27 February 2009

Try And Walk In My... Peeptoe Shoes?

Firstly could I please stress I'm really not a creature of massive fashion consumption, contradiction, yes: however completely truthful as well. I have my mayhem materialistic moments, like any other human being, I occasionally morph into a (fickle) magpie, ready to swoop down on a glittering object. Having said that I'm also a self- confessed shoe-aholic (contradicting once more, I know, I know) there is something powerful about a simple shoes (and I'm not just referring to the inches it can add to your height: as a girl who's height matches that of a pixie, I do often find myself gravitating towards a 'ickle heel, from time to time. Plus I seem to also attract rather tall companions, with their long legged strides, it isn't unusual to find myself jogging to keep up a 'normal tall person pace'!). I am content when wearing brand new shoes, its like this instant mood (and indeed height) lifting experience for moi, I stroll along with a big old smile upon my face which stretches from ear to ear. Not at least because the taller beings suddenly (for once) can visibly notice me, saving my tiny toes from 'treading torture':I'm not being dramatic either, 'tis fact. A pair of shoes also have this amazing ability of empowering your personality: creating a new identity, for a short period of time anyways, until you kick them off due to severe sensitive, sore blisters! Minus the blisters shoes can cause a 'gal, I feel compelled to pay grateful homage to the glorious high heel, ballet flat, ankle boot, sandal, stiletto: shoe!

Shoes (above) from Poeticlicencestore.co.uk

Shoes (above) from studiotmls

Shoes (above) from Dorothyperkins

Shoes (above) from Office The black, star pattern shoes with the hot burlesque twist are destined in the future to be introduced to my wardrobe, me thinks!

On a very non related note, just thought I'd let you know, you may notice a prettyneons post void, in the coming days: I shall return soon as possible, my absence is due to the near completion of my illustration... which I'm extremely excited to finally announce (this piece has been time consuming, no correction, 'life consuming' this past couple of months). Anyways here is a rather shy snippet of a snap shot of ones illustration (still in progress, may I add), as evidence I'm not simply 'bunking off' from my blog!

Illustration by: Prettyneons.

One more thing...I'm currently pondering over the idea of doing commissions for any body who gets joy from my illustration scribbles, so to speak. If you happen to be a individual who admires my illustrations, do feel free to let me know, email me Prettyneons@live.com for further details and an good 'old chitchat of course, I do love hearing from fellow blogger's! Besides you may possibly discover my real forename (as cool as my folks are, they didn't actually name me 'prettyneons') haha xx

26 February 2009

My Sugar High

My sweet tooth kicked in to action after coming across the spring summer Pollini collection for what is the fourth time, for it is the instant effect it still very much has on moi (I've currently had a Pollini frock as my wall paper, for many months now too).
As Pollini reveal their autumn winter warmers of a collection, I'm afraid I'm still obsessed and stuck on their past collection, more than ever, in fact. Jonathan Saunders and his trusty side kick Nicholas Kirkwood (his the dude, who designs all those just as scrummy colour blocked suede, patent heels!) sure did a impressive job with their summer collection: besides all those delightful dots, soft stripes and swirls, are still a dizzy collage in my wardrobe of an memory.
I still get excited when I scan through my brain and zoom in, on the fine details of the Pollini s/s '09 collection:the fine, feminine,floaty shapes and marvelous multi layered skirts in edible fun fair colours, zooming out...sorry but I must take a moment to sit back and reminisce, all that is (or was) Pollini spring summer 09.

Photos: Pollini spring summer '09

Well that sweet trip down Pollini memory lane, has had no positive cure what so ever to my candy cravings, I almost never want to witness the various winter trends that are sure enough about to bleed through numerous fashion sources, some time shortly...I almost feel obliged to intervene and prolong this sugary surge, fashion is (at present) experiencing. So upping the sugar stakes is exactly what I intend to do, right this second.

