20 February 2009

A Dose Of Kate-tastic Joy!

Whoa, I honestly don't know where to begin today? I've had such a eventful, extremely dramatic and all so serious filled day followed by a wake up call. A sign, a gentle nudge towards the correct direction...realising life is too short (I was caught up in a fire: no scratches though, I'm alive and blogging!) so I walked out of my mundane job today, liberating it was: for its time to prioritize. I'm going completely without materialistic joy's in the vain pursuit, that someone will seek me out and just give me a brilliant fashion career opportunity, for me to seize. Life is sometimes so, so serious and very complicated often rushing around, looking down treading on peoples toes and pushing one another out the way, in the attempt to reach our own personal destination first. So it was wonderfully uplifting to re- discover ( I often stumble across gems, make a mental sticky post-it note: and still forget) Kate Garey's hand crafted, super, super adorable characteristic and dare I say it: quirky accessories ( I feel I over abuse that term: 'quirky' however on this occasion: Kate's, designs truly are the true definition of 'quirky'. Fact).

Now this really is what the doctor prescribed me (boom, boom tragic pun!). Yep this is the magical concoction Alice once consumed, only now we can all get our delightful fix with her, yay for that. Oh do not fear, see you don't actually have to drink this potion, oh no, no for it is a charming necklace. Just one of many secret jewels and accessories hiding away over at kategarey (um...not so secretive now, oops-ie- daisy!)...seems I've spilled the beans. Kate and her busy bee creative team really are a whizz on the sewing machine, and I can only imagine how amazing and impressive this designers idea/scrap book is!? Her source of inspiration obviously is the weird and wonderful, enchantments of everyday life, of which you and I may simply pay no attention to or acknowledge.

Kate's bags, purses and cuddly toys, feature teapots, Russian doll's, loved up robots and many more lively characters:and if you look really closely. You will notice most of her these lovable characters are indeed created using free style stitch (hence why I conclude this 'gal is- a- fierce with the 'old bobbins and thread) this is almost certainly due to Kate's textile background. The way Kate uses a combination of applique' with an array of fabrics collage and pieced together though ultimately using the medium of stitch to illustrate is bold, diverse and distinctive.
Photos from: Kategarey.com

Now my last materialistic indulgence surely, must be this coy and happy 'ickle teapot, purse.

Visit:www.kategarey.com (her webby is too cute)


DaisyChain said...

Wow, her stuff is insanely awesome. As are you. I'm glad you were in a fire (unharmed)...because it means you stop selling windows. Now, if only my Tesco would catch alight (perhaps I'll call upon the local rebels?).
Hope you enjoyed the fishfingers. If you didn't...try them with ketchup!

Winnie said...

So cute. I've always loved Alice in Wonderland so that necklace thing is a real winner. Love that robot purse thing...would be great for make up!

Andrea said...

You never cease to amaze me with your great finds! I about died in a poof of happiness when I saw the "drink me" necklace. I LOVED "Alice in Wonderland" when I was a kid.

Sunniva said...

You were in a fire?! Oh my goodness, I'm so glad to hear you're alright, dear! It must have been quite a scary experience.

You always find so many great things. I love the "Drink me" necklace. It's so cute!

Take care xoxoxo

prettyneons said...

Hi girly's...I know the necklace is beyond brilliant, I will have to get in touch with kate to let her know she may have a growing fan base...do hope your all having a lovely, super, snazzy sunday hun's X
Peace and indeed...BoWs

disa said...