06 February 2009

Pump It Up

Photos: Amapo s/s '09 collection (makes want to go gym it:now!)

I hate the gym, I detest everything about the gym (though I do like to exercise, and get my heart pumping) I never, ever attend the gym. All the awful, 'techno, techno' tunes makes my ears bleed, then there's the case of the person a few feet in front of you with zero coordination constantly stepping on your toes, and nudging their bony elbow in your face *ouch...Then there's the hideous sports gear which often includes some tracksuit with an enormous brand logo, splashed across your chest or bum (if the logo is also on the pants:great stuff, enlarging your behind!). This makes me feel like a walking, talking advertising board...The worse part is when running around wearing this ridiculous shit, its almost 90% guaranteed, your crash into one of your ever so stylish friends...or far worse and embarrassing bumping into 'him' that gorgeous man you have your eye on. Horror! I'd be more enthusiastic and willing to partake in a spot of aerobics if sportswear improved itself and got a clue, so to speak. Unfortunately I'm not prepared to wait for this 'snazzy sportswear revolution' to occur:not when I've got bra roll to burn (bra roll. That slight over spill around the side of your bra? Oh is it just me?...Moving on swiftly then). So I've worked up a sweat in my preparation for my scheduled exercise regime, and been- a-busy hunting down non-disgusting and just damn wrong sports wear minus all those giant brand names and laugh out loud logos. Life is one big expressive, fashion parade. So why the hell should the runway end at the local gym?

Three printed tops (above) all from:meandyu

Tee from: charlotterusse

Heart girl tee from: newlook

Animal vest from: motelrocks
First up lets begin this stretch warm up with a section of tee's and vests, the brighter the better (motivation, 'gals and guys?). Let the prints do the talking, so you can save your breath when gasping for oxygen in between all them crunch's and bum squats (so I hear they make you do, down at the gym).

Sequin shorts from: asos
Now lets work the bottom half I've gone all OTT here with these sparkly, sequin shorts, perfect for some cheesy 80's aerobic class (yep, would you believe they have such a theme down my soon to be gym? Crazy huh?)...

Cropped leggings from: oli

Though I think's I prefer to stick with what I know: the simple and classic cropped black leggings. Show off them toned carves yes, no?

Ted Baker bag from: Oli

Last but not least, lets crack on with our cool down, with a nice yellow, funky and large shoulder bag, to hide all the sweat odour contents and your empty water bottles...(not to mention you can slip in a crafty, naughty chocolate bar: lets not deprive ourselves of the good stuff!).
Moi's grey and pink all stars from: Rawshoe.
*So your probably thinking what about the trainers? Truth is I can't seem to find, gym shoes that don't resemble boats or indeed moon boots: I'll be rocking my casual all stars then.


Demi said...

thank you very much honey :)
ooh I love the sequined shorts and the new look tee!

happy weekend!


Couture Carrie said...

That first top is soooo fantastic!!


Jolbi said...

This is wonderful-great inspiration!

Laroux said...

Wow, great pics! I was tempted by the tee in New Look, but too many people I know have already snapped it up - we're just too on trend lol!

I like the second unicorn t-shirt though, with the collage effect


Winnie said...

Haha, I love that Charlotte Russe tee, it's so cute. And of course you need a new outfit for Gym...you're there to keep fit and you might as well look good while you're at it! Good motto!

Tagged you btw!

Bella said...

I definitely need the boots in the first shot... and the sequin shorts are PERECT!

Athena. said...

Oh I loved this post :)
Ahaha, it made me smile, I absolutely detest exercise haha :)
Amazing finds

DaisyChain said...

Oh man, only YOU could make me lust after sequin shorts. I can just imagine going jogging wearing those. Oh yes.

saray said...

great post...
I love the Amapo tunic

Andrea said...

Love that first top! I have a hard time making it to the gym too.

prettyneons said...

Um...yeah I haven't actually got around to the gym yet I blame the weather its too cold and non motivational, haha :0)x

TheMinx said...

great post, I love the meandyu tops.

Anonymous said...

What is the model number on those shoes? I would like to try and find that pair but I can't seem to find them.
Thanks :]