Clutch clasp bag, £40, wedge sandals £25 both from Faith...sweet as, I say!

Cropped trousers £345, cardigan £495 both from Stella McCartney available from Oli
the boyfriend, bright blue cardigan, particularly surprised me.

Chunky, yummy bold pink knitted bangle £65 from Yarborough available from Oli
this shocking pink bangle is more then capable of- a- rocketing-ones sugar levels, a- sky- high.

These are my favourite! Dainty little floral socks £5.95 from mytights

Soft pastel skirt £38, from urban outfitters

Brush stroke paint splash, print dress £110 from minimum available from Pixiemarket (you didn't assume this post was going to be frock free, did you?haha)

Oops have I accidentally dropped in another frock? Bandeau dress £70 from Oli.
I so want to dress up in this dress (above) and team it up with those adorable, floral socks whilst also rocking the fierce, fire orange patent wedges:now this is a perfect spoonful of sugar.

25 February 2009

Drowning In A Sea Of Blue!

Firstly I must get off my chest how very annoying the sound of Lady GaGa is, ugh, enough already, please. We get it, we get it loud and way too clear, just dance, oh my ears are bleeding!Wish this place would change their tunes! I can't even drown out the shit awful back ground music, as my normally trust worthy mp3 is failing to function...Right, I shall crack on now I've vented my slight frustration...

I can't help but notice the sea (or wave) of blue which is absolutely everywhere I turn, is it related to the fact I'm near the freezing cold sea side today, and all who have flocked here simply felt compelled to colour coordinate their clothes with the tide? I myself am spotting a dash of navy blue, though only in the form of my laddered opaque tights. Oh and I'm also wearing a grey rather 'distressed' lazy, over sized cardigan to match the colour of these humongous seagulls that are (as I look out the window) fighting over a discarded packet of crisps, 'salt and vinegar' flavor...alright enough with the description already, I'm straying completely off the subject, aren't I?
Yes so blue, wow its almost unavoidable (well unless, you stare up at the miserable sky. Which desperately needs an injection of blue!). Funny enough, its growing on me this sudden explosion of blue, and I'm not really a huge fan of blue: it always makes me appear odd and 'sea sick' (boom, pun-tastic um?) this may be because I'm very pale,and the colour blue just doesn't agree with my skin tone, who knows, its a mystery? But after browsing through a sea- of -blue (alright, no more 'sea side' related gag's, *promise). via numerous online fashion sites, I've sourced out particular pieces that just fill me with this desire to totally throw myself in, well...blue. Wearing my navy blue opaque tights, isn't satisfying my blue crush,
and the house of holland bright blue (very) mini dress has gave me an irritating itch, I feel I must indeed scratch. These bold blue numbers are also further encouraging my desire for blue or rather, blue's. So many tones of blue, shy pale blue, bold blue, electric blue, rich blue, blue, blue, blue I can't seem to get enough of you 'mr blue': oohh I've accidentally revealed the poet within me, with the latter sentence!

Trust Luella to show off blue, in such a kick arse fashion, this lace dress is delicate and delightfully dreamy...I want it, in fact this is my next wardrobe wish (look to the right, if your not already aware of my addiction: to wardrobe wishful thinking).

Now I know, singing and dancing on the beach whilst waving around a ice cream (complete with a chocolate flake, naturally) is still a long way off, and very much out of reach, however this is 'the one' when it come to swimming suits, a twist of classic fifties when splashing around in the sea with my armbands, is all I need to pull off 'cool'...erm, cough, cough (bow print, I'm becoming awfully too predictable).

This duro olowu bonkers blue clash print, all in one jump suit can transport us back to the early and original nineties rave scene, 'oh grab me a glow stick and lets get 'techno-techno' ( a term, apparently expressed when dancing, so my older seen- it- done- it -bought the neon t-shirt sister assures me?) second thoughts, might just skip the glow sticks and 'techno-techno' outbursts, but hell pass me that all in one!

