sets for all my Barbie dolls.Needless to say Barbie has much to answer for!Aww no,not really.Can't blame Barbie for being the bag slag adult I am today.I may never be able to pin point where my consumption for bags began?It might just remain one of those unsolved big bang mysteries?The only vague conclusion being bags are easy.One size only-every single style suits all solutions.

images courtesy of Peacocks

No effort is required.Browsing bags is easypeasy slacker shopper stuff.Ideal for us shambolic shoppers prone to stress when faced with an array of all too familiar shopping obstacles involved with trying on clothes/shoes and so and so.Stuffy,sweaty,crusty curtain 'changing room' cubicles.Avoided.Dreaded walk of shame (...that ultimate cringe worthy moment when your forced to display your I'm-to-fat-for-that-frock onto the garment reject rail.Super model like shop assistant observing you up and down with the expression of disgust upon her smiley face).Avoided.It's a no brainer nor any wonder why I'm more partial to adopting bags compared to any other fashion item.I am particularly partial to patent quilted effect bags.And I'm such,such a sucker for stripes and bold floral blooms.Hence why then the Peacocks floral stripe bag has had a powerful Must.Buy impact on me.It's the hybrid of all hybrid bags.Could THIS be the one?The bag which finally alters my old bag slag days.No more cheating with chain wild animal print types.Maybe just maybe this bag will tame me?Keeping me forever content.Giving me the stength to fight all future bag temptations that may tease me?Pah!Yeah right.

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