25 January 2012


Yep I've swooned over the Zinser several times before,my style stalking kicked off two/three years ago and ever since you can always stumble upon Gillian Zinser somewhere on my blog.
Zinser style stalking is so contagious I even had to issue a girl crush warning posts and posts and POSTS back...travel back in time to 2010,when I was hooked on 90210.My obsession with the unrealistic yet sun drenched glossy teen drama didn't go unnoticed either.However being in my 20's and all,I had some explaining to do.I blamed the reason for my 90210 addiction on surfer tomboy chic Ivy.So this year I made a pledge,well,two pledges...
1.To ditch teen trash tv i.e 90210 as it will turn my brain in to mush.
2.Stop,stop,STOP wasting so much time declaring much style lurvin to the Zinser i.e Gillian Zinser posts banned.
Failed.Big time.As the temptation returned once more.I was bored and that's when a programme reminder for 90210 (hmm who set that one up?) flashed upon the screen.If only I could blame my little teenage sister-that I don't have.With one zap of the remote control,the Gillian gawking returned.My BIG staring problem,it would seem...

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