These sparkly, blue ankle boots, may be easier to pull off than the duro olowu 'thang...actually I really, really do lust these as much as a 'gal possibly can. I need to pop my toes in these boots and get my groove on (if ever this town discovers anything other than a ran down bingo hall)...Literally as I typed the last word this person, sporting a fetching Stone temple pilots tee has slumped their self in front of the PC next door to me. I'm just going to be nosy in the name of night club 'research', hang on....Interesting development, turns out there is a 'basement bar' below a fast food place named 'spice palace' ('spice palace'?)and tonight there is a 'very good psychedelic' band playing some "heavy' tunes all the way from America, or is it London?", I'm informed by the confused stranger: now is there any way of obtaining them ankle boots? Like right this very second!

*PS...Apologies for the non existing links, today, only my time on here is up: timed Internet access! Drop me a email if you want to know where any of the fashion items are from,and I'll be more then happy to help you.

24 February 2009

Yumi Frocks Sweet Tooth Prices.

I don't know about you? But I sure could do with some designer looking dresses minus the painful price tag's. The normally beloved high street seem to be trying to shift their by gone dead trends to make room for spring clobber:however despite the array of half price 'must go' labels and tags flying all over the shop. There is no attractive nor particular garments to my knowledge that can give me a instant fashion fix. Most fashion clearance stock is also appearing frayed and, well extremely fragile: of course by rummaging through online sale rails. There is no risk of picking up a distressed hem lined frock...bring on those 'dot com's'...better yet make it a Yumi 'dot com', please!

I can't help but feel Yumidirect has been rather neglected due to the various celeb favourite online fashion haunts, yet Yumi is literally spilling with amazing sale goodies from skirts to bags, speaking of bags look at this one above! Remind you of a certain high end designer embellished bag? This exotic, sequin patchwork, leather rope handle shoulder bag is less expensive than your lunch...£5.95, wave goodbye to that sandwich (or perhaps don't? You can't eat a shoulder bag: not so great for your digestive system, all them beads!). This bag, is a much desired dose of colour just perfect while patiently waiting for summer to return once again!

As a girl who often forgets to consume her 5- a day (does a slice of banana cake qualify, as one of your five fruit and veg?) this sweet, knitted strawberry dress, complete with delicate crochet trimmed, neckline must be well worth the £34.95? After all you have to look after your health,erm.. correct? Nod damn it.

Dungarees. Now this style of garment often strikes fear within me, as I appear more often then not too similar to an sack of spuds (or indeed potato's). I could yet be converted into a dungaree chick, as this black dungaree dress ( clever combination isn't it?) is definitely pulling on my heart strings with its £21.95 price tag. The puff ball hem, adds a timid twist of fun. Plus this dress does laid back perfectly (I'm thinking extra long, large pocket cardigan teamed with chain necklace). Add a gorgeous, striking belt rock some dizzy high heels to party the evening away with (well, that's my personal touch anyway's...haha).

Last but certainly not least. A pretty,pleated bow brooch dress! Alright so I'm really over doing the whole bow appreciation this week (what with yesterdays homage to a pic & mix of letourdeforce bows). I felt utterly compelled to copy- and- a- paste this sophisticated bow frock, I may well just grunge up this number: if I decide to indulge? I say 'indulge' yet this is only £26.95, I indulged far worse earlier today, on a delicious Cadburys chocolate bar (oh the classic fruit and nut, how you never failure to seduce me each and every single time. Other chocolate covered snacks are available!).

All delicious frocks from:Yumi

I could be sensible and save up my lose change, or I could opt to live on the edge and splash out on Yumi's brand new (not yet 'had its day') cream 'over the rainbow' heart dress £69.95 and (sorry I mean 'or') the lovely lollipop dress £64.95, I am partial to lollipops. Though they do cause me horrific tooth ache, should or shouldn't I inflict such pain? My dentist wouldn't be best impressed? My wardrobe would be pleased though! Priorities can be such a burden.

