19 February 2009

Shake It, Shake It Make It New!

So you may already be well aware I'm on many missions at the moment, and indeed crusades (can't help but wonder, if perhaps I should of been apart of the youth back in the sixties?) one crusade is to highlight that high street clothes store new look. Is not only suitable for pre teens and teenagers. It has more to offer than the Muppet Show t-shirts and plastic polka dot bracelets. Also there is no shame in having a high street fashion fix, so all you high end fashion addicts, throw away and banish the suppose stigma's which are often attached (like a price tag) to high street garments. I appreciate its difficult and a massive effort rummaging through piles, and rails of hideous clobber, it will ( and I promise you) pay off, when you discover a delightful gem peering, and shinning like the light at the end of the dark fickle, fashion tunnel. May I suggest you begin to face your fear at new look either the store or online. My pal declined to go high street (at first) until I revealed my 'on trend' treat to myself from, you guessed it new look, 'oohhh where is that from? asos right?' wrongly assumed my fashion snob friend ( snob, is her nickname. What? She nick named me smurf: because I'm short , well in comparison to her sky towering height anyway).

Here I demonstrate (in a professor, waving a stick at the black board sort of style) how new look have been doing their research and upping their game. Competition perhaps for a certain Kate Moss loving, high street retail outlet beginning with a 't' and ending with a 'p'. Any way for here we have a picture from a fashion magazine. Yes that is fringe, flapper frock you see before your eyes. A definite spring summer 'key look' as you no doubt are more then familiar with by now.

Photos from:pixiemarket.com
...And here we have various fantastic, hippy fringe fashion items from pixiemarket like these futuristic fringe, silver boots ( and yep I do have my watchful eye on them) and this brilliant sixties style black and white, triangle shoulder bag.

Photo by prettyneons: My fringe bag from new look online.

...Now here you have a delicious purple, suede fringe bag just as good to shake around: new look. Well new look online to be exact, it does baffle me, why on earth doesn't new look the store stock some of its more all grown up and sophisticated garments and accessories that can be found on line? New look online, has a distinct different vibe compared to their high street store. Where you will more often or not see sponge bob square pants t-shirts and bra's, along side childish accessories such as high school musical purses. New look: attempt to update your image, you must do this. In attempt for little me to convince everyone else, that you are capable of being taken as a seriously, fierce high street fashion contender. Please I'm not suggesting you completely alienate teenagers (besides my teen age niece would forever reject me, if you scraped the emo style vests) how about new look, you aim instead for happy (not plain silly though) medium?Morph your store into matching the online new look, which oozes best of both worlds: effortlessly cool and trendtastic teenage kicks...talking of kicks: lets kick off this new look crusade, once and for all!


Bella said...

Oh, the bag IS delicious!

Make Do Style said...
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Winnie said...

I've noticed that they've upped their game too!

Eri said...

I'm sure this bag will get you many compliments!

DaisyChain said...

Half my wardrobe is new look! I was so going to buy that bag, but I need things with a longer strap because I am fussy, I bought the fringed boots instead, because, you know, 12 pairs of boots just weren't enough!

Love ya (smurf?!) haha.

Kat said...

wow, the first pic is wonderful!

DaisyChain said...

P.S. they had that bag in my crappy local store. I want and need!
Am I am on blogroll? I'm bored and couldn't see me,
but I am way influenced by the sleeping pill I just took

prettyneons said...

I too am popping the nod off to snooze pill haha, only I'm also drinking coffee, I can feel the two having a conflict in my body, whoa! LOL!:0
pEaCe & BoWs...dear daisy x

D said...

pixie market is the best. great!