25 February 2009

Drowning In A Sea Of Blue!

Firstly I must get off my chest how very annoying the sound of Lady GaGa is, ugh, enough already, please. We get it, we get it loud and way too clear, just dance, oh my ears are bleeding!Wish this place would change their tunes! I can't even drown out the shit awful back ground music, as my normally trust worthy mp3 is failing to function...Right, I shall crack on now I've vented my slight frustration...

I can't help but notice the sea (or wave) of blue which is absolutely everywhere I turn, is it related to the fact I'm near the freezing cold sea side today, and all who have flocked here simply felt compelled to colour coordinate their clothes with the tide? I myself am spotting a dash of navy blue, though only in the form of my laddered opaque tights. Oh and I'm also wearing a grey rather 'distressed' lazy, over sized cardigan to match the colour of these humongous seagulls that are (as I look out the window) fighting over a discarded packet of crisps, 'salt and vinegar' flavor...alright enough with the description already, I'm straying completely off the subject, aren't I?
Yes so blue, wow its almost unavoidable (well unless, you stare up at the miserable sky. Which desperately needs an injection of blue!). Funny enough, its growing on me this sudden explosion of blue, and I'm not really a huge fan of blue: it always makes me appear odd and 'sea sick' (boom, pun-tastic um?) this may be because I'm very pale,and the colour blue just doesn't agree with my skin tone, who knows, its a mystery? But after browsing through a sea- of -blue (alright, no more 'sea side' related gag's, *promise). via numerous online fashion sites, I've sourced out particular pieces that just fill me with this desire to totally throw myself in, well...blue. Wearing my navy blue opaque tights, isn't satisfying my blue crush,
and the house of holland bright blue (very) mini dress has gave me an irritating itch, I feel I must indeed scratch. These bold blue numbers are also further encouraging my desire for blue or rather, blue's. So many tones of blue, shy pale blue, bold blue, electric blue, rich blue, blue, blue, blue I can't seem to get enough of you 'mr blue': oohh I've accidentally revealed the poet within me, with the latter sentence!

Trust Luella to show off blue, in such a kick arse fashion, this lace dress is delicate and delightfully dreamy...I want it, in fact this is my next wardrobe wish (look to the right, if your not already aware of my addiction: to wardrobe wishful thinking).

Now I know, singing and dancing on the beach whilst waving around a ice cream (complete with a chocolate flake, naturally) is still a long way off, and very much out of reach, however this is 'the one' when it come to swimming suits, a twist of classic fifties when splashing around in the sea with my armbands, is all I need to pull off 'cool'...erm, cough, cough (bow print, I'm becoming awfully too predictable).

This duro olowu bonkers blue clash print, all in one jump suit can transport us back to the early and original nineties rave scene, 'oh grab me a glow stick and lets get 'techno-techno' ( a term, apparently expressed when dancing, so my older seen- it- done- it -bought the neon t-shirt sister assures me?) second thoughts, might just skip the glow sticks and 'techno-techno' outbursts, but hell pass me that all in one!

These sparkly, blue ankle boots, may be easier to pull off than the duro olowu 'thang...actually I really, really do lust these as much as a 'gal possibly can. I need to pop my toes in these boots and get my groove on (if ever this town discovers anything other than a ran down bingo hall)...Literally as I typed the last word this person, sporting a fetching Stone temple pilots tee has slumped their self in front of the PC next door to me. I'm just going to be nosy in the name of night club 'research', hang on....Interesting development, turns out there is a 'basement bar' below a fast food place named 'spice palace' ('spice palace'?)and tonight there is a 'very good psychedelic' band playing some "heavy' tunes all the way from America, or is it London?", I'm informed by the confused stranger: now is there any way of obtaining them ankle boots? Like right this very second!

*PS...Apologies for the non existing links, today, only my time on here is up: timed Internet access! Drop me a email if you want to know where any of the fashion items are from,and I'll be more then happy to help you.


Doll legs said...

Blue its lovely, electric blue is my favorite!!;)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Cool, those silver boots sound really hot! Can I see?? =]


DaisyChain said...

I love those sparkly boots, so much. But I think I'll go one step further and paint myself blue and go by the name of smurfette
(and perhaps the smurf issue is why you are so attracted to blue)? I went to a smurf theme park once upon a time,

and what that has to do with fashion, I have no idea...I've had entirely too much coffee.