23 February 2009

Its Gone To My Head

For some time now I've been meaning to dedicate a post to these fabulous and very daring letourdeforce hairpieces, if you can really describe these decorative, dramatic and versatile accessories as simply 'hairpieces'. I feel this may just be a major understatement and correction is required on my end...

Photos from: letourdeforce

For these pieces have seen many a runway and electric, bold fashion editorials. Every fashion stylist on this earth are immediately attracted towards letourdeforce gigantic bows and indeed very varied style bows (you may well be aware by now I have a unhealthy obsession with bows. Seems I remain to have this inner four year old inside of me, who just won't let go. Thank god though I've put a stop to picking up insects and throwing them at my older sisters. To their relief I'm sure!?) Believe me they sure do know how to continue to reinvent many styles of bow, experimenting with scale, pleats, volume and bold surface patterns. No bow is the same: each one individual from the last. This is a bow revolution ,damn it!

There are so many various ways of which a 'gal can parade around and work these fashion props, so to speak. There are no restrictions to these letourdeforce delights, not to mention these hairpieces could easily transform a simple, casual outfit into a look that is completely different and unrecognisable in a jiffy! Of course you may need to seek some courage if you intend to pop the pink puff bow in your hair, on the next trip down to your local supermarket: and yes I would in fact think nothing of wearing it down the road, to pick up a pint of milk, hehehe! Besides the four year old me wouldn't give a hoot, so why should the 22 year old me be concerned?
visit: letourdeforce.com

22 February 2009

Special Fashion Invitation For All!

Oohh our fabtastic fashion invite: Cocosa

The other day I actually checked my inbox (to be honest I'm pretty bad at keeping up to date with all my various inbox's. Hence why I've edited my inbox down to just the two:so much easier). Now I was expecting the usual and common spam to pop up swiftly followed by perhaps my subscriptions to various fashion magazines (also a area I must attempt to edit).

So I was more then taking by surprise when I received a invite from Cocosa, the best part is being not only my invite but our exclusive invite too! Yep all of you people who stumble across my little fashion 'bloggy from time to time, can have complete **exclusive and snazzy access to Cocosa by typing in this 'invitation code':NEONS. Just in case you may be wondering 'who, what the heck is Cocosa and this sounds too good to be true. Where is the catch?' Cocosa is this absolutely free members only online fashion place full of fashion goodies. You get a actual sale preview (so frigging genius huh!?) no you didn't just miss read the latter: sales before they've began else where! If you (like myself) are a bit forgetful and a busy bee the good guys and 'gals over at Cocosa can send you a 'sale reminder' email, if you request one firstly. Cocosa have very limited stock so best get them reminders, hell I am!

Photos: Jane Carr

Now I'm already well aware of what I intend to purchase (above) and even more sad. Where I'm going to show it off too. Firstly I'm grabbing a Jane Carr scarf, looks familiar to you? Well many of these colourful, patterned scarfs have often been used for many a spring/ summer catwalk and photo shot...Oh and of course you may of seen Amy Winehouse wear a Jane carr scarf wrapped around her barnett on and off (mainly on though). I've for so very long now, wanted to obtain one of these scarf's. However they've been too pricey for my lack of pretty pennies, so I thank Cocosa for this brilliant, brilliant sale on selected Jane Carr scarfs....

I'm not a hundred percent sure how to wear mine of yet? Just maybe as... well a scarf?I know, I know not highly creative nor highly original. I may even work it in with my long, slouch, sleeveless OTT colourful and embellished tee I customized about a year or so back. I sure am positive on one thing: I'm going to rock my Jane Carr scarf at a future MGMT gig ( I'm not even joking here, when I say my friends often kid around how the front man of MGMT 'copied' my 'rainbow' style...Unbeknown to my crazy as can be friends, this would be impossible we've never met one another.There for me thinks our similar style is merely a coincidence. Beside if my friends say I'm similar looking to him. Is this a complement or indeed a insult? Ponder, ponder...I mean isn't he a guy?Oh whatever:not important really).

