10 February 2009

No Pretty Pictures

As always apologies for the ever so awful, awful title it is by far one of the worst I've conjured up, to this date however the title shall all make perfect sense. Now I'm aware I may have made a promise never to rant on ever again, today I'm afraid I have to break such a promise, as once again an unnamed fashion publication continues to attempt at exploiting the not-so unsuspecting 'fashion graduate' (jeez I feel as f I've had that title for decades). Let me explain (feel free to scroll down or indeed click on over to the next blog, I won't be offended. Go for it)...I've been through this massive internship (oh sorry slave labor) process, all was going swimmingly: challenging but enjoyable (lurrve a mission!) I receive some feed back and what should have been brilliant over the moon news, though it didn't go according to plan...

'Three months wow fantastic, when is the start date? I assume your be contributing towards the expenses in regards to the long and expensive commute, because obviously I'm a graduate and there is simply no way on earth I can afford the travel costs on my present minimum wage. So when do you want me to begin!?'
A blatant tone of disappointment travels along the phone line from the other end to in form me, ' Oh I'm awfully sorry, I'm afraid we don't pay for any travel expenses, will this be an issue for you?'. Duh (immature phrase I know) Doesn't take a genus to work out that this of course will indeed create a problem!! I take this opportunity to express my honest opinions, 'Shocking comes to mind, its completely disgusting and outrageous how you fashion publications operate all the money you must generate yet your not prepared to cover travel expenses!? There must be hundreds of other keen fashion graduates like myself who have no other choice but to miss out on such valuable work experience: As we just cannot afford to not only work for nothing but also pay for our own travel, which adds up to absolutely hundred's by the end of the week. Its money we are unable to source, and its expenses a minimum wage can also not cover.'
'Well I understand your frustration, however it isn't within in our structure. Best of luck for the future, good bye.' Best of luck for the future? Fuck off:what future is that then? A future trapped within the depressing confides of a call centre or better yet my local super market, mind stimulating 'tis not...While I'm on a roll may I just add, some famous teenager (fame status due to her handy family genes: yep, some has been rock/ pop star dad. Surprise). Did NOT go through the same application process as moi, in fact, she never even wrote a 'mock feature'...need I say more? No thought as much. *Rant over for now, until another fashion internship plays the exploit card. By the way I'm keeping note of all my experiences as I'm planning to really take further action via writing a letter to the powers that be, this really must be highlighted. I hate the thought of this happening to others: since when was discrimination and exploitation so very acceptable?


DaisyChain said...

I hate how limited one becomes due to internships not contributing to travel expenses. I mean, damn. Haha. Commuting to anywhere is costly, even a contribution towards it would be a great help!

Saying that, I shall have a nosy at the one you told me about!

And I've so far reserved the tea necklace for you, so just let me know if you want it or not (I won't be mortally offended if you say no!)

Andy said...


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prettyneons said...

A clothes swap, huh? Um....ponder, ponder?

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks for the comment, darling!<3