09 February 2009

A Bit Of Childish Foolish Fun

Lippy: Ladyluck.

Sometimes life can get extremely serious and intense to the point where its also easy to go and forget what the true essence of this fickle life is (gosh, I'm sounding deep here!). When and if you find yourself in a rut (now I'm sounding like an irritating agony aunt!) with what seems no escape route or exit. Than its time to introduce some tacky, delightful and immature dose of... fun! I personally like to seek out such care free fun via glorious, quirky, plastic- fantastic accessories: Necklaces, badges, bracelets, rings, brooches the more insanely silly the better, I say...

Game of cards?:jellyswearables

Now I suck at playing cards any card game I'm dreadful and hopeless with all of them, and yes this includes snap. Though I've got to say I make a mean and impressive tower of cards, if zero else! This brooch is too perfect for the enthusiastic card player, who just lacks any actual and specific card playing skills: at least with this brooch I'd look the part. Its also capable of distracting your competition, allowing you to 'adjust the cards', well OK cheat is probably more like it!

Send a postcard: ladyluck

Postcards, um? Are they the wonderful pictures of a far away exotic destination somewhere across an ocean, of which you can only wish to see during some phase of your life...yet a close friend or relative is currently exploring? Aah yep it is, that's right and once upon a time (not too long ago) these colourful and picture perfect, postcards use to be lovingly sent with a little note scribbled across the back closely followed by a 'wish you were here' (*you could of took me with you, I would of been willing to jump in the suitcase!*) this gesture seems to of been left at the way side...Answer go and buy your very own postcard, attached to a frigging chain:love it! Less costly than a holiday who needs Australia, Spain or Disney land Florida? ( alright so this post card necklace isn't that brilliant. After all it cannot bring out the sunshine or roll out a beach, but still it is rather adorable).

Don't want to grow up: alteregojewelery

Now and then when walking around 'toys r us' (other large toy stores are available) along with my little niece, I can't help but think how some toys such a little pony's and polly pocket pieces are so pretty, bright and very cute. Yes perhaps I have possibly considered parading around wearing one around my neck or as a hat, perfectly normal I'm sure you'd erm agree? If you found yourself pondering and carrying out such creative jewelery experiments, in the aisle of toy stores across the land, wonder no more! As alterego jewelery are making such jewelery as I speak (or type, even!) genius or innovative it's not, sometimes simple is just as devinne.

Just adorable really: Brennan & Burch

Brennan & Burch are another team of designers who take pleasure in creating light hearted, full of character, plastic jewelery: ideal as it really doesn't matter if you go and lose it (heaven knows I'm always misplacing my precious jewels).

Art for your hair: cotton candy corsage

All my close friends often express how I often appear to look like or resemble a (joke this is not) 'walking, talking canvas' or the other charming nickname 'Pallet' as in you guessed it a paint pallet, I'm positive I'll learn to love and adopt? This foolish and embarrassing new forename! However I do seem to encourage such nick names upon myself, especially when I apply cotton candy accessories to my daily outfits. Why not? Look at these hairbands and brooches they're literally wearable art, no? I can't resist sticking these decorations in my hair: birds have before now mistaken my head for their nearby nest, but never less I continue to clip in such enormous accessories which poke (to my humiliation) people in the eye: I hate it when this happens!


DaisyChain said...

I want, no, NEED that lipstick necklace.
I was thinking of getting some teapot charms,
I have a necklace made up identical to the I <3 Cake one, except it says I <3 Tea instead. Not sure why I haven't put it up to sell yet, lol, duh moment.

prettyneons said...

Hey we all have duh moments my hun haha!;)x

clairegrenade said...

jewelry & philosophy in the same blog? i love it!!

Krystal said...

i love all the creations x

noelle chantal said...

wow those are adorable pieces! very cute and charming. and thanks for the comment dear! yes, it is kinda funny to see me under the sunny sunshine while its winter wonderland over there. haha :D

see you around! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love that ring and the corsages!


Tina said...

gorgeous (and so cute!) jewellery! i'd wear all of them!

chloe said...

oh, adorable jewellery!
thanks for the comment, im enjoying your blog x