Warning: the Cocosa invite could indeed be hazardous, if your a shopaholic. As the sales are ridiculously insanely, generous (trust me. My purse often has a hole in it).

**CliCk HeRE: your ' invitation code' to become a free member at Cocosa is: NEONS.
Happy Sunday my fashion frenzied friends x
PS...Much, much lurrrve from me to you for all your encouraging and kindest daily comments ;) mmwa!

20 February 2009

A Dose Of Kate-tastic Joy!

Whoa, I honestly don't know where to begin today? I've had such a eventful, extremely dramatic and all so serious filled day followed by a wake up call. A sign, a gentle nudge towards the correct direction...realising life is too short (I was caught up in a fire: no scratches though, I'm alive and blogging!) so I walked out of my mundane job today, liberating it was: for its time to prioritize. I'm going completely without materialistic joy's in the vain pursuit, that someone will seek me out and just give me a brilliant fashion career opportunity, for me to seize. Life is sometimes so, so serious and very complicated often rushing around, looking down treading on peoples toes and pushing one another out the way, in the attempt to reach our own personal destination first. So it was wonderfully uplifting to re- discover ( I often stumble across gems, make a mental sticky post-it note: and still forget) Kate Garey's hand crafted, super, super adorable characteristic and dare I say it: quirky accessories ( I feel I over abuse that term: 'quirky' however on this occasion: Kate's, designs truly are the true definition of 'quirky'. Fact).

Now this really is what the doctor prescribed me (boom, boom tragic pun!). Yep this is the magical concoction Alice once consumed, only now we can all get our delightful fix with her, yay for that. Oh do not fear, see you don't actually have to drink this potion, oh no, no for it is a charming necklace. Just one of many secret jewels and accessories hiding away over at kategarey (um...not so secretive now, oops-ie- daisy!)...seems I've spilled the beans. Kate and her busy bee creative team really are a whizz on the sewing machine, and I can only imagine how amazing and impressive this designers idea/scrap book is!? Her source of inspiration obviously is the weird and wonderful, enchantments of everyday life, of which you and I may simply pay no attention to or acknowledge.

Kate's bags, purses and cuddly toys, feature teapots, Russian doll's, loved up robots and many more lively characters:and if you look really closely. You will notice most of her these lovable characters are indeed created using free style stitch (hence why I conclude this 'gal is- a- fierce with the 'old bobbins and thread) this is almost certainly due to Kate's textile background. The way Kate uses a combination of applique' with an array of fabrics collage and pieced together though ultimately using the medium of stitch to illustrate is bold, diverse and distinctive.
Photos from: Kategarey.com

Now my last materialistic indulgence surely, must be this coy and happy 'ickle teapot, purse.

Visit:www.kategarey.com (her webby is too cute)

19 February 2009

Shake It, Shake It Make It New!

So you may already be well aware I'm on many missions at the moment, and indeed crusades (can't help but wonder, if perhaps I should of been apart of the youth back in the sixties?) one crusade is to highlight that high street clothes store new look. Is not only suitable for pre teens and teenagers. It has more to offer than the Muppet Show t-shirts and plastic polka dot bracelets. Also there is no shame in having a high street fashion fix, so all you high end fashion addicts, throw away and banish the suppose stigma's which are often attached (like a price tag) to high street garments. I appreciate its difficult and a massive effort rummaging through piles, and rails of hideous clobber, it will ( and I promise you) pay off, when you discover a delightful gem peering, and shinning like the light at the end of the dark fickle, fashion tunnel. May I suggest you begin to face your fear at new look either the store or online. My pal declined to go high street (at first) until I revealed my 'on trend' treat to myself from, you guessed it new look, 'oohhh where is that from? asos right?' wrongly assumed my fashion snob friend ( snob, is her nickname. What? She nick named me smurf: because I'm short , well in comparison to her sky towering height anyway).

