02 February 2009

Winter Day Dreamer

Roksanda Ilincic photos: Style.com

Whilst the heavy snow fall completely covers the roof tops and trees in a layer of thick, bright white snow and has England on 'pause' and many in a state of panic and stress (the usual over dramatics for over here: when ever a few flakes of snow give us a chilly surprise). I find myself utterly content and in another state altogether. Daydreaming. I already dedicate a large portion of my day to this escapism, however the large snow flakes carelessly passing by my frosty window's has me on a whole new level of day dreaming. The snow also seems to of conjured up them Roksanda Ilincic dreamy and otherworldly images, of lilac layers and flower power decorations...I still find myself admiring and adoring these wonderful pieces of art/fashion and feeling just as excited as before and thinking how this collection reminds me of this bizarre combination of an summer-snow queen, perhaps and most likely this is just my imagination?

To fuel my winter day dreaming, very early this Monday morning I was quickly flicking through a sunday supplement (waiting for for the kettle to boil and the toaster to spring up). When this editorial got my attention, intensely taking note of the couture inspired styling 'wow, wow who on earth snapped such gorgeous photography? Eamonn McCabe?OOhhhhhh.' Yep the 'Ooh' was one long sigh (I was yawning at the same time you see). 'God, no my toast its burned to a rock hard, crisp!' In a desperate urge to fully absorb this feature, I settle with a cup of tea (drop of honey added) I have just 10 minutes to look at this, before I gots'ta go, so to hell with making breakfast...this is far more important than my churning, hunger pains! The first prop , so to speak that I'm immediately drawn to is the neck decoration's which have been heavily used through out the spread, 'whoa how extravagant and delicate. Where on earth can a girl get her hands on these delights? Hmm are they suede? I wish this magazine was touch and feel.' Scanning the text I discover these are indeed suede (great guess!) suede necklaces by 'All Dressed Up' find HERE.Fantastic that's one unsolved fashion mystery cleared up!

Photos from: You magazine.

Hang on one other lickle fashion mystery from this feature still remains unsolved, the brilliant blue silk satin top? Once again maybe fashion magazine should consider the approach and use of 'touch and feel' as I really, really want to scrunch and rub the textures of this top in my hands...'I'd pile on my distressed, black lace gloves and tons of chunky bracelets with this top: if ever it were in my reach and to my disposal. Suppose I had a healthy bank account, where would I source this satin, smoothie from? Oh Right, Mattijs at Browns focus...intersting.' Its so very fulfilling these fashion finding's and it feels slightly rewarding, completing such fashion mysteries (nope I didn't get time to gulp down my huge mug of honey tea, *boo! them ticking hands of time, boo!).


Winnie said...

Love all those textures, makes you want to run your hands and play with all the layers!

Anonymous said...

Those are all so beautiful! They're like marshmallow-- delicious! I gave you a blog award, by the way.

Andy said...

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DaisyChain said...

such a pretty, pretty post. I hope you are enjoying the snow, if you have any left.