24 February 2009

Yumi Frocks Sweet Tooth Prices.

I don't know about you? But I sure could do with some designer looking dresses minus the painful price tag's. The normally beloved high street seem to be trying to shift their by gone dead trends to make room for spring clobber:however despite the array of half price 'must go' labels and tags flying all over the shop. There is no attractive nor particular garments to my knowledge that can give me a instant fashion fix. Most fashion clearance stock is also appearing frayed and, well extremely fragile: of course by rummaging through online sale rails. There is no risk of picking up a distressed hem lined frock...bring on those 'dot com's'...better yet make it a Yumi 'dot com', please!

I can't help but feel Yumidirect has been rather neglected due to the various celeb favourite online fashion haunts, yet Yumi is literally spilling with amazing sale goodies from skirts to bags, speaking of bags look at this one above! Remind you of a certain high end designer embellished bag? This exotic, sequin patchwork, leather rope handle shoulder bag is less expensive than your lunch...£5.95, wave goodbye to that sandwich (or perhaps don't? You can't eat a shoulder bag: not so great for your digestive system, all them beads!). This bag, is a much desired dose of colour just perfect while patiently waiting for summer to return once again!

As a girl who often forgets to consume her 5- a day (does a slice of banana cake qualify, as one of your five fruit and veg?) this sweet, knitted strawberry dress, complete with delicate crochet trimmed, neckline must be well worth the £34.95? After all you have to look after your health,erm.. correct? Nod damn it.

Dungarees. Now this style of garment often strikes fear within me, as I appear more often then not too similar to an sack of spuds (or indeed potato's). I could yet be converted into a dungaree chick, as this black dungaree dress ( clever combination isn't it?) is definitely pulling on my heart strings with its £21.95 price tag. The puff ball hem, adds a timid twist of fun. Plus this dress does laid back perfectly (I'm thinking extra long, large pocket cardigan teamed with chain necklace). Add a gorgeous, striking belt rock some dizzy high heels to party the evening away with (well, that's my personal touch anyway's...haha).

Last but certainly not least. A pretty,pleated bow brooch dress! Alright so I'm really over doing the whole bow appreciation this week (what with yesterdays homage to a pic & mix of letourdeforce bows). I felt utterly compelled to copy- and- a- paste this sophisticated bow frock, I may well just grunge up this number: if I decide to indulge? I say 'indulge' yet this is only £26.95, I indulged far worse earlier today, on a delicious Cadburys chocolate bar (oh the classic fruit and nut, how you never failure to seduce me each and every single time. Other chocolate covered snacks are available!).

All delicious frocks from:Yumi

I could be sensible and save up my lose change, or I could opt to live on the edge and splash out on Yumi's brand new (not yet 'had its day') cream 'over the rainbow' heart dress £69.95 and (sorry I mean 'or') the lovely lollipop dress £64.95, I am partial to lollipops. Though they do cause me horrific tooth ache, should or shouldn't I inflict such pain? My dentist wouldn't be best impressed? My wardrobe would be pleased though! Priorities can be such a burden.


DaisyChain said...

Oh damn you damn you damn you. I'm off to possibly shop now.

prettyneons said...

haha, oops sorry? =)x

Couture Carrie said...

That bag is too cute! Nice choices!


♥ fashion chalet said...

peace & bows, you're so lovely =]
thank youuu <3

Yvonne said...

i love the 2 black dresses! esp the dungarees.

Noelle Chantal said...

the bag is really nice! kinda reminded of native bags here in Manila. we have tons of that here! the floral pattern that says hello summer! :)

prettyneons said...

He, hey...
Thanks all, have a good Wednesday. Well if its a Wednesday where you are that is? Time difference and all haha :)
Peace and as always BOWS...
You know who X