Here I demonstrate (in a professor, waving a stick at the black board sort of style) how new look have been doing their research and upping their game. Competition perhaps for a certain Kate Moss loving, high street retail outlet beginning with a 't' and ending with a 'p'. Any way for here we have a picture from a fashion magazine. Yes that is fringe, flapper frock you see before your eyes. A definite spring summer 'key look' as you no doubt are more then familiar with by now.

Photos from:pixiemarket.com
...And here we have various fantastic, hippy fringe fashion items from pixiemarket like these futuristic fringe, silver boots ( and yep I do have my watchful eye on them) and this brilliant sixties style black and white, triangle shoulder bag.

Photo by prettyneons: My fringe bag from new look online.

...Now here you have a delicious purple, suede fringe bag just as good to shake around: new look. Well new look online to be exact, it does baffle me, why on earth doesn't new look the store stock some of its more all grown up and sophisticated garments and accessories that can be found on line? New look online, has a distinct different vibe compared to their high street store. Where you will more often or not see sponge bob square pants t-shirts and bra's, along side childish accessories such as high school musical purses. New look: attempt to update your image, you must do this. In attempt for little me to convince everyone else, that you are capable of being taken as a seriously, fierce high street fashion contender. Please I'm not suggesting you completely alienate teenagers (besides my teen age niece would forever reject me, if you scraped the emo style vests) how about new look, you aim instead for happy (not plain silly though) medium?Morph your store into matching the online new look, which oozes best of both worlds: effortlessly cool and trendtastic teenage kicks...talking of kicks: lets kick off this new look crusade, once and for all!

17 February 2009

B For Bright

Evidently I've been testing my new camera:as at long last it arrived...I'm often attracted to what others might describe as 'tack' or 'tacky' such as the following objects: snow globes, highly tack-tastic sea side souvenirs, dice, key rings, fruit machines etc etc (you get the drift, already. Basically everything anyone Else's taste buds may strongly detest: I collect). Here's a few objects I snapped when out and about seeking art and fashion print design inspiration...my taste is well illustrated, I feel?
Snazzy..?Snap Shots by: Prettyneons.

Photo from: UK Vogue march issue.

By complete coincidence I bought the UK march issue of vogue (oh Vogue for I have been neglecting your glossy pages:due to saving up for more important yet necessary items, forgive me?). While flicking through it on a long train commute home, I couldn't help but notice the 'acid reign' feature, with the Deyn'sta head to toe in various shades of electric neon's...ties in with my childish clowning around snaps, nicely!

From:Basso&Brooke.s/s '09

Now I am obsessed with textures, fashion textiles surface design and obviously... colour (after all, 'tis what I studied and practiced so extremely long and hard for, many a year) and well Basso & Brooke fulfills my colourful addiction. Basso & Brooke have and will always remain to be my print idols. I've wrote many a essay and dissertation on them fellas designs and I have an enormous collage on my wall which I created soon as I saw their debut collection in my early years at college (the images are still engraved and etched on my memory). There for I must put out a warning this feature is a pure bias opinion. Wow, wow, wow the Basso&Brooke s/s 09 collection is one hell of a bright, print bonanza! An Collage of impressive Japaneses influenced prints, loud large scale floral's over a controlled graphic background-yes please: complete with dazzling beads and glittering embellishments. With a dash of sculptured, origami sheer and jersey pleat and folding effects: fashion volume turned up to the maximum!
Of course if you fail to get your hands on Basso&Brooke garments, do not fear high street is here my friends: to help us achieve such brilliant, bright Basso&Brooke results, whoop, whoop! From top to bottom, we have here: studded skirt found via ebay, bold floral frock at topshop, yellow orchid print silk layered dress from mytheresa.com. Be bold blogger's!