27 February 2009

Try And Walk In My... Peeptoe Shoes?

Firstly could I please stress I'm really not a creature of massive fashion consumption, contradiction, yes: however completely truthful as well. I have my mayhem materialistic moments, like any other human being, I occasionally morph into a (fickle) magpie, ready to swoop down on a glittering object. Having said that I'm also a self- confessed shoe-aholic (contradicting once more, I know, I know) there is something powerful about a simple shoes (and I'm not just referring to the inches it can add to your height: as a girl who's height matches that of a pixie, I do often find myself gravitating towards a 'ickle heel, from time to time. Plus I seem to also attract rather tall companions, with their long legged strides, it isn't unusual to find myself jogging to keep up a 'normal tall person pace'!). I am content when wearing brand new shoes, its like this instant mood (and indeed height) lifting experience for moi, I stroll along with a big old smile upon my face which stretches from ear to ear. Not at least because the taller beings suddenly (for once) can visibly notice me, saving my tiny toes from 'treading torture':I'm not being dramatic either, 'tis fact. A pair of shoes also have this amazing ability of empowering your personality: creating a new identity, for a short period of time anyways, until you kick them off due to severe sensitive, sore blisters! Minus the blisters shoes can cause a 'gal, I feel compelled to pay grateful homage to the glorious high heel, ballet flat, ankle boot, sandal, stiletto: shoe!

Shoes (above) from Poeticlicencestore.co.uk

Shoes (above) from studiotmls

Shoes (above) from Dorothyperkins

Shoes (above) from Office The black, star pattern shoes with the hot burlesque twist are destined in the future to be introduced to my wardrobe, me thinks!

On a very non related note, just thought I'd let you know, you may notice a prettyneons post void, in the coming days: I shall return soon as possible, my absence is due to the near completion of my illustration... which I'm extremely excited to finally announce (this piece has been time consuming, no correction, 'life consuming' this past couple of months). Anyways here is a rather shy snippet of a snap shot of ones illustration (still in progress, may I add), as evidence I'm not simply 'bunking off' from my blog!

Illustration by: Prettyneons.

One more thing...I'm currently pondering over the idea of doing commissions for any body who gets joy from my illustration scribbles, so to speak. If you happen to be a individual who admires my illustrations, do feel free to let me know, email me Prettyneons@live.com for further details and an good 'old chitchat of course, I do love hearing from fellow blogger's! Besides you may possibly discover my real forename (as cool as my folks are, they didn't actually name me 'prettyneons') haha xx


Couture Carrie said...

The only thing better than all those fab shoes is your incredible illustration - fantastic!


prettyneons said...

Oh while thank you, it means an awful lot, it really, really does (sorry to sound rather corny, haha)
You have a nice weekend,won't you
thanks again!
Peace and Bows...
moi x ;)

DaisyChain said...

1) you owe me an e-mail miss

2) I will be commissioning you


Have a great weekend love <3

Larapixie said...

great, great blog :)

Georgie said said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog :-)
I adore those shoe boots... one day I will be rich enough to afford items like that. But until then primark it is.

Andrea said...

Those are all so lovely, but the purple boots are my favorite. I love the colors on your drawing!

Winnie said...

Honestly, new shoes are amazing!!

Pretty illustration too! And also...in regards to your childhood wearing colour changing tees, they sound awesome to me!

Kat said...

the second dorothy perkins shoe is soo fabulous!

xs said...

can't wait to see final result! good luck!

prettyneons said...

Hey everyone I'm back and ready to blog, jeez thanks for all your lovely words...the art piece is complete, whoop, whoop ;)
Peace and Bows,
Prettyneons XxXXxx

Joshy said...

omg!!! i'm so loving the ones from office! especially the one with the bow...my fave :)

Emily Boop said...

youR ILLUSTRATIONS ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD DEFO CHAMPION THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prettyneons said...

Hey, Oh thanks, Emily Xx :)