21 January 2012


As my last post was so very hefty,this afternoon I'm keeping things nice and light with a far more shallow style and easier to digest post.You know the average sort of fashion blog stuff?That includes a declaration of vain love for a complete strangers outfits combined with rather large portions of wardrobe envy
...Jameela Jamil never before have I felt so compelled to trespass all over someones wardrobe.This girls style is a hoot and refreshing too.Far from serious and contrived there's no hints of stylist influence slash strict do's-and-don'ts instructions and what is this?She ISN'T emancipated either.Hooraahs!Good on the girl too.Because,is it just me or is the whole protruding bones and that general emancipated 'trendy' *insert fucked up* fashion thingy old and VERY dull now?Like it has always been.I must say though JJ's gobsmacking gorgeous good looks are a bit ridiculous and irritating.*Stress* this is only when ones having an urghh-every-item-of-clothing-looks- plain- stupid-on-me day.Oh just in case you were in need of some style evidence...I've compiled a selection of images by roaming around various blogs,magazines etc and pinching their pictures.Sorry.And thank you.
...One more thing-I'm swaying towards a fringe right now.

images various